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Only you know the wild video archive is specifically made for everything going on in cape may county, but sometimes there’s, history being made in other counties and so right now, i’m in atlantic city, because they’re going to be tearing down the trump plaza very shortly. And so i figured why don’t we get some drone footage. We got a little parking lot over here. We can fly and get some cool footage of what it looks like now, because it’s gon na be coming down very shortly. Now, before we get started, make sure you subscribe, you turn on notifications and you give this video a thumbs up. Let’S get started Music. You see here’s another sign that when it’s at the trump plaza you can see, they already cut away the calls where it allows. You to walk from the building to this parking structure here, if you actually look through they’re working ripping stuff down now, just a brief little history uh if this was built in 1984, obviously by trump himself. You know at this point: the casinos were booming down here, and this was his third one of all of them. I believe at this point because he had the trump marina he had the taj mahal and he had the plaza over here now. Ultimately, in 2014 they stopped using this building. They left it alone. It wasn’t until later, on, around 2016 18 the building really started falling apart. Things were falling off of it and hitting the ground, and so mayor, small and mayor of atlantic city said we need to get rid of this building, and so the new owners bought the property, which is another billionaire, which you do know.

I believe he also owns the ocean. I what’s his name icon. Whatever his name is long story short, he agreed to get rid of the building, and so this is where we are today now. Originally, they were having a charity put together and raising money to press the button to implode it, but they kind of stopped that now it’s, just a regular implosion, and originally it was scheduled for some time in january, but they pushed it back to february and they Cited health concerns so um anyway, let’s go ahead and put the drone in the sky: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music. So there you guys go now. You got to see the final days of the trump plaza. Now, unfortunately, today’s wins. You can probably hear in the camera we’re, probably almost i would. I would say that my drone can do up to 12 miles an hour perfectly fine. We were about 13 miles per hour, so you could tell that some of those shots were not really as fluid as i normally like them to be, but hey i’m, not picking that it comes down. So i had to quickly run over here and just quickly film. It before it is completely gone anyway. Thank you for joining me if you haven’t done so yet. Please subscribe turn on notifications and give this video a thumbs up. I’M joey.

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Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, Donald Trump, Building implosion emolition, winter storm forecast – February 17, 2021