Massachusetts, Coronavirus, Vaccine Dr. Corey answers viewer questions about COVID-19 vaccines

When can your family be eligible? Each week, we’re answering your questions and our friday check in with dr larry corey live this morning from fred hutch cancer research center, helping to coordinate the national vaccine response. Dr corey good morning pleasure to be with you jake pleasure, to be with you yeah. Thank you. So much for taking the time every friday. First off your colleague, dr anthony fauci yesterday said it will be quote open season in april, meaning every american could be eligible for the vaccine at that time eligible, maybe, but what about the supply? What are your thoughts on? What dr fauci said yesterday well, i think it’s publicly released, though we’re buying um a hundred million more doses of the moderna vaccine, 100 million more of the pfizer vaccine to get us up to almost 600 million um uh doses, so really essentially enough for the country. Now i i think what he is saying is: is that we’re sort of in in april we’re gon na see that and we hope, also the the j j vaccina there’s a approval meeting coming up on february 26th, so not very far from now to see, if That’S going to get eua, we frankly expect that, so i do think we’re going to see the supply aspects markedly widened during the month of april yeah that’s so refreshing to hear that all right, we have some fewer questions we want to get to this morning. This one from one of our viewers says: can we start talking about kids? We want kids to return to school and talking about the importance of vaccinating teachers but i’m, not hearing anything about kids who can both transmit and fall victim to kovit from kristin and polesbo.

What do you think about that? Dr corey kids? Well in my world there’s a lot of talk about it because, but it’s still in the clinical trials down all the manufacturers are starting this. What we call the step down, so the teenagers essentially were you know, have been studied both in the pfizer vaccine. Moderna has a large trial going on it’s, just finishing enrollment uh, the step down now to five to 12 year olds, and then some companies are really really thinking of going below five i’m, not sure whether a policy we need to to go that young, but um. So the five to 12 year old studies are just getting started. So, yes, the regulators want to have a good safety profile. That means the fda and so um we’re sort of on track, maybe the end of may or june to get all the data in to justify doing something before the fall so keep tuned. The science community is working very hard on this. At the moment. Yeah that’s that’s refreshing as well it’s a big big question: okay, steve from fife, dr corey, wants to know – and this is interesting. How much time do you need after you get your vaccine to take painkillers again, um, just to sort of sum up his question there that i’ve heard that a few times are you? Can you take other medication around the time you get the vaccine? I mean there’s a there’s, a concern that um that painkillers will dampen the immune response, actually there’s very little data on that and actually for one of the vaccines in the uk.

They use acetaminophen. We call that tylenol or i call it tylenol, but it is officially acetaminophen that that was given routinely in one of the trials in the uk. So i i honestly think that that uh, if you have a fever, you should treat it with it with tylenol um that if you uh that’s sort of preferable a little bit to using ibuprofen. But if you need to have you’re having a side effect, you need to use it. I think, for an adult. You should use it um, as, as you know, from these vaccines, the elderly tend to have less side effects than people yeah a lot of folks. I know that have gotten the second dose have said. The side effects are, are real, so we’ll have to wait and see. First of all, we just want to also make sure that we’re happy you didn’t show up as a cat. This morning dr corey said. Thank you for zooming in and being a part of our newscast this morning. I hope you understood what i’m saying that’s really weird you got me.

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