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Do you think the bulls can continue their hot shooting, or was this a fluke um? This is just uh, whether it’s a fluke or not. This is just what the nba is now it’s a three point shooting league. So i expect all existing team records and nba records to be to fall within the next handful of years. Yeah it’s. Well, look! It is a it is a fluke because whenever you break a team record, it’s, not the consistent, but when you got zach levine and his ability to knock down 10 or 12 threes on a given night, you’re gon na see more of this yeah and look it’s Funny brian windhorst was on his podcast the other day breaking down where, like the great defenses of certain eras, would have ranked in different times and and where the number five defense or number one defense in today’s game would have ranked compared to that because being the Top defense in the league right now it’s very different story against all the scoring versus being the top defense in the league and say 2004 right when the pistons were doing it. So the game has changed all right. Let’S move on to the suns held on in a tight game to beat the bucks last night after giannis missed a potential game winning shot now take a look here. Afterward devin booker asked his thoughts about when he saw yana’s shooting, and he said i thought we’re in good shape.

Now the reporter followed up devin said i just mean that it’s better to have him outside the paint than inside the paint. Do you feel this was shade or just the answer to a question matt? I just think it’s real talk, giannis doesn’t strike fear in any opponent outside of the paint and that’s crazy to say about our two time defending mvp. But as we were talking about earlier that’s, the next step in this game being able to have a consistent jump, shot or three point shot and he doesn’t really have either right now, so devin booker was respectfully throwing some shade. Yes, richard, he is an amazing, talented player, one of the best players in this generation, but they call it he’s with us matt when we’re on the bench and somebody shoots a jumper he’s with us that jumper by the entire yeah. He is not good. That means he’s on our side. That means if the phoenix suns could have drawn up a play for the milwaukee bucks, the phoenix suns would have drew up that exact play. That is the definition of he is with us. Yes, yeah he’s amazing but that’s the play that the phoenix suns would have drove up that just lets. You know if they’re, like hey, we’re, gon na drop a play for giannis to win the game or or lose the game if giannis is shooting a 17 foot. Jumper over deandre ayton that’s the play that the phoenix suns would have drew up.

Just saying and look when you go to these cameras, every team would draw it up, yep every team. What defenses want you go back to the 2011 finals right. The idea dallas was hey, make lebron shoot, make lebron shoot, because if he goes into the basket it’s a freight train and everything’s done so just make him shoot. We want that shot and it is what undid the miami heat in those finals. That is what teams are doing: diana santa cumpo now now lebron we’re down. He worked on his three point: shot things changed and obviously we’re watching to see. If giannis can do the same thing, let’s move on guys to our league pass game of the night. I think so too matt, i think so, but it’s not there. Yet only five games on the slate two are on national tv, so those are disqualified. That means our producers can only pick from one of the three remaining games. They went with magic at warriors because when, in doubt you pick the game, steph curry is playing in he’s averaging a ridiculous 37.5 points per game in february, really hitting a stride elevating his play. Matt is underdog steph in some ways your favorite to watch. You played on a team with him when they were the favorite favorite favorites yeah uh, just watching steph period is fun for me. You know i was on the wrong end of a lot of those threes, but i think steph has just reminded people how talented he is.

I think quickly. We forget how talented steph is because he’s always had such a great arsenal with him, but when it’s just up to him offensively to carry the load every night he’s more than capable of doing that yeah i’m gon na say my favorite stuff to watch is dominant Staff, where you’re just looking around and there’s clay and it’s him it’s like what do you want us to do here? Coach and the coach is looking at you like uh, just keep doing your best, but this this version of steph i this version of steph to me, is more of like i’m, so happy to see it right like he has been down. He has been out, their team has been banged up and what does he do after missing a basically an entire season? He comes out he’s what first in both for the guards he’s averaging god knows what, at this point in time over the course of the last month 37 points. So this is a fun stuff, but this is not my favorite version of steph yeah. I mean look all good versions: all versions of staff are good versions right man, he’s, always he’s. You know, steph has always been a team first guy too so i’m sure this green, this ultimate green light that he has knowing that every night he’s gon na have to be in that 30 to 40. Point range is fun for him, although tiresome i’m sure it’s fun fun for him amen all right this.

Just in at the buzzer here’s, a quote from kevin durant on the etcetera’s podcast. This is the podcast out of his boardroom group. He says kyrie is going to play a nice efficient game this year, all that other expletive, he didn’t say expletive that’s me saying expletive just clarifying that people talk about. I was never concerned with that. Kyrie is going to play the right way, he’s going to do his best when he is out there matt. First of all, get you a friend like kevin durant, because that is really impressive, backup of his guy. The same way, by the way kyrie has backed up kd over and over again those guys are legit tight. Do you share kevin’s confidence in kyrie this season, there’s, never been a question of kyrie’s performance on the floor when he decides he wants to play and he’s gon na show up he’s one of the best talents we’ve ever seen in this game. So i 100 agree with kd like when kyrie is bought in on coming to the games and actually playing there’s, never been a question about his talent or his abilities yeah. I i agree with matt there’s, nobody that probably knows uh kyrie better than kevin durant. Right now, at this point in time, in their stages of their career and being around each other every day. So if he wasn’t worried, that’s, a good sign for the nets and the nets fan and the organization, i will say this: he didn’t answer the question.

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