Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, NBA, Draymond Green 8 PTS 6 REB 11 AST: All Possessions (2021-02-12)

That was great awareness on his part to get over the weak side and then cutting without the ball. Beautiful, find still missing. Caban looney as well shot clock down to three draymond’s got a launch. Steph keeps knocking balls away, good deflections for the warrior defense and better defense by orlando there’s. You know they would have made noise. They started six and two yeah it’s, just it’s tough, to judge them as a franchise in the direction they’re going with all those injuries. Steph, curry, with the three. I think that finger is fine, there’s, a brooklyn saturday and then cleveland miami next week, draymond knocked it away and then juan toscano anderson wiggins has deep position and the fade away. Rims in smart, michael mulder, ken bazemore checking in they’re doing it as a tandem as steph hits another three and vucevic the problem for them defensively is boosted. Doesn’T want to get out to the three point line: terence ross, always attacking draymond. What a block the warriors are, second, in the league in field goal percentage, defense, switching off the ball at times for match up control like if steph is gon na switch on to somebody. They’Ll switch off the ball to make sure they get a different defender up there as draymond turns it over that’s. What we’re talking about with this team, the offensive rebounding and you got to think orlando’s looking at the war, is like okay, we have to affect the game on the boards because of their lack of size, he’s coming back off a knee issue, bazemore and orlando they’re.

Just saying all right keep firing these threes and mulder will bazemore and orlando they’re just saying all right keep firing these threes and mulder will, if you’re, michael mulder, that is your job. You are a three point: shooter well 13 unanswered by orlando raymond, sucks up the space and pascal that’s, all right, if you drive and all those shot blockers come sneak in on the glass, oh no draymond and wanamaker in very close quarters. Turning that one over Applause, ennis trying to stay with curry and steph dropping in the three goodness that’s sidestep the game has flipped 17 points, Applause down the lane. Now you know the scary part about this for the warriors and they’re holding orlando to 40. Shooting defense has been fine, just keep getting it to that. Guy. Curry now has six threes in the half. We got an eternity to go here. You just want to start playing better basketball snap to draymond the decision making cut to mulder a little tic tac toe. He got up nice there, kelly ubray, these turnovers are killing the warriors i got ta remember orlando had the day off, oh and they are well scouted, alder catch and shoot, and he drops into three he’s shooting it tonight. Well, it’s. You need to self scout. Your team right, and so when you see hey they’re playing this dribble handoff one way that’s. Why that last steal that wing pass can’t be automatic because ennis, like you, said, shot the gap because he knows draymond normally cycles that right to step, i grew up watching you i’m thinking.

Oh no i’m. That old! Now that ain’t right jim used to be the old guy, all right now, you’re the young guy and i’m, the old guy that’s, not fair, yeah 16 points off the tournament. The live ball turnovers, make it tough and draymond down the lane to lay it in and draw the foul yeah. He knew as soon as he got it. He had the angle to the basket. No one was able to cut him off and the result is a draymond flex, but these are the plays as draymond missed the free throw where draymond’s got to be a threat offensively. They don’t have a point guard. So the way orlando’s been running, this offense has been pretty impressive and draymond. If you’re going to get a foul you might as well earn it he’s got his money’s right there, draymond down the lane same thing: man missed the layup after the warriors had tied things earlier in the quarter. That’S a nice overview, double team catch and shoot corner. Three is an air ball as baseball sold out on that contest, that’s how you rotate after the double he’s unfazed. He got blocked one time he’s going again. He doesn’t care he’s, got 27. clark with the step back and that rebound good job by damien lee to bat that out to an open space step in transition, thought about the pull early, draymond, that fake handoff again and a two handed hammer works like a charm.

Every time kiki had that good, first half with three threes muchovich going to call his own number buchevich missing that short draymond is working. Watch him setting his screen. Two defenders staying with him dealey slipped that one draymond to the rim nicely done. Curry went one way and all of orlando went with it he’s just out there dancing feeling good give me that at age, 32 and draymond commits the foul rising up to bite the magic in the fourth, the magic have gone scoreless for about four and a half Minutes now, david, as steph curry, hits his tenth three pointer of the game 10 or more threes, 17 times for steph that’s, the most curry, with the steal, he’s been so alert from the weak side. Steph has the draymond express ubrae will pay it off.

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