Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, NBA Leads a 24-Point Comeback & Hits the Game-Winner Against Phoenix | NBA on TNT Tuesday

Oh doctor, no adam lefkow. No, he earned the doctor. I shouldn’t have just thrown that around like that. You’Re right, you shouldn’t, have yeah let’s, get right into the highlight, see how we got to this moment: nets taking on the suns, welcome back steve nash, steve nash, dan tony sons coming in winning nine of their last ten brooklyn themselves in a three game: winning streak. No kyrie, no k.d, it was all going to be hard and early. It was all sons guys, yeah booker came up with the aggression. We know he has the ability to score, but you know when he’s like this, you think he’s gon na have a big night. After james hit that shot, i would like to see the ball in his hand, but i’m, not the coach devin booker 22 points did not hit a three in today’s game. Well, he did have a ball shot. Three with the fade away. Jumper cp3 entered the game. 29 assists shy of oscar robertson, oh there’s, seven in this one. What, if the other shot that made it? Do you eight? No steve nash, used to make shots like that? He did take a look at the score chris paul they’re up 21 at halftime 75 54, and it still looks like all the suns in the second half throwing oops up to ayton one more look at it. Dwayne wade thinks he’s a better lob thrower than cp3 hardin taking it in, and the foul chioza gets it to harden get out of his way.

Luau cabarro gives it to hardin for three 38 points for hardin the most in his net’s career. Thus far. This is the second time this season that hardness played without durant and kyrie. They lost to the sixers in the first one by 16. yeah, but it’s easy for a guy like hard to get 38. he’s not out there with the other two guys he’s out there by himself he’s been doing that for the last four or five years. Tyler johnson cj two points and the lead is down to two chris paul trying to keep the suns up knocks down the three look at they’re up: they’re up 10., now they’re only up four cp3 again yeah 17 and a fourth at one point right. Four three four 53 29 sun’s up eight and then james harden sicko mode. Oh my that was nice heating up like john william coddling’s art career drivel, drive, knocks it down james harden with the three and the nets have taken a 10 0 run what’d. You guys think about this devin booker, trying to tie it taking down landry shaman on the post. Would you like to see him pull it out? There wait yeah, see him pull out and face up and try to go by him and get to a spot. Yeah get to a spot raise over the top of him can’t. Nobody guard that. I would like to see that but he’s a pro he can score the basketball anywhere.

So i get it largest. Halftime deficit ever overcome let’s, listen to steve nash in his return to phoenix with a huge comeback win down by you know, 24 at one point in the second 21 at halftime. What was the message and what do you feel sparked to turn around and the shifting momentum in your favor? Well, the guys just showed a lot of pride. You know um. Clearly they made everything in the first half. You know they came back down to earth. A little bit, but i thought our energy and our toughness not allowing the game to get away um, you know, was really important and gave us a chance to to take the momentum so to speak. You know where now they’re, trying to hang on and we’re trying to. We have nothing to lose but to fight back. So you know sometimes that’s that’s such a difficult position to play uh in front when you’re just trying to protect the lead, and so we took advantage. We made shots, we made it difficult on them. I thought everyone contributed some outstanding individual defense at the end and also uh james made some big shots. Christian winfield new york daily news. It seemed like you guys: couldn’t get a stop there late, we couldn’t get a stop the whole second half it wasn’t. The last four minutes i mean it was being i’m exaggerating a bit, but they had 74 points um in the second half uh from a defensive standpoint, the ability to guard the ball and keep guys from getting to the basket was not great tonight and um.

I thought the first five six minutes of the third quarter. Our offense was in mud and we didn’t the ball movement wasn’t there, the urgency just wasn’t there and we gave a team life. You know one of the best offensive teams in the league gave them life in the second half, and so it wasn’t just the last four minutes. The whole second half was not the kind of defense that we played yeah the dichotomy in this game. The sun scored 74 in the first half 75 in the first half net score 74 in the second half sun, shot 64 percent in the first half they shot less than 50 percent in the second half and the nets outscored the suns by 16. In the fourth, you heard, bryan anderson mccall say the nets are the number one. Fourth scoring team. Fourth quarter scoring team in the nba, and they did it here, pretty unbelievable. You saw kyrie and kd losing their minds on the on the sideline. There is this four in a row now for the nets and they won against a really good sons: team yeah. What did you learn about the nets tonight? This was their best win of these four in a row because it was done by the bench. You know. Obviously james harden 38, 11 and seven, but jeff green as i and you guys know i’m a big jeff green fan. I think jeff green is a player everywhere.

He goes. He makes a positive impact on the team he keeps getting one year deals. Don’T understand it anyway: jeff greg, jeff, gring, 18 8 landry his defense at the end, obviously a shot, making ability, tyler johnson 17 off the bench, joe harris 22 off the bench. This is nothing but h, e, a r t this team played with heart, and it was a great win for him and they’re going to build from here. Definitely 11 of jeff. Green’S 18 points came in that fourth quarter biggest comeback in the history of the franchise. What can that do? Moving forward as they’ve now won four in a row, you know what’s scary, about this team. People talk about how they’re, not good defensively must be doing something right there in second place, and the big three have only played together eight times, it’s, a good win for them. James harden was used to this being out there by himself guys looking for him. You know first half he was you know trying to do the right thing, because he was the point guard on the game, doing the right thing, but second half you know it felt good to him. It looked like the old james harden when you played for the rockets, and you thought the sons would do a better job, because when you start lacking on defense, you you know, you have to tell yourself: okay, he’s, the only guy out there that can kill us.

We have to slow him down, but he just had his way and then you know, look we’re all professionals, so you know being down 20 points is a lot, but you know when you got a guy like james harden i’m, the type of guy that, if i Could shoot like james harden i’m, just saying to myself? I just need to hit eight threes. The title danger that scored 40 points in the fourth quarter had zero turnovers. That was incredible, analytics right there. Well, thank you think about this. With james harden every year of his career, he’s averaged seven assists this year, he’s over 11., and so yes did.

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