Tornado, Brunswick County At least 3 dead, 10 injured after tornado hits Brunswick County overnight, officials say

30. This morning you want to get straight to breaking news. At least three people are dead. We know 10 others hurt after a tornado hit our coast. Take a look at these photos coming out of the brunswick county sheriff’s office. They say most of the damage happened in the south end of the county, especially in the ocean ridge plantation area. You see in these pictures homes are destroyed, trees, uprooted debris just everywhere. Right now, the wilmington fire department said it’s searching for missing people. Crews are still at multiple scenes, assessing this damage and working to clear this debris from the roads and right now, the brunswick county. Ems director, ed conroe, is joining us live on the phone hey ed good morning. Thank you for being here the last numbers that we had where three people are dead, 10. Others are hurt unknown number missing. What are you hearing yes good morning at this time? We do have confirmed 10 injuries and confirmed, unfortunately, three fatalities. We did a pretty uh quick search this morning, going through the homes that were destroyed in the businesses in the area. We were in the process of redeploying resources. We kind of recruited a little bit. We requested a state use, our team coming out of new hanover county they’ve, been on scene and we’re. Deploying them back in our goal is to get them their boots on the ground in daylight, where it’s a little bit safer. We had some concerns with the amount of debris and damage we had several gas leaks from propane tanks, so we have a hazmat team in there securing them to make it a little safer, but we are deploying first responders and urban search and rescue task force into The development in the surrounding areas to do a more extensive search, and hopefully we find that more injured people we find in more fatalities.

But we have a lot of damage and we have a long way ahead of us today. Yeah ed we’re, taking a look at these photos just devastating. Can you give us a timeline of really how all of this unfolded? Uh approximately 11 50 p.m. Um last evening is when we got the weather alert and it appeared. The tornado touched down at this time. Um and it rapidly developed, and we got the warning and the tornado was on the ground and uh really no chance to take cover middle of night. Most people were in bed, so a very scary situation, yeah. Of course, we always say that you know the tornadoes that strike at night. Those are are particularly uh, terrifying show and when it comes to actually, you know searching through this debris looking for uh, hopefully looking for uh survivors, i i would imagine, like you said, given the demand given the damage given the time of day that we’re dealing with That is just a huge challenge: uh, yes, it is and that’s why we brought in a specialized use our team um the urban search and rescue to kind of organize a little bit and do a more thorough search with search, can specialize equipment to get in and Look at through some of the collapse tones spread out the area and the debris field, that’s spread out to kind of do a thorough, methodical search for each individual property, um and then we’re gon na be concerned with hazards of you know, homes that are unstable, uh Buildings that are unstable um, so we have engineering teams and partners in our county that we’re going to evaluate them, also and edward wondering too, you know when it comes to people.

You know evacuating looking for shelters the pandemic, making it uh difficult for those people to find shelter now. Um, yes, but we actually have a temporary shelter set up for people to go to um we’re sitting in there. We do expect, as daylight comes in we’re gon na have to go to the community, the ocean ridge plantation with the homes and probably have people leave them homes. Some of them will probably be on repair at this time, we’re unsafe, so we will move them to a safe location, and you know at that point: we’ll we’ll work our best to central distance. Then, at this point, we’re in response mode and trying to protect life and property, ed conroe, the director of ems there in brunswick county, we certainly wish you the best. We wish your team the best we wish uh all of our friends there in brunswick county the best on what is a a very, very sad day. Thank you so much ed.

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