You through it, so this will form part of the democrats, evidence against donald trump. They have so far argued that trump planted the seeds for the deadly attack on the u.s capitol long before january 6, with his false claims, the election was stolen from him and say lawmakers have an obligation to do something about it. So, as you can see, we’ve seen different vision, but there are tens of people that are now storming the capital. From this piece of footage. There was one security guard that was ready to go, but it is remarkable how brazen the attitude is of these people just bounding through. So this is evidence that’s currently being used in washington. The trial is taking place right now, donald trump, moving through the impeachment trial. Of course, the odds are that he will not be officially impeached. This is live vision, we’ll just tune into what’s being said right now in washington, Music, oh minutes later, at 2, 44 p.m. Ashley babbitt attempted to climb, through a shattered window into the house lobby, to protect the members in the lobby, an officer discharged his weapon and she was killed. I want to warn everyone that the next video, which shows her death is graphic Music Applause. Oh, oh inside the chamber, representatives staff and journalists remain trapped in the gallery. One floor above the house floor and heard the gunshot. My colleague, representative dan kilby, produced this recording out of fear that they’d be seen or taken by the mob.

My colleagues were telling each other to take off their congressional pins that buzzing sound. That you hear in the background of these videos was the sound of the gas masks. It was not until approximately 2 50 pm about six minutes after the shooting downstairs remaining members, staff and journalists in the gallery were finally able to flee. In this security. Footage video – you can see them exiting many members are still wearing their gas masks. They walk just feet away from where capitol police are holding an insurrectionist at gunpoint just minutes earlier. Okay, so we’ll move away from uh the live impeachment trial there in washington we’ll bring in over news director michelle stevenson, who has been watching that remarkable footage, uh hello to you, that was uh, scary, stuff, that’s, it’s, just frightening scenes and apparently once they started showing This vision, the republican defense team had been forced, and admittedly they even said they had to change tact on their defense, because some of those scenes are just pretty graphic now this is um a charge of incitement to insurrect um right now. Republicans are also saying that they’re not happy with trump’s defense team, and you can see that there’s a lot of vision that is being produced here. That is quite frightening. Yeah. There were reports earlier today, which is a little bit amusing, that donald trump was watching and screaming at his television back in florida i mean you, could you could see that really couldn’t, you wouldn’t, take too much no he’d be watching this with a very keen eye.

Now we have seen that six republicans did cross over to the democrat side to vote for this trial to go ahead. Now, that is shy of the 67 that they need to actually um impeach him for the sec. You know to impeach him, which would be i mean in itself. This is quite historic now they are also saying that if this was a secret ballot, that the republicans would actually vote to impeach him and it’s very fascinating yeah. No, it really is and that’s that’s. My next question to you: there are a lot of people out there saying this is you know a bit of a waste of money? We, the republicans, they’re, not going to get enough votes moving across uh to impeach donald trump. Do you have a view on whether this is necessary, uh or not in some ways? Given we already probably know what the result will be, i think it’s necessary to let the democratic process play out. I think we also need to have trump accountable and the the showing of this vision and the republicans being forced to actually sit there and justify their position on why they’re defending this ex president, i mean this is going to really damage parts of the republican party. I mean we’ve got some really right wing conservative republicans who are standing firm but there’s, some moderate ones in there who i’m pretty sure would be fairly embarrassed as to where their party is going.

Absolutely it will be. The next stage will be interesting to see. We know the divide between the republicans and the democrats. You know it’s been at the worst point last year. You know you just wonder what will happen after this vision and after this trial do you think it will have any effect in some ways? I don’t think what what i’m hearing is, that a lot of the republicans have now kind of seen the the where they’re, where their party is heading and then a lot of them are quite conservative kind of very similar to what we’ve seen here with, like the Liberal party we’ve got quite conservative liberals who are who are really pushing the the liberal line and we’ve got quite moderate liberals. But i think the republican party is a party in turmoil at the moment and it’s going to be interesting to see how that party kind of gets itself together once this impeachment trial is done and dusted. But you know what these people they’re accountable to their people. So um you’ve got to remember. There are parts of america that voted for these, these republicans and these hard line right wing. Republicans at that yeah you get the feeling. This is a bit of a moment in time. In a moment in history, we’ll look back and see how they react. I really appreciate you rolling with the live pictures and the live vision there remarkable. I can tell hey, enjoy the rest of your day.

We’Ll talk soon, okay, you too, thank you.

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