Mars 2020, NASA, Rover Perseverance rover ready to explore the wilds of Mars On 18 February 2021

We want it to be there safely. My name is heather bottom and i’m. Helping prepare the spacecraft that will fly our next mars rover to the martian surface. My name is diana trujillo and i work with robotic arms to collect samples on mars. I’M al chad and i lead the landing team for march Music. 2020.. Music. My name is michelle tommy colise, my name is moody gay stricker, my name is my name. Is katie stack, morgan and i’m helping to protect the next mars rover mars 2020 will be seeking signs of ancient life in the rock record of mars. What we’re trying to do is to overrun the surface of this unknown. Planet collect samples process the tubes, as they come back to look for things that we call biosignatures so that eventually we can bring those samples back to earth and determine for the very first time that life exists on mars Music, but also, where could it be preserved? For four more billion years for us to find it before the rover actually flies, you have to make sure that everything works properly. With the flight software and the hardware we hit the atmosphere going. You know 12 13 000 miles per hour. Half of the journey through space through the vacuum, we try to test all of our hardware – 2d environments that we would see so that’s. Why a lot of the testing happens behind me? Music it’s been lots and lots of hours here, testing everything it gets put in an oven it gets put in various chambers and clean rooms.

So what we can see over here is the stacked spacecraft, where the robotic arm is actually right behind me, this is the place where the magic happens. This is the mars yard, and this is where our rovers practice driving over rocky terrain. There are hundreds of people that have to come together and build a spacecraft, you kind of have to put those different pieces together and make sure that those pieces all are going to work, and i feel like such a lucky person to be working on this in Search of an answer nasa is sending a rover the size of an suv to an ancient lake bed on mars, called jezero crater equipped with durable custom built, wheels, two robotic arms and a whole suite of science instruments both inside and out, perseverance will rove across the Surface of mars, in search of evidence that ancient life might have existed in the past it’s. A huge milestone for us to have built this mars helicopter that’s to the quality that’s needed to be launched to travel to mars on board the mars 2020 rover Music and to have met the really stringent mass constraint coming under two kilograms. In fact, we weighed in under 1.8 kilograms. We have to be light to fly at mars, Music. We know from decades of mars missions that the red planet not only had water in its ancient past, but that water could have supported life. Mars is our neighboring planet.

In many ways, the most similar to us, and certainly in its history and the question whether ancient life was, there is still the question that keeps us up at night. So the mars 2020 rover will be seeking signs of ancient life in the in the ancient rocks of mars. To look for things that we call bio signatures, which are signs that ancient life might have been there in the past, but that’s. Not all this determined rover will accomplish mars. 2020 is really the essential first part of a sample return mission, which is to bring samples back to the best slabs we have, which are here on earth perseverance. Will drill into martian rocks, collect samples and prepare them for a future mission to pick them up and bring them back to earth? This is something that’s never been done before so march. 2020 is the first half of a return trip to get to the most interesting rocks on mars. Perseverance has to land safely among crevices, craters and canyons nasa engineers designed a new terrain relative navigation system, allowing the rover to autonomously divert from known risks in the area. While targeting a smaller landing zone than ever before, it means that we can both go to places that are maybe more interesting to the scientists, because we’re able to handle places with more hazards, as well as land closer to the things that they’re interested in off the Bat, so we get to the science that they care about and more quickly, so we can get to the most exciting places, which are often the most challenging building on the discoveries of orbiters landers and rovers before it.

Perseverance is pivotal in our search for life beyond earth. I could finally answer the age old question: are we alone everything that you’re touching all this hard work that you’re putting in the long hours 20 years? Your children will be reading this in your science book? It feels great Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music.

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