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Now today the champions league is finally back. Come on the boys i’m. Looking forward to it, it’s been a while. You know everything’s gone on the premier league. Certain clubs have done well done, club’s not done so. Well, maybe we’ll be speaking about a few of them today, we’re gon na be going through every single champions league game happening this week, you’re looking forward to it, i can’t wait. Now we love european football, i mean we’re bolton fans aren’t, we i’ve even got a fresh brew for it today, but it’s back. I can’t wait and because of that i want a light target of twelve thousand well that’s easy. I want fifteen thousand likes twelve thousand that’s a disgrace. That’S that’s mocking down the tv who do you think you are oh seriously, 15k likes let’s smash that let’s do it to prove dog dead wrong. What is the first game dog dad now? The first game is fc barcelona against paris, saint germain it’s, possibly the game of the week from the new camp in barcelona. Now this is second in la liga against first in liga earnest we’re starting off with a bang two teams. The last time they faced was in 2017 and they’ve got history. Over two legs. There were 11 goals. The first game ended four nil to psg, so you’re, probably thinking oh yeah psg, walked into the next round. No. The second leg ended 6 1 to barcelona. With a sergey roberto, 90th plus added time minute winner to send them through absolute limbs on screen, if you don’t remember what happened in this game, it was crazy.

It was all from neymar. He was incredible that game. That was the msn era of barcelona insane comeback. It feels like everything’s gone downhill since that time, but obviously neymar isn’t playing today is it that is true. Now barcelona have won 11 out of 13 games. This calendar yeah, the only athletes, have come in the cup they’re, the top scorers in la liga, but, like theo’s just said, injury problems, martin braithwaite and sue fatty, philip coutinho, will not be there so theo. Who do we have to look out for well it’s injury problems either way, but for barcelona you have to look at lionel messi if neymar’s out for psg and barcelona have lionel messi fit. Surely there’s only one winner in this game, but we’ll get on to that later. Barcelona are five out of five wins in the libya they’re back on four messi’s on incredible form. I think he’s got something like 15 goals and three assists scored, a banger versus alabez. Absolutely brilliant now messi’s already got three ucl goals, so has osmond dembele. I know the france, international and it’s likely to be um, griezmann messi and potentially use many dembele front three coming up against psg it’s, not as good as you know. Previous years, you know the msn, for example, but listen it could do some damage because psg don’t have neymar. What do you think for psg, then dad this calendar year, eight wins one draw one defeat now: they’re a free scoring team 57 goals in the league.

This season they’re in a bit of a title race with leo leon, perhaps even monaco theo, so they’re no mugs, even though they’re playing the farmers league here well, dad they’re top of there and one form in fairness, they’re third they’ve got four wins and one loss And that one loss was a bit of a shock, i think against lorient 3 2 or something yeah, but that’s put them below monaco and lil on form, so they can bottle games, but i mean their big goal: scorer in the champions league top goal score of The league drawing is neymar with six goals, but he’s out he’s injured. He seems to be injured around this time of the year. Other injury worries as well angel de maria and marchinios the same he’s out. I believe god i believe yes, which means there are front. Three of what um accordion moist keen moisture, i thought it would be di maria cardi and then batman, and i was like okay that’s fair enough, but if di maria is generally out for this game, there could be a problem for psg well. This is probably the most difficult game for psg of the season, but they’ve got that man killian and bappe and let’s talk about him. Well, he’s only got he’s, not that good in the champions league. I think a lot of them. Pepe fans have been waiting for him to play well in a big game again, a big match for psg that hasn’t happened too much two goals in the champions league, this season, not against the bestest of sides.

Someone needs to really kick him up the arse and make him turn up in a big game. If he does, we could see it in vape masterclass. We know what he can do. We saw it for france right, yes and also domestically sixteen goals. Six assists in the farmers league as theo says, but what about that man, moissa keem, hey, listen! He’S, come from everton it’s, a crazy signing, he’s playing well for them in the league, but will he do it on a champions league against a very difficult opponent? I don’t know: they’ve got a lot of faith in him now. He’S got nine goals already this season he’s only 20 years old, but psg have got some quality. I look at marco verratti in central midfield. He’S still going he’ll run all day long, but i have to remember: fc. Barcelona have won this competition five times so there’s that history isn’t there that pedigree there, but psg got to the final last year and barcelona got splashed 8 2 by bayern. So if you want to go on history, the team that probably will go through is psg but i’m not going to predict that, especially for the first leg being a new camp. This is not a neutral stadium. This is at their normal ground and that’s big i’m. Going for a 3 2 barcelona win prediction: what about you? Wow you’re, going with goals? I’M gon na go for fc barcelona, two paris, saint germain, won a home win, narrowly different predictions, but we’re both backing barcelona in the first game comment down below for this huge fixture.

What do you reckon that’s, and the next game is second in the bundesliga against? Fourth in the premier league as of sunday morning, it is, of course rb leipzig against our very own liverpool. Now this is being played on a neutral ground theo. The push cass arena in budapest – and i found this really really hard to call liverpool in the league. This year recently have been terrible, they’re three losses in aurora history of this game. Guess how much history there is go on. Tell me all about absolutely nothing, not a single time where red bull, leipzig, football club association have played liverpool football club. This never happened. You’Re. Just calling i’ll be like a plastic club aren’t, you no that’s their that’s, the name it’s, just they just they’re, quite a new club right. So a lot of these big teams haven’t faced before so this match is being played at the puskas arena in budapest. In hungary, it’s not being played at the home grounds, like all the other games we’ve been talking about today. How do you think that’s going to affect this fixture? Because for me dad? If this was played at leipzig, i would easily have predicted an rb leipzig win on the form on the travel on the situation, but with it being a neutral ground. I i can’t predict it well theo. I think it goes both ways because the second leg won’t be played at anfield and we all know about the anfield effect yeah, but i think in the champions league it’s.

What affect i mean? They’Ve been really bad recently yeah they lost to brighton, burnley man, city or recently there is no more anfield effect. I don’t think it would have much of an impact. I think a key thing here will be that rb, leipzig, they’re, missing emile, forsberg, conrad, lymer and dominic sabas light. I mean having players like that out must affect the team theater, the anfield effect they lost to atalanta this year in the champions league last year. They got knocked out to atletico madrid it’s, not a thing anymore, especially in the champions league. I’Ve got to be straight up. Leipzig they’ve been on good form; four wins: one lost yeah they’re four points on bayern: munich they’re, the second best team in germany by far levels above dortmund right now, they’ve got some really good players. Yeah they’re, like sir danny olmo upper mcconnell, has just gone to buy him, but they’ve got him to the end of the season. Um they’ve got savitzer in the midfield paulson it’s, just a really good squad and the one that stands out for me is angelino. Eight contributions this season, basically single handedly, knocked man united out of the group, which kind of sent them to the europa league and put them in second place, which is a good big statement there. So yeah, i think, arby likes to get a very underrated team, but liverpool theo. Do you think they’ve got any chance in this tournament? Let’S talk about them, klopp’s found it really difficult in the premier league.

Recently you come into this fixture with no momentum. Liverpool, a team that loved that momentum run with the champions league when they won the premier league. You know it’s it’s, not there anymore and they’re, going to be traveling to budapest and they’re expected to get a result with leipzig, who are free for all attacking full throttle. Football it’s difficult. The premier league it’s done for the premier league title race is over it’s between man, city or maybe man, united, but that’s. Pretty much settled. Liverpool are out of that discussion. They will move their focus to europe in the group stage. They won four times drawn. One lost one that’s good form: yes, let’s, not write off liverpool dad absolutely now i disagree a little bit. I think jurgen klopp will be absolutely focusing on the premier league, but i do take your point to some extent. Liverpool actually need to get top four theo to be in the competition next year. I think that’s key unless they win it now. That is something they could definitely do. They’Ve done it before under jurgen klopp, apparently van dyke is back for last game of the season. So i’ll be back for the champions league final two if they get there, what is your prediction dad? Well, i’ll, be quite honest. Liverpool have got no hope in this competition for one reason: defensive, frailty, i’m. Sorry with those sort of players, you’re gon na get nowhere near even the last four i’m.

Sorry liverpool, it’s gon na lose this one leipzig, two liverpool, one i’ve gone 2 1 to leipzig, yeah we’ve also agreed on the second prediction. Guys comment down below what you reckon we’ll be shouting out people on stream. Like a list correct, we will be live for this game as well. You look at the form yoga club has been affected. He doesn’t want to travel this week. Yes, he’d love to be on a good run in the prem going over this game, but it’s not the case, and the next game is fc porto against juventus. Second, in the portuguese league, the so called premier league against right theo i’m, going to give you a little quiz, these two teams. How many times have they won the champions league or the european cup, won the champions league before yeah. They won it under mourinho and juve i’m gon na go for three times so four in total four in total, they both won it twice. Oh okay, fair play the funny thing about this fixture right, porto and yuve the last five times they’ve faced it’s kanyev’s way. Porto haven’t beaten you they once in the last five games, four losses: one draw theo porto are having a decent calendar year, one six drawn five and lost one. Their only loss was to sporting club, the portugal. You say that, but they expect to win the portuguese league, their second there’s, a seven point gap yeah. They could be in a better position but they’ve drawn the last four games and the thing is they’re the highest scorers in the portuguese league.

I suppose you’re going to call it farmers league well dad actually on on form. No, i actually think the portuguese is very good. Ruben diaz. Look how good he is there’s, so many players on the portuguese league that have gone out to the prem and pulled out porto on former sticking. The table. Yeah three draws two wins and i know they don’t lose, but they draw too many and now they’re playing into uva team who, if they don’t score enough they’re gon na punish them. But you know the funny thing is about porto they’re. Yet to concede a goal at home in the champions league. They even played man city, yes at their own ground right and they it was actually a nil, nil right and they won all their other games. They had really good form in the champions league. Yes, now that is very interesting, but you’re, forgetting porto they’ve got that man, mehdi teremi, an iranian baller, absolute baller, now he’s got nine goals and seven assists in the portuguese league got sergio oliveira who’s like a bit of a championship legend, i think that’s, the right One he’s got nine goals this year in the portuguese league and three in the champions league he’s, a stat, pada mate, but fear one more name: we’ve got to mention best name in the league this year, jesus corona. What no i don’t, i don’t two goals: six or seven i don’t have it. Do you have him in your fantasy? No, no! I don’t have corona you keep saying.

Okay. Jesus corona is a very good player for porto and i think he’s got a lot of ability, josh edit, that out Laughter but moving on to juventus of italy, thea 110 drawn one and lost two this calendar year, the defeats only to napoli and into milan they’ve Got the best defense in syria atheism dad uva, especially with cristo and ronaldo, expect to win the syria year in year out they’re. Fourth in the table, they’ve just lost to napoli one nil, it simply isn’t good enough. Pierlois manager has come in and he’s done. A worse job, people expecting much more from him. He lacked experience and you can tell from a manager’s point of view where the problems are coming in. I do not expect uk to win the champions league this year, unless piero is putting all his focus over there. They need to focus on bringing back to syria yeah because it’s not good enough to be at this stage of the season and being in fourth place right. You just mentioned someone cristiano, someone i’ve, never heard of him, but tell me about him who likes this retro shirt by the way, that’s a wretched sky sport. You never thought you looked like that. Did you absolutely? No, but joking aside, cristiano he’s got four goals in the champions league. This season he’s got a goal contribution in every single game. In syria, 16 goals to assist he’s the top scorer in the syria, but can he stop the porter right, they’ve, never conceded at home? The champions league will ronaldo be the first to break that.

Well, maybe cristiano, or maybe that man alvaro morata thing. Yeah six goals in the ucl 12 goal contributions. This season in the league, that’s he’s got the same goals as neymar he’s, the top goal scorer in the champions league. He is yeah, give the guy a chance. I know chelsea fans will say certain words on him, but got ta, give him a chance and also another fog, dad quiz theo, who is the youngest player in ucl history, to captain his team and how old was he um he now plays for juventus? His name is matthias de lit at 19.. Oh yeah. He was the captain of ix and he’s going to be playing in this game. He’S a good player isn’t, he very good player. Of course, he is well less waffle, i’m, going straight to the result. Fc porto nil, juventus, 2. there’s just too much quality in that italian side. Okay, well, i’ve got written down porto nil, juventus 2, but i’m going to be different for the sake of it. Porto no juventus one just to be different, because porto don’t concede many at home and i think ronaldo will be the goal scorer to break that and the final game is severe of spain against borussia dortmund of germany. Fourth, in la liga against sixth in the bundesliga. Now, i’m, going to tell you all about sevilla thea, because this calendar year 111 drawn one lost one. The last nine games, they’ve won them the last seven games, they’ve not conceded a goal.

What do you think of that? Surely they’re gon na walk this game. What severe yeah i expect them to really i’m, not gon na give my prediction just yet, but dad they’re, the current. They hold a european title, the europa league. They certainly they’re the current europa league winners. They know how to win in big games and dortmund away from home aren’t great in the bundesliga this year, they’ve been rubbish absolutely now. Sevilla’S defense is the tightest in the league, only 16 league goals conceded, but they’re going to miss that man. Lucas, oh campos, i don’t remember him. Last year, he’s a boris, yeah it’s, a shame they’re missing out on him, but they’ve got in this series. He’S got 13 goals this season, the moroccan forward in the league he’s on form and when you’ve got players like that they’re going to score again today that listen. This is a severe stadium. Yes, on form, they’ve got five wins out. Five they’ve got the best form in the league. Drawing with barcelona both won all their games in the last five. But what puts them above barcelona? Is? They just beat them in the cup yeah away from home at the nou camp, two nil, and it was an incredible goal from kunday being one of them yeah, so sevilla are just incredible form. Recently they’ve got they play well as a team and that’s. Why? I like to see it and they do well in europe.

They ended second in their group stage, with four wins: one lost one draw, but moving on to dortmund this year, one four drawn two lost three it’s, not great for that. Is it theo, terrible? Sixth, in bundesliga way out from where they should be they’ve already set, the manager brought someone else in and it hasn’t changed. The results in the form table get ready for this yeah the 13th out of 18 clubs right they are on embarrassing form. At the moment. I don’t even know if they’re going to turn up in the champions league or not because in the league they’ve been crap, sancho has been out stat padded by hoffman hoffman. You know that geezer he’s always got like a terrible non rare card on fifa. All right. He’S getting more stabs he’s got four goals. Eight assists sancho’s, got four goals: summonses it’s, not that bad but hoffman’s out stuff having you dortmund have lost three of the lost away games things just aren’t informed. That is very true theo, but erling harland 15 goals in 16 games in his league field. We can’t write him off. Can we exactly he’s been injured? He’S still got unbelievable stats, nearly one of the top goals, yeah he’s such a robot when he’s on the pitch. You don’t know he’s gon na win. Yes, the rest of the team has seriously let him down, though, and that is the serious problem. Listen, i don’t know how dortmund are gon na turn up coming into this game, but if i was a betting man, i’d, definitely back sevilla, dortmund, aren’t great away from home, especially going abroad in different countries in europe.

I just can’t see it happening i’m backing severe to win two one harlan score for dorman, but sevilla will win wow that’s, a very big statement but theo before i give my prediction i’m, going to give you a little quiz go ahead. What brush of dortmund got in common with aston villa and glasgow? Celtic, oh they’ve, all won the champions league or european cup back then yeah. Okay, you got that one fair enough. Do you know what they are i’m just going to agree with you here, severe to borussia dortmund, one and that’s, basically again on form absolutely from all these stats and all these facts we end up just agreeing well, at least you guys have a little bit of An idea of what we think, but i want to hear what you think in the comments below and if you’re different, give us your reasons. Do you really believe dortmund can find a way out of problems and the mess they’re in right now, it’s, similar to liverpool yeah, the young proper fact i don’t know what it is guys comment down below what you reckon for all the four games, the liverpool game And everything happening this week, we will be live streaming tuesday, night wednesday night, for both the big games. I’M excited for it. What about you? Can’T, wait: mate, see you there everyone! Well, we need to get 15k lights first. Have we had it? Yet? If you’re still watching this – and we haven’t hit the like button yet be the difference, smash it eh, absolutely and we’ll – see you next week and we’ll.

Do this again? Do it again subscribe we’re trying to get half a million, every single subscriber counts, doesn’t it. It means the world to us make sure you follow our instagrams too, to keep up to date with what’s going on our lives. Lots of things are going to change when things go back to normal, so that’s, all i’m gon na say have a good one guys enjoy the champions league footy and make sure you tune into our live streams for it in a bit.

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