Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace ss Anne 'excited' to become a grandmother again as Zara Tindall's due date nears

When you subscribe, we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services. We offer our privacy notice explains more about how we use your data and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time and’s daughter, sarah tyndale ‘ is expecting her third child. With her former england rugby player expert, richard fitzwilliams, said, the princess 70 will undoubtedly be excited to become a grandmother for the fifth time he added she’ll be looking forward to that. Mr fitzwilliams Music pointed to anne’s equestrian career, as he discussed what she is like with her grandchildren and competed at the 1976 olympics. In the three day event, the royal expert said she is the hands on type she’s always been very practical. That’S always been the case, of course, we think back to her successes in the equestrian field and is already a grandmother to zara and mike’s two children mia, seven and lena two. She is also a grandmother to peter and autumn phillips, children, savannah 10 and esau 8.. Mike revealed zara who live in park estate in gloucestershire were expecting their third baby during an episode of the good, the bad in the rugby podcast. In december, the ex england rugby player told co hosts alex payne and james haskell it’s been a good week for me. Had a little scan last week, third tindal on its way mike admitted he hopes the todd is a boy which would make the baby aunt’s first grandson.

He said it like a boy. This time, i’ve got two girls. I would like a boy he’ll love it, whether a boy or a girl, but please be a boy he added zara was being careful having previously suffered. Two previous miscarriages, mike said, z, is very good, always careful because of things that have happened in the past and really looking forward to it. But when asked about the baby’s due date, the 42 year old dodged the question he said we like to play our cards close to the chest. Music in december, a source claimed zara was four months: pregnant trending, the insider told the telegraph. Sorry is four months pregnant and they are absolutely delighted to be able to share this news. A buckingham palace spokesman said the queen and prince philip were delighted by their granddaughter’s pregnancy. It will be another great grandchild for the monarch, 94 and the duke of edinburgh 99.

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