2021, Public library, February 17 Lunchbreak Storytime with Ms Shannon, February 17

It is another wonderful day and let’s talk about what day of the week. It is first let’s talk about our month. It starts with the letter. F, Music. It is february, and our year is 2021. 202. 1., all right and let’s count ready one, two, three four: five: six: seven: eight 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.. All right and our day of the week is it starts with the letter w. It is wednesday and today is wednesday. Then yesterday was tuesday, and tomorrow will be thursday days of the week days of the week days of the week days of the week days of the week, there’s sunday and there’s monday, there’s tuesday and there’s wednesday, there’s thursday and there’s friday, and then there’s saturday. Days of the week days of the week days of the week days of the week days of the week, all right in our season, it is still winter. So what is the weather like look outside your window and tell me what the weather is like today? Is it raining, is it sunny, oh, is it snowing, is it cloudy or is it windy what’s the weather like today, like today, like today, what’s the weather like today on this wednesday what’s, the mother, like at your house, it’s still winter, so it’s, most likely cold? Where you are, but you never know, because what’s cool about these videos is, you can be watching them here in peters township, where i am or you’ve been watching them anywhere in the world.

So what the weather is like right here, where i’m at might be different than what the weather is like, where you are all right, so we are talking all about what kind of bird this this week, the penguins right. We have so many great books about penguins at our library, here’s penguins, nature’s, nature’s, coolest birds and there they are marching in a line penguins do they kind of like they have little tuxedos on, because they are they’re, always black and white. Sometimes they have a little bit of yellow on their heads, but for the most part they’re, always black and white, they do not fly, but they are very good swimmers. We also have penguins and other flightless birds. So yes, penguins don’t fly. Can you think of any other bird that can’t fly? Ostriches cannot fly right and ostriches are very big birds and there’s other birds that cannot fly as well. So if you want to learn more about that, you can read this cool book and the fact about penguins is: although they swim a lot, they cannot breathe. Underwater like fish have gills that help them breathe. Underwater penguins have to come up and get air to breathe. Although they do die, then they can swim very deep to catch fish and things they are not able to breathe. They hold their breath just like we do when they go in the water and they have to come up for air and this one.

I love the cover this penguin book, look at the little baby penguins on there so cute. So if you want to learn more about penguins, please request some penguin books from the library there’s all different types of penguins um, some that are really really little like the adily penguin, which is like, i believe, that’s, one of the smallest penguins it’s. Only about 16 inches and then the emperor penguin, which is the tallest penguin, can be like about the same size as you almost four feet. Tall, i believe, is how baby emperor penguin can be so there’s all different kinds of penguins. We have penguins at the zoo here in pittsburgh. We also have them at the aviary and what did we learn earlier this week? They do not live at the north pole. They only live in the southern hemisphere or the southern half of the world, like the north. South pole, you will find a lot of these penguins and at arteka, which is in the south pole. So very cool penguins are awesome. Animals make sure you come and grab some books about penguins at the library, and that is all the time that we have, or today, oh the more we get together together together, Music have a wonderful day.

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2021, Public library, February 17 school Storytime

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