UEFA Champions League, Liverpool F.C., Paris Saint-Germain F.C., RB Leipzig, FC Barcelona My Champions League 2020/21 Round of 16 Predictions! – Barca to BEAT PSG?

Fc barcelona, vs psg in barcelona, so let’s get straight into it. Of course, before we start, i wanted to remind you guys that this is going to be a two legged tie unlike last year. So of course that means one game at home and one game away. So now time for predictions, so it’s running off with rb leipzig versus liverpool – and this is extremely difficult on the face of it. Liverpool are a better team. Of course, they won the champions league in 2019 and beat fc barcelona in the process, but they are in terrible form. They have lost three games in a row in the premier league, one of them a 4 1 defeat against manchester city, which meant they will not win the premier league title this year and, of course the amount of injuries has affected them just like it has affected Every other club they have no van dyke, no fabinho and an out of form goalkeeper in allison and rb leibsig are on forum they’re on a four game, win streak. So with all this said, i think rb lives in will win the first leg: 2 0. In germany, with the pressure on liverpool, but then a month from now a comeback is coming, and in the second leg i think liverpool will come back with a 3 0 win at anfield, which means liverpool would be going through 3 2 on aggregate. So on to the next game, so the big game of the round of 16, of course, is fc barcelona versus psg, the two teams that love to throw leads in the champions league, in which i predict the first leg win for psg in barcelona of 2 0.

I think mbappe is going to tear apart our defense, which will most likely consist of langley and umtiti, which does not sound good and maybe even jirapke, as he might start tomorrow. But then in the second leg will be back, bk will be back and i predict a 4 1 comeback in the second leg for fc barcelona, another one, another comeback for barcelona, which would of course be 4 3 on aggregate. I would love this result. A comeback in paris would be a dream as if we lose this game, it might be messi’s last champions league game in ambassador shirt, but if we win, it might be a whole different story, but i would also like to add. I would not be surprised if psg go through comfortably and demolish us and we get humiliated again like we do every single year as varsa have failed. Every single big test they’ve had this season just think of real madrid, atletico, madrid and also juventus. Last week we couldn’t even beat sevilla in the copa ray first leg, so we’ll have to wait and see. My heart is saying barsa, but my mind is saying: psg up next is sevilla vs dortmund sevilla, our united team, who have just been strengthened by the addition of papua gomez and dortmund, are a team of young talent. A firing highland is always scary, with sancho picking his form back up an amazing young midfielders such as jude bellingham and reyna they’ve both been incredible for dortmund.

I don’t think either of these teams have what it takes to go really deep in the competition though, but this will be a close game i’m going for a 2 1 sevilla win in spain for the first lay and then in germany, a 2 2 draw, which Means sevilla would go through in a 4 3 aggregate champions league round of 16 game, and i think this would mean an early hon departure to a big club in the summer. The question is which one and also the major question is who’s gon na actually gon na go through. Tell me in the comments down below next up is puerto vs juventus and i think it’s obvious that we will see a juve win. Many of my viewers might not even know who porto even are they’re sitting in second place at the portuguese league behind sporting lisbon and no disrespect to porto it’s going to be an easy juventus win the first leg. I predict the 3 1 juventus win in portugal and then the second league in italy, only a 2 1 win, but it’s still enough to go through with a 5 2 win on aggregate for juve, and i think ronaldo is going to be playing amazingly. That game, especially when the first leg is in portugal, his home country, of course, one of the other big matchups for the champions league. One of 16, apart from psg versus barcelona, is also atletico, madrid versus chelsea.

When the draw happened, it seemed like a very good game, but now i think we can all see another comedy. Win. Chelsea have just fired their coach franklin part a few weeks ago and replaced him with thomas two killed. The xpsg coach and i don’t think two kill would bring them any trophies and atleti are in great form and on track to win la liga. So i predict the 1 1 draw in the first leg in madrid. Of course, atletico madrid are very defensive. Team and don’t score that many goals and then in the second leg in london, a boring 1 0 win for atleti is what i predict from diego simioni’s men. So a low scoring 2 1 aggregate win for los joji blancos. We now have another matchup, which seems to be an easy prediction, just like the juve one, which is lazio versus bayern munich. Combine, of course, are the reigning champions of europe and latio are a good team, but they do not have enough firepower to beat bayern lotsu. Have malikovic savage a solid midfielder one of if not the best in italy and shira mobile, who was a great goal scorer, but i don’t think it is enough to be the bavarians so for the first leg in italy. I think bayern will win 4 1 and then in germany for the second leg, a 3 2 win for the germans, which means a 7 3 win on aggregate for byron, munich, a huge win.

The question is: could they retain their champions league title this time around? We now have real madrid versus atalanta. Atalanta, of course, are a good team in italy, but i’ve just lost their star player in papua gomes as he’s gone to sevilla now and real, even though they are only in third place in la liga. They will beat the italians easily for the first leg in italy. I predict a 2 0 win for raleigh madrid and then madrid for the second game, a 3 0 win. So on aggregate a complete blowout, a very comfortable madrid win winning 5 0 on aggregate. The last match up will be burusha, munching glideback versus manchester city, and i even can all agree once again. It’S an easy one. Manchester city will be victorious burst. Image and gladback are a good team, but they won’t be able to do much damage to guardiola’s men who, in my opinion, are the favorites to win the champions league they’ve been looking very well in the premier league, currently top of the table and i’m going for A 4 1 first leg win for the citizens in germany and then in the second leg. I expect the demolition job, but a serious one. 6 0, which would mean an aggregate score line of 10 won in favor of the citizens, might have exaggerated that a little bit. But i can almost guarantee they will demolish borosian watching gladback, as they always seem to do in the early stages of the competition.

So that will be it for today’s video. Please join me tomorrow for my match, review after the game versus psg i’m extremely nervous, even though my head is not saying, barcelona will win, as always my heart does. If you haven’t noticed, i am a barsa fan don’t. Let me down barsa i have. I have had enough of you doing that to me. I hope you enjoyed and, as i always say, bisca el barza, Music.

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