Laser cutting, Laser Accurate laser engraving with an Endurance 1 watt green (520 nm) laser.

So the power is, like i said: it’s, not big it’s, only one watt, but the good thing that you actually have a pretty good resolution and pretty good um quality laser beam quality. So uh we’re going to weigh the speed, is 200 millimeters per minute and let’s let’s embrace something: okay, let’s let’s do this so 200 millimeters per minute 99 power don’t forget to wear goggles all the time. You operate, the laser it’s still class four. So what we got here we have result over here. I did it before here and it seems like i missed it, but here is 200 millimeters per minute, and here is 100., so let’s engrave on anodized aluminum, okay, the same speed 200! You can actually vary from 100 to up to 500 millimeters, oh okay, so we didn’t didn’t have anything because we were not in focus so it’s very important to remain in focus all the time you operate, the laser okay let’s. Do it once again? Okay! Yes, now you can see this was nicely done. Okay, let’s, try a piece of plywood. Now i need to move it upper position: Music, okay, ready! I think piece of wood and plywood can be engraved even faster. Look well done well done and a piece of cardboard. I think it could be done faster. I will do another experiment with the speed of 500 and also 99 power. Okay and let’s make one thousand millimeters per minute, so see all three options: Music, so it looks good.

Okay. In the last example, engraving on paper, okay, let’s let’s do this Music. The speed is 500 millimeters per minute, also maximum power. So you can actually do it faster it’s. Up to you looks really good. I guess we have some artifacts but it’s, not the laser problem, but um software firmware, but uh yeah looks good, so hope that you like this video. Please share it with your friends, subscribe on our channel and visit our website, and endurance dash, and you’re. Welcome to try our green laser for engraving purposes and also i’m, pretty sure that it could be used for some science and research projects as well have a great experience with endurance.

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