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This is chris once again, listen i’ve been warning and telling you about this story for nearly a year. Now, since march of last year, when we discovered that new york’s governor andrew cuomo had signed an executive order directing nursing homes forcing them to take covent positive patients and recovering cove patients back into nursing homes, 6 300 positive cova patients sent into new york’s nursing homes. In what can only be described as a shameful shameful position to take now the governor covered this up and didn’t tell you about it, but it was exposed by the press in may of 2020. Of course, the fake stream of lame stream media shrugged and looked the other way as cuomo was the darling at the time for the democratic party, a potential future presidential candidate, even as he lied and obfuscated about the events taking place in new york, which was the Epicenter of the virus and fatalities in this country and remains a hot spot in the united states, but on march 25th of last year he signed executive order directing the nursing homes be forced to take back 6 300 covid positive patients, thereby signing a death warrant for The 90 000 occupants of new york’s nursing homes. Now since then, the new york state has covered up the data. They report a total of 8 700 deaths from nursing homes related to covet 19.. But a recent investigation by new york’s attorney general leticia james, based on just 10 of nursing homes, indicates that the number of people who died in nursing homes or as a consequence of infection nursing home was under reported by as much as 50 percent in those nursing Homes now to be fair, her report only looked at 62 nursing homes across new york, not the entire 600 plus nursing homes, which have 90 000 elderly new yorkers living in those nursing homes.

But what we do know is extrapolated from those percentages if, in fact, that data holds true that means, rather than 8 700 fatalities from covet 19 amongst 90 000 new yorkers. The number is likely to be 13 500 to 15 000 elderly new yorkers dead because of andrew cuomo’s, idiotic, unscientific, pontificating nonsense and that isn’t the worst part of it. Folks. Not only did he get grandma and grandpa killed with her idiotic, unscientific, whoa, hey. We have coveted patients let’s, send them back into places where the most vulnerable live and force them to be put there. Not only did they pull that off and then deny it until the press uncovered it in late may of 2020, but then they began covering up the data. This we now know from a disclosure that took place from the secretary to governor cuomo melissa de rosa, who apparently admitted to an albany covet cover up on the nursing home situation during a conference call on the 11th of february, with democratic leaders from across the state. Now derosa allegedly told the democratic leaders during the call that the cuomo administration feared the data could be used against us by the department of justice what you’re under reporting the deaths. Of course, we also know that new york fraudulently claimed people who didn’t die from covet 19, as actually being coveted 19 related an effort to put pressure on the federal government to give them money that they didn’t use themselves wisely five years ago, six years ago, now To buy ventilators instead investing investing pouring money down a sinkhole in a photovoltaic plant near buffalo, so they fear the data can be used against them.

What are we talking about? What is mr rosa talking about in this conference call well back in august 26 of 2020. The department of justice opened up an investigation into states that they were concerned had ordered coveted positive patients back into nursing homes and putting our elderly in a vulnerable position. Now that dog case doj case was directed against new york, new jersey, pennsylvania and michigan, all of which have democratic governors funny that funny that also here in pennsylvania, famously the former director of the department of public health, rachel levine, the nominee or now um deputy assistant In the department at the federal level, who’s been elevated because she’s a transsexual, apparently not because of her success, because what success did she have in stopping the virus in pennsylvania? Very little? Actually, she vacated her 95 year old mother from a nursing home and put her in a hotel before the governor started, sticking covet positive patients in our nursing homes and getting granny and grandpa killed here in the state of pennsylvania as well. So this investigation was launched on the 26th of august 2020 by the department of justice under the trump administration. Now, reportedly, um derose admitted that the cuomo administration deliberately hid the data from state legislators in albany after the trump administration began asking questions so the truth was uncrossed un un unfavorable questions, uh uncomplementary information, so they hit it. They simply hit it now. Put this in perspective march 25th, 2020 6 300 covet participation sent into the nursing homes, where 90 000 people reside.

We now have probably 15 000 who’ve died as a consequence of covet infections in nursing homes, in no small measure to sending covet positive patients back into nursing homes. Hmm now what was andrew cuomo doing all this? Well, he was holding daily press conferences acting like he was some sort of hollywood, celebrity um, dictating to us about how you respond to a pandemic when everything he did was completely the opposite of the normal response to a pandemic. Where you isolate the vulnerable, you don’t send the sick in amongst their vulnerable to wipe them out like the plague. You keep the vulnerable isolated. You don’t put covet positive patients in nursing homes. You extract them from there and give them care elsewhere to protect the vulnerable nursing home. What kind of idiot does that? Well, an idiot that resides in albany? Does it on march 25th of 2020 and then covers it up until the press exposes it and then denies it? Meanwhile, he attacks donald trump and blames him for new york’s shortage of ventilators. New york was short ventilators, because the most vulnerable were contracting kevin 19, because you sent covet 19 patients into nursing homes and infected the most vulnerable with underlying health conditions, instead of protecting them that’s, why you needed ventilators the average person is asymptomatic or quickly overcomes the Disease, but people with underlying conditions are vulnerable. What do you do you send the infected in in a normal pandemic? You isolate the vulnerable, you quarantine the infected and you let everyone else go about their business to build hurting, build hernia.

That is not what new york did. Instead, he attacked donald trump. He called donald trump, a racist i’m. Sorry, he didn’t say racist. He didn’t say racist. He implied that he implied that, but he attacked donald trump and blamed him for new york, not having respirators. When five years prior, according to his own lieutenant governor, he passed up spending 535 31 million dollars purchasing 40 000 ventilators for part of new york’s disaster response preparedness. He refused and then, when he needed him, he didn’t have him turns out. He didn’t need him. Donald trump and the federal government moved heaven and high earth to get ventilators, which is not their responsibility to the state of new york and they did and they sat in warehouses. While cuomo went on the press. Blaming trump for new yorkers dying new yorkers were dying not because of donald trump, but because of andrew cuomo. What else did he do in the midst of this? He found time to write a book for which he’s received an award and his narration of it, unbelievable. While whining about donald trump he’s busy writing a book in the midst of pandemic and telling us about leadership, leadership, how to get people killed andrew cuomo is that what your leadership is unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen, unbelievable. So this is what mr rose had to say at around the same time that president trump turns this into a giant political football. She said he starts tweeting that we killed everyone in nursing homes see.

I wonder why? Because you did fifteen thousand and ninety thousand nursing home residents that’s an astounding high figure about 15 percent. He starts going after well 15. He starts going after governor murphy from new jersey, governor newsome, california, gretchen whitmer, michigan derose, also trump directs department justice to do an investigation. It was yeah that’s their job and basically, we froze is what she told the democratic lawmakers on this call, allegedly because we were then a position where we weren’t sure if what we were going to give the department of justice or what we were going to give You guys in the state legislature what we started saying was going to be used against us, while we were weren’t sure if there was going to investigation. So you committed criminal negligence and your response was well. We’Ll hide the data because we might be prosecuted for it. Can you believe this? These people work in government? I can believe it. They work in government around the world in berlin in pretoria in dc in harrisburg, this sort of unbelievable arrogance in cheek, and she said that that played a very large role in this. In other words, they might be prosecuted or investigated. She then asked lawmakers for a little bit of appreciation of the context, her words and offer an apology for the political position that cuomo’s order put the democratic lawmakers in you apologize to the democratic lawmakers we do apologize. I do understand the position that you were put in.

I know that’s, not fair. It was not our intention to put you in that position with republicans. Excuse me how about the dead people, because of your arrogance, no remorse for the dead new yorkers? You hid the data, so you couldn’t pay a penalty for your crimes. My goodness wow, remember, the cuomo administration issued a directive on the 25th of march, barring nursing homes from refusing people because they had covered 19. as a consequence. 6. 300.. Now, according to um multiple news sources, including at the epic times, that figure is not 6300 it’s. Actually, 9 000 patients were sent back into the nursing homes, that’s insane that’s, even higher than what we heard several days ago, wow wow now the numbers from leticia james work out to be 40 percent higher than 50 higher than what the department of health had reported. Previously wow now richard as a party, a senior cuomo advisor appeared to place some of the blame on the trump administration. In a statement he posted on twitter thursday, probably unwise do this in which he said. We explained that the trump administration was in the midst of a politically motivated effort to blame democratic states for covet deaths and that we were cooperating with federal document productions, and that was the priority. Excuse me, you cover up the data and that’s how you’re cooperating with federal authorities and your feelings are hurt, because donald trump correctly points out that you got people killed unnecessarily wow wow wow derosa’s admission has prompted condemnation from republican officials around the state, with many calling For the investigation, even for the resignation or removal of andrew cuomo from office, wow wow congressman lee zeldin, a republican from new york issued a statement calling for the department of justice to open an obstruction of justice investigation into the actions of the cuomo administration.

The families of thousands of dead new york seniors deserve accountability and justice for the true consequences of governor cuomo’s, fatally flawed nursing home policy and the continued attempts to cover it up. It’S clear, what’s happening here is criminal. Now elise stefanik recently removed from an ivy league program because she supported questioning the election, which is a legitimate constitutional process. She said that um cuomo must be prosecuted immediately by both the attorney general of new york state and the u.s department of justice, wow well andrew cuomo’s, little shining star for the ascension of the ranks to be the next president states appears to have been ended, as Have the lives of probably 15 000 new yorkers, thousands of them needlessly by the idiotic actions of a state, arrogant, politician and administration who listen to no one and then sit there and tell people who understand science that their science denies when they don’t even have a Clue when it comes epidemiology and infectious disease, this is disgraceful, but it is albany and granny and grandpa aren’t around anymore for many families.

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