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No winter storm watch is in effect for our corner of the state, though they are in effect along the new jersey, turnpike quarter. I would imagine by the time we get towards wednesday afternoon we’re going to be in winter weather advisories for us here, let’s take a look at the timing starts between 5 to 8 a.m, from the shores of delaware bay, making its way to long beach, island, and It will be steady all the way through early friday morning and then we’ll see showers as we go into the friday daytime hours ending friday evening. Those will be mixed showers, some will be snow, some will be sleet, some will be freezing rain and some will be rain. Let’S take a look at our tuesday night temperatures mid 20s for lows on the mainland upper 20s at the shore fairly seasonable. For this time of year, though, with the wind let’s have a little bit of a bite to it, windchills will be in the teens to start and as we go into the afternoon, it’ll be feeling like the mid to upper 20s here. So, on the chilly side, you will want the jacket, along with the hat and the scarf as you go out for your wednesday temperatures. Air temperatures, wednesday rising into the upper 20s on the mainland shore, is going to stay just around 30 degrees. For the first couple of hours of the day – and we have the trump plaza implosion at 9 – 00 a.

m here and we will see a temperature of 31 degrees feeling, like 21 to 22 here and we’re gon na have a northwesterly wind. So this is the way that the smoke is going to be blowing it’s going to be blowing out to sea. So that is some good news. So if you are a long playground pier like yours, truly some of that smoke and debris will be in your face. Let’S take a look at our wednesday morning, weather here we are in the mid to upper 30s. Eventually, as we work our way through the morning and into the afternoon, mostly sunny here, it won’t cut. The chill, though, bring the gloves in the hat. As i was saying earlier, then yeah again we’re talking about another coastal storm. This is our fifth opportunity for snow this month. Here low pressure goes off the east coast. This is actually the same storm that is bringing ice and snow to texas and all that cold let’s talk about what we can expect pretty much lower cape may counties a mixed terrain for the rest of the area. It’S a mess we’re going from snow to mix to rain and then probably back to some kind of mix as we go into friday here, it’s, not all the mostly snow until you get northwest of the turnpike corridor, so let’s show you the future radar we’re going To show you this pretty quickly here, you see all the colors here.

The purple is the sleep. The pink is the freezing rain. Green is the rain, of course, but then let’s zoom in here and show you a little closer view as we go forward in time. You’Re going to see that sleet that sleet’s gon na hang around for a good portion of the day on thursday, but eventually the rain works itself in maybe, if you’re in bridgeton or hamilton, it stays as freezing rain before it tapers off. And then you just see a couple of showers here and there mainly along the coast, should be rain for friday, but i wouldn’t go out anywhere seeing some kind of shower throughout the day in terms of the storm forecast for most of us here, we’re talking about Two to four inches of snow and sleet and a coating to a tenth of an inch of ice. That is a mess. Now i will say one thing here: a lot of this snow is going to get washed away by the rain afterwards, and another thing too totals could be lower. Here you could actually have an inch and a half, but it could be inch and a half of mostly sleet sleet’s about three times as heavy as snow. So you’re really talking about four and a half inches of snow when it comes to pushing or shoveling that just to let you know, as we get into the lower part of cape may county coating to two of snow and sleet, we are definitely going to update This, throughout the day on wednesday, now you might be saying joe: when can we finally get a stretch of dry weather, looks like it’s coming next week here, it’s going to be less stormy, because the jet stream is more what we call zonal here, which means everything’s Fast moving, so yes, could we still see some rain or some snow absolutely, but it’s not going to be hanging around for one or two or three or in the case of what happened to be getting in a month four days, let’s take a look at our Mainland seven day forecast for you, temperatures go on a roller coaster, ride thursday into friday.

They actually rise overnight, but then fall pretty quickly on friday morning that’s. Why i’m concerned about that wintry mix for us here on the day on friday, because most of the day will actually be in the 30s. Otherwise, as we go into our weekend here finally, a weekend that is dry saturday and sunday, both dry on the chilly side. Yes, but no precipitation will be had and then to go into monday. Another system coming through it’s, going to be a quick hitter, probably about a half day’s worth of some kind of precipitation. We’Ll have a few more days before we can tell whether it is rain or snow we’ll be with you all throughout the day on wednesday, you can follow me on social media for the latest. If you go to our website the president.

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