Texas, Mayor, Resignation for calling citizen lazy!

Please hit the subscribe button and hit that notification notification bell up top. Also too share this video share this video as well. This all helps out with the algorithm for me to continue to make good content and for people to see. It also follow me on my other platforms, and please put it with a cherry on top. Please participate in the five dollar challenge. It helps our channel grow. It helps us continue to be successful man. This story here is crazy, so there’s a mayor out of texas, colorado, city, texas, yep, he said colorado, city, texas, uh, is getting a lot of backlash to the point that he had to resign for a post. He posted, which was i want to say yesterday, uh y’all, know that there was a record snowstorm in the state of texas uh people losing power, the the snow breed, the the actual uh. You know bread that they use that that power grid uh. The windmills are stuck like the windmills is not even working it’s frozen, solid that going on. You got shelters that had to close down because they can’t restore power fast enough. Well, this guy decided, because i guess of all of the complaints and the citizens upset about what’s going on in the state with this power grid, failure, failure and feeling, like they’re, not being heard. He goes on twitter and basically saying listen. You listen guys y’all need and i’m paraphrasing. This y’all need to quit.

Complaining y’all need to cowboy up man up cowgirl up, get out here. Think outside that box and get things rolling, get things rolling. If you ain’t got no power, you need to figure out how to stall somebody. You need to go out here and figure it out. You need to call somebody to wheel, you out the snow and make things happen, that’s. Basically, the paraphase of what this guy said and everybody went in on this guy. When i say they went in they went in. I was there like yo man, elderly people are snowed in people. Are people are freaking out right now people are freezing to death, there’s there’s, a people freezing to death because of no heat, and you out here complaining yep, you’re right i’m with you michelle you out here telling other people that they need to go out here and Think outside the box you are supposed to be trying to be a part of the solution and not the problem guys. Let me tell y’all so my mother always told me something: when social media first started popping, you got to watch what you say on social media and if you do decide to say it, you better be prepared for the heat that comes with it. When it doesn’t go your way number two: this is narcissistic behavior.

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