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I have no personality at home or a huge ego, but no, he is he’s a very, very loving level, headed man and always has been very chilled. What are you laughing at? I feel like the first two weeks, um just adjusting, i think, the first week we’re in quarantine. I don’t want to go back and we i mean we’ve been so lucky because we’ve got this, you know we’ve got the beach we’ve played some tennis um. I can do my pilates in the garden, so i’ve been able to work every day. Um keep my business going and no, i mean it’s been pretty good it’s, pretty good, um, really good. In fact! Well, he’s um he’s just asked a stylist whether when we get back for christmas, he she she can style him and no she’s asked her whether she can start like david beckham. So but you’ve got a dream. Haven’T you got a dream. Music got to know the team really well, which has been really nice really special and they’ve been so amazing, with g um every day when i’m down on the beach. If joss is here or not, they always come and play with us. Um take g and c and like when joss is at games and if george is in bed, you know they’ll always invite me to play cricket or go and join them in the team. Room play snooker ping pong and hit view as well, and i don’t know it feels like a real, really lovely family environment.

I think we sort of have a real special relationship with the ipl for georgia as well, so i actually left the ipl for for her birth and that was quite a funny ordeal getting home um to get so the birth, so she’s always linked to the ipl. I actually i had my 30th birthday out here um a few days ago and i don’t know i just had no expectations. I just thought because we were in a bubble. You know it was just going to be a birthday, a very a very normal birthday and i was very wrong. Um we had dinner down on the beach and it was very special which jose organized, and then we had a huge party with all the the team and that’s what i’m. Just like you know the indians. They have a great time and it was a lot of fun dancing and singing and caking. My face Music been married. Three years now today we actually had our anniversary out here on the 21st of october and three years yeah, so we went to school together. So i’ve known him since he was 14., she used to copy my maths. Let’S just see i’ve actually got all my math folders um from where he used to scribble and draw on them and when we were 15, he used to call me wifey and he used to write on my um folders and books like hey wifey, how you doing Um because i’ve been chasing you for a number of years, we actually didn’t go out at school with, but we were best friends really at school yeah and then we started going out after obstacles and then yeah we weren’t completely full on.

Until probably, we were 24 24 yeah, so last year done different things. Obviously, cricket i’ve, traveled lots, you’ve, traveled and done uni and stuff, and then we’d always find our way back to each other. So and yeah now married three years, which seems flown by and now we’ve got a little girl of our own Music. I wish i could say that he was different and that he had a different. I have no personality at home or a huge ego, but no, he is he’s a very, very loving level, headed man and always has been very chilled. What are you loving? I think the only time you’ll see me go. Mad is playing football, so you have to film me playing football. I turn into something else playing football. He definitely has a. He definitely has a diff slightly different personality after a drink, so um you should ask him for some dance moves and his singing i’ve got. Okay, then, what about me what’s, one good thing in one bad thing: good thing: there are lots of good things, um, but i’d say you’re. You know one of your best things is that you give unbelievable advice like he’s he’s, someone that you can always turn to um for anything um and he’s, always and he’s, always good con man. Basically, then, okay, he has this thing where he’s, like i don’t know. If it’s a nervous or a thinking thing, but he like has to like kind of scratch his head and he like it’s like he’s thinking i’m, like what are you doing like stop like putting your fingers in your hair? So that’s one thing and it i mean you’ve, been doing it for a couple years.

Why don’t you just sit here like this sorry, but i don’t know if this should be on camera, but he’s parting. What it is um well good thing. Well, i think lots of good things is, i think, you’re my best mate and you bring out the best in me and i think we have a lot of fun together. So i think that’s, one of the your best things by the moment: it’s the it’s. Just the simple like getting in the bed and then be like oh it’d, be nice to have the aircon on wouldn’t it and it’s like well i’m in the bed as well. Like you know, you could go and turn. Oh. You know that sidelight’s still on isn’t. It so bedtime is annoying me actually at the minute she just gets into bed, and then i was like in bed like before, so you you’d, assume whoever comes into bed last, would turn the lights off or put the aircon on Music yeah. She loves. She loves. Now it’s got cooler, we’ve spent more time down here on the beach and yeah. She loves the sea. She loves swimming like being in there building sand castles and then her her, probably her all time. Favorite past time is eating. She just loves food, so herbs yeah. I see she hears it Music and milkshakes so down here as well. Um, the the lifeguards have i’ve taken a bit of a shine to her and they always bring her ice cream in the afternoon and honestly as soon as they start walking, you can see her look her face her face, light up her ears prick up and she Drops towards them knowing that it’s ice cream time, and she also has a little paddling pool outside, which has been a really good little great success, hasn’t it especially for the quarantine, see everyone in the world is going through such a tough time at the moment and Um, you know, sport and cricket is really different and lots of time in the summer in england, in the bubble away from the two of them so um to be able to have them here for the whole tournament and and spend lots and lots of time together.

Um it’s been really special and it just makes you feel happy and and comfort, and i think you know just allows you to be in a good headspace, which um, i think sometimes can be the real challenge. When you spend time away from from your family, you really miss them, so it’s been awesome to have them there.

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