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These are super yummy and they would be a tasty treat to have on valentine’s day or to have in the afternoon, with a nice hot cup of cocoa after playing outside on a chilly winter day. They take just a few ingredients: they’re going to take a half a cup of mini semi, sweet chocolate chips, two cups of regular milk, chocolate chips, three cups of golden graham cereal and four cups of mini marshmallows. Those are the only food ingredients, you’re going to need. You’Re also going to need a microwave, a microwave, safe, bowl, a fairly large one, some either parchment paper or wax paper paper plate, or it could be a regular plate, a few measuring cups in different sizes, a spatula, a spoon and a pair of scissors. If you need help to open your marshmallows and chocolate chips, so let’s go ahead and get started. So the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to open your bag of milk, chocolate chips and you’re going to measure two cups in your measuring cup and it looks like one bag. One 12 ounce bag is exactly two cups, so i’m gon na go ahead and i’m gon na put them in the bowl and i’m going to put them in the microwave for 30 seconds after 30 seconds i’m going to take it out and stir it and i’ll Keep putting it in for increments of 30 seconds until it’s, nice and melted. You just don’t want to do it for longer than 30 seconds, because it can burn Music.

All right, as you can see it, doesn’t really look that melted. It is a little bit on the bottom, so i’m going to go ahead and give it a little stir here, put it in for another 30 seconds Music, and you can tell that they’re starting to get softer here and a little gooey it’s important to stir them Up – and you may have to do this three or four times to get them nice and melted Music, now let’s see what you get here. The bowl is getting warm, so you may want to have mom or dad or big brother or sister help you with this, and you can see it’s getting nice and gooey still not quite there, but i think one more time is going to do the trick. If you’re like me, you probably want to lick this spoon right here, but we need to wait till we’re completely done before we do that so let’s. Do it one more time for 30 seconds, Music, okay guys! So this looks just about perfect. It is nice and gooey and everything is melted. So we need to let this sit for two minutes to cool off and while we’re doing that, you can go ahead and you can measure out your cereal and your marshmallows, so you’re going to want to measure three cups of golden gram, cereal. I have two cups and one cup here to make three and then you’re going to want to just measure three cups of your mini marshmallows we’re, actually going to use four cups, but we’re gon na save a cup for a little bit later.

Okay, and if you want to you, can also measure out a half a cup of your mini semi sweet chocolate chips. I just don’t have another cup to do that right now, so once your chocolate has cooled for two minutes, you’re going to add the cereal just dump it in there and you’re going to add three cups of the marshmallows and you’re going to take your spatula and You’Re going to stir it all together, you just want to coat it all with the chocolate there, Music get it nice and gooey and you can see what’s happening. Ah, this looks really yummy it’s a little too cold to have a campfire outside and do real s’mores. So this is pretty close to the next best thing. So once you get it nice and stirred you’re going to take a piece of your parchment paper and you’re probably actually going to need several pieces mine tears off in sheets. But you might have the kind where you can make it as long as you want and then you’re going to take your spoon and you’re going to take two tablespoons together and make a nice little pile like that. Just like that, okay you’re, just gon na do that until you’ve used everything up in your Music bowl, Music and we’re, going to open up my whoops, oh dear. Well, i was going to measure a half a cup, but i guess i will just use what i have spilled, so we’re going to take a couple marshmallows and stick them in and then just sprinkle, the top with a few mini chocolate chips.

Maybe three or four marshmallows on each one. These would be a really fun thing to do if you were having a birthday party or having some friends over. I know that’s kind of hard to do right now. This could be fun to do with your family too. On a weekend, all right so i’ve got all the marshmallows there and then i’m, just gon na take some of the mini chocolate chips and just sprinkle them. On top and while we’re waiting for these to cool i’m gon na clean up my mess, so i’ll be back so just an extra little tip, especially if you’ve made your no bake s’mores large, like i have, if they aren’t hardening on the parchment paper on your Counter after about 20 minutes, you can scoop them up, put them on a paper plate or a regular plate and put them in the refrigerator and they’ll harden up pretty quickly. Thank you for joining us. I sure hope, you’ve enjoyed this tasty treat. I know that i have next week on the 4 o’clock club we’re going to be making popcorn balls so be sure to tune in for that also, i want to remind you that february is love. My library month, we’ve got a story walk going on for the whole month of february in downtown hendersonville. We also have some surprise books here at the library books that are wrapped up and you can check it out without knowing what it is, go home and unwrap it and be surprised and maybe discover a book that you just might love.

We also have several fun videos this month, so be sure to stay tuned.

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