Tornado, Brunswick County Deadly tornado in Brunswick County, NC: #WakeUpCLT To Go 2-16-21

What’S, going on larry hey good morning, what’s going on we’re starting to see the fog lift out of here should be a pretty decent day, shaping up even by the afternoon some peaks of sunshine. I think everybody’s ready for a little bit of that as we head towards the one o’clock hour at 49 degrees we’re, going to be close to 50 for high temperatures today, mid 30’s and clear skies around 10 o’clock tonight, nationwide it’s just unbelievable. Some of these temperatures high only 16 in oklahoma city, that’s, dallas high today, 22 9, the high minneapolis in new orleans 42, but it’s going to feel like about 20, there 60 at charleston, 70. orlando. If you’re, looking for some really nice mild weather that’s, where the place would be in the mountains, mid 30s, there 47 at lenoir piedmont the upstate. The shaw metro area will be in the upper 40s and low 50s about the same east if you’re kind of breezy over areas over towards monroe, wadesborough and rocky and let’s see winds up to about 25 miles per hour and gusts. This afternoon, 48, tomorrow, we’ll hit about 44, with some showers on thursday could start out. Some freezing rain we’ll keep an eye on that friday, sunshine and 48. The weekend dry weather for the weekend best day of the week. As far as your temperature we’re at 50. On sunday, monday, at 57, above average, with that comes the chance of rain, and by the middle of next week we could actually be in the low 60s that’s your forecast this morning, larry thanks so much.

Turning to your other top stories of the day, three people are dead after a possible tornado touchdown in brunswick county north carolina, which is just south of wilmington, the sheriff’s department says 10 people are hurt that they know of deputies, say they’ve been on the scene. All night, clearing debris and now looking for people who could possibly be missing, they say conditions they’re, still very dangerous, of course, we’re going to follow this throughout the day and also post. The latest updates inside of our wcnc app good tuesday morning today, students in k, through third grade, i should say, are returning to class for four days a week here in cabarrus county also, students in other programs will also return that’s from ages k through 12th grade Students in middle and high school will return at a later date, students in fourth and fifth grades, they’ll return next month on the 15th. Also, today, kennapolis city schools will return to a hybrid schedule. Students will be in the classroom two days a week with three days of remote learning now for some historical perspective here before the holidays, kannapolis elementary schoolers were in the classroom. Five days a week, the entire district went fully remote back in january good morning to you, i’m billie, jean shawn. So you heard of the saying it takes a village: well that’s, mecklenburg, county’s approach to getting more people vaccinated, they’re, working with organizations around the county to open vaccine clinics, they’re hoping to eliminate barriers like internet access, transportation and lack of trust when it comes to the Vaccine, if you’re interested in partnering with mecklenburg county to open a vaccine clinic head to our website wcnc.

com for all the details, i’m tracy potts president biden’s, making his first official trip out of washington today. He’Ll answer americans questions at a town hall tonight in milwaukee, which surely will be focused on covet and coveted relief, lawmakers still working on that coveted relief bill and even though case rates are down and death rates are down, those variants are spreading across the country. President biden now also wanting to focus on immigration democrats announced they will be introducing an immigration reform bill in a few days time now to connect the dots when we make the news make sense tonight. Mecklenburg county commissioners we’ll talk about a series of affordable housing projects. Here in the charlotte area, as you know, it has been a huge issue for the queen city for a long time now, and the thing is no matter how much money you make. The issue still affects you and your family. The housing crisis doesn’t just affect folks who can’t afford a place to live. It impacts all of us. Let’S connect, the dots economists say: high housing costs can actually make traffic worse. When people can’t afford to live near their job, they move somewhere cheaper further away from work. That means more congestion, possibly even a longer commute for you. Experts say over time. This could lead to more air pollution studies. Show the housing crisis is bad for the economy. Sounds obvious right, well, it’s kind of a backwards correlation if people are spending a majority of their income on rent they’re, not spending it on other things like going out to dinner or shopping, that kind of spending is what helps boost local economies.

A report from the urban institute finds that affordable housing prices actually stimulates job growth in other industries within a city, and that is connecting the dots and the thing is the numbers here in charlotte are just staggering city leaders estimate 55 000 people in the queen city, Don’T have affordable places to live. What does that mean really well 55 000 that’s about three quarters of bank of america stadium, rachel interesting there all right thanks ben this morning. There is a petition that is growing online and they’re, offering up a new name for one of nine charlotte streets, that’s going to get renamed, so this petition is growing with a number of signatures. People are leaving comments below and sharing it now on social media. Definitely let us know what you think about it in the comments below here. It is so the harvey began center. They are the organizers of the petition online they’re calling for stonewall street to be renamed to harvey b gantt street. This is just part of the long petition, but it says that his mark on charlotte is not easy to miss detailing the reasons why stonewall street is just one of nine charlotte streets, as i mentioned, that will be getting a name, change and it’s because of their Connection to slavery, to confederate soldiers, charlotte city council, already approved changing these street names. They did that last week. Gant is a huge figure in the queen city. He served on our city council before breaking barriers as the city’s first black mayor from there.

He continued to be an advocate for equal rights. Some of you have weighed in after signing this petition. Online marquis has won, leaving a comment saying that we need to do history right. Nadia says that it’s time to get these streets renamed for the right people. So what is next now? Well, the petition organizers are hopeful that a bunch of signatures will sway charlotte city council’s decision get their attention to make this change. As of now, though, city council has not announced any official name changes as soon as we hear any updates on this. Of course, we’ll pass it along to you here on wake up charlotte guys back to you rachel thanks now some stories to keep you and your family safe and sound today. So when we do get vaccinated against kova 19 we’re all going to want to do all the things we couldn’t do right, go to a party, a vacation say but experts say not so fast, south carolina doctor in fact sharing what you should and should not do. After getting the shot, he says it is okay to expand your bubble and start hanging out with people who you don’t live with, but you should wait a little longer to see more vulnerable people like your grandma, for example, and also keep wearing those masks. When you leave your house, are you not getting enough sleep at night well think about this um? This might want to set down your phone yep.

You may be falling victim of revenge. Bedtime procrastination, oh okay, right that’s! Basically, when you’re just tired after a long day, but you can’t stop yourself from scrolling through social media late into the night, we’re all probably guilty of it. Experts on this is the most common uh and people who are super busy and even overworked during the day. Best way to avoid it, set aside 30 minutes a day to spend on social media just go all in for those 30 minutes that way. At the end of the day, you don’t feel, like you, have to catch up, and you know fear of missing out that’s part of it too. Yes, yeah well make sure you watch us every morning you don’t want to miss out starting at 4 30 a.m.

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