Brian Stelter, Rush Limbaugh, CNN, Media This Indicator PROVES the Swamp is Still PETRIFIED of Trump, Ric Grenell Explains

If you’re new here tap the red button down below to subscribe and hit the notification bell, when you do and always remember you can access next news: network’s ad free, uncensored bonus content and exclusive interviews at 100 fed up reports of the former acting director of National intelligence, richard grinnell he’s, been an outspoken supporter of president trump since his days as ambassador to germany, he has proved to be one of the few fearless truth tellers in the d.c swamp news max interviewed him about the effort by biden to cancel trump and he Began the interview by calling out the byte administration for pushing to conceal intel briefings from the former president. This is the biggest indication that the swamp still fears him as they should watch. This is really unacceptable. There’S, no reason why the biden administration president biden is trying to muscle out donald trump, really cancel him altogether in a variety of different ways. Look. This is the team that told us just a couple of weeks before the election that hunter biden’s laptop was russian disinformation. This is the team that told us that the benghazi assault terror attack was because of a video. They want to be able to have this little narrative so that they can control intelligence, narratives and it’s unacceptable to to outside those of us outside of washington. Inside of washington, this is the game. This is how they control the narrative. They think the rest of us are stupid, and so they want to spoon feed us everything.

Well, supporters of what uh president biden are doing are saying that he has a right to deny trump intel briefings and this is what they cite, because trump denied briefings for clapper and brennan uh intel officials like clapper and brennan. Is that a strong argument. Well, first of all, let’s go back. Um, clapper and brennan. Both said that they uh saw evidence that hunter biden’s laptop was russian disinformation so i’m, not so sure that those two ideas, um, you know jive one one is that they’re not getting intelligence briefings and two is they’re speaking up publicly saying that they have information. So somehow they are getting intelligence briefings. Remember that intelligence is an estimate, it’s just an estimate from the intelligence community as to what we think uh. Our our information is revealing. The the analytical piece is really is really a thought piece: stringing together different pieces of intelligence, and the analysts will say this is what they all mean, so it’s customary for former presidents to receive intelligence briefings, if requested in biden’s bid for unity. He wants to take that away from his opponent and change that tradition, of course, progressives love, destroying traditions for the sake of it in order to corrupt and dismantle societal foundations. So there you have it rick, grinnell, breaking it down the brutal truth on biden, trying to muscle out president trump comment below we’ll see you at the next report for the next news network i’m gary franchi.

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