Laser cutting, Laser minute Valentine's gifts. Engraving with NEJE 30W laser.

Obviously, but it’s it’s got a coating on it and so uh. Actually it looks like it’s it’s doing. Okay. Well, not it’s a finish of some sort. You know to protect the wood, make it nice and smooth, but it is engraving. Just fine. In fact, i think i’ve got my power up too high i’m at 40 percent power, it probably 40 percent power and 5 milliseconds for the burning time, which certainly you could go a lower power on this, but i had already started it several rows in so i’m. Just going to go ahead and leave it at the 40 percent, and then i will show you what it looks like in the end again: i’m using the naj app on an android phone for this simple engraving and then just used inkscape to do the text and It says so handsome and so getting a quick quick gift in for this weekend, but i will be back to show you the final result. All right, i think it’s just about finished and 10 minutes, i believe, is what it’s going to be to just engrave. This again, i don’t think my focus is right on either so i um should have taken the time to line it up better and do better focus and check the power setting so anyway, i’m, just in here for a quick project just to see and uh again Doing it at 40, power is probably too much um, but then i’ll take it inside and wash it off, and maybe some of that really dark will lighten up a bit.

But again, some masking tape would have helped with the the over burn areas as well, but probably should have fine tuned that into a better power so that the cursive script would be easier to read. But we’ll take a look at what this looks like when it’s finished. I noticed the naj app had some free heart images, so i may try adding that on the other side, huh, Music, wow, all right, yeah, that’s, a nice, deep engraving and actually the words, look pretty good. I know the s here has some over burn that’s, probably because it was right on the edge of the hanger um, but other than other than that. That looks pretty good, all right so yeah, i may just add something. Just real quick here, we’ll see what that will look like and thanks so much for watching, okay, yeah. I did go ahead and use this free image that was in the naj app um again those images they kind of change around every time you open the app um but uh this. This looked pretty cute, and so i went ahead and put this on the other side. It’S almost finishing up here, so put this image on the other side, and this is uh now running at 30 laser. So i think that was a better setting. 30 percent laser and 5 milliseconds in the major android app it’s kind of odd. But as this has sat here, my um text writing over here i don’t i don’t know.

If you can see it right now, i’ll wait till the laser finishes, but that text is it’s almost like some of that. The color is seeping into the wood or something it it looks. It looks odd yeah. I don’t think it was that overburn was out as far just a second ago, but as it has sat here for several minutes, that gray is extended from the letters a lot further, as it has sat so really interesting. And then this just finished up. Oh it’s, a cute little image, probably not very masculine, looking but oh well. I like it all right. So thanks for watching i’m going to go, run this under the sink and and take a toothbrush to it just to see if that changes it. If it does, i will end up with another picture and then some screenshots of the app settings that i used. So thanks. So much we’ll see you next time: okay! Well, i just rinsed this off and took an old toothbrush to it and thankfully all that um extra soot around the letters that i was worried about it all came off. So i think this looks really great: hey, creative friends so again, i’m trying another last minute. Gift, this is on an inexpensive, hairbrush, so i’m trying to engrave some initials on the back of the hairbrush. So i will let you know how this goes: it’s kind of finishing up – i’m, not sure how well you can see this at the moment, but uh this.

I started at 30 again um like the the hanger, but i ended up bumping this up to forty percent laser. I think it did a little bit better um, so forty percent laser and five milliseconds using the android, app and um. This is close to finishing up, but i will come back and show you some final pictures all right. So this doesn’t look too dark but uh. I i think that worked pretty well. What do you think so? Forty percent laser and five milliseconds burning time.

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