NBA, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

Here’S tucker, the loss to new orleans cousins makes the move on in houston robinson, with the catch and shoot that’s just by adebayo. This is where adebayo has improved. He leads miami’s last game against the knicks cousins, spinning inside uniform on the hop the tucker Applause, such a tough arena, to get a win because of the great fans. There Applause seven points: the cousins are here in the first quarter against miami butler gets into the paint with a driving hook, houston team. What do you think about the one of old with just threes and layups cousin, says documents of the nba finals as head coach? Here’S gordon pulls it up and backs it home many times getting his shot inside using that pit, bull type strength and back comes butler for the heat butler all the way trying to bank it home and it’s put in on the rebound by akua, precious uh, the Rookie from memphis with his first bucket. This is what i mean by speeding free from gordon trying to put a move on that goes. Cross court nice pass inside tate gives away what about five inches and it’s tipped home adebayo can play by beautiful pass teams trying to get their rhythm Applause. Demarcus cousins has checked back in here’s, gordon, yes, very impressive start for cousins, who has 10.6 rebounds dean from downtown the steal by none. None takes all the way. Applause cousins. Nice pass sets it up for set 30 of 17 from downtown there’s butler around cousins.

Gabe vincent has seen service in the g league, gets it to butler who banks it all box out right there. His wall for three, yes, john lockett’s offense under mike d’antoni, revolves around the three and john they’re really applying that to their game and winning by the way Applause. Oh wide, open ken. This is when you have to watch jimmy butler, getting others involved and his pump fake getting to the line. Thank you. Bbc will have the nets and steph curry and his warriors going up against kyrie james opened up the lane for him now defense, giving him a little bit more respect and he can use his quickness second john wall with the last nine points for the rockets and Oladipo there is wall, kicking it to the corners tucker, yes, back, tap butler is on it going at wall pops it back out. None for three yes ends up with it, butler for olynyk who fires for three. Yes, that is not as good. Only seven points and percentages way down. This is duncan robinson from miami lee final seconds on the shot, clock, adebayo off the drive, he hits wall with a nice pass down low by wall nice play by olynyk, but that’s where bam should understand. Cousins has four fouls. Take it to the cup here’s none! Yes, a three coach silas called him a connector, an organizer who’s, going to take his position on the floor. Now the tucker’s in the locker room.

So eric gordon back on the floor. Oh nice move catch and shoot by robinson. Does team the now lead by 11? So a 24 point swing in this one, here’s tate on the drive not mad at that shot by gordon, but that’s. Indicative of the way this team has been playing all night, one on one shot man so now he’s going to be known for cutting the great coach of the nets, one of the best point guards ever. Oh nice dump right there. Oh move max that happens at younger ages. You know, tate wants it and also a coach with four nba teams had a file say mark that looked a little bit like a paul science, late, paul, silas layup back in the day, getting to the cuff and it’s a 77 66 lead for miami. This is streuse, there have been many calls and off the turnover back comes mclemore gordon got the step which team will have more skills in tonight’s, sixties, trailblazers game coming up next don’t play nba pick and primetime pits, so the injuries mount up for both teams. Adebayo pops it out here’s strews on fire 15 point lead on houston, our cousin’s back on the floor with the hook shot i’m gon na make sure i keep defying age and doing my thing too don’t you think that’s a manufactured. Is it michael jordan? Is this yeah? Is it serena? I mean i, i agree yeah right now you can, you can add something you can just make up.

Since you know the game it’s, just a fun exercise and 10 rebounds and seem to be headed to the all star game. Olynyk had it knocked away wall for three three point line, but you want to see him just keep on attacking the bucket right there, no one’s stepping up out of fire and chris. This is jimmy butler tied. He now has 25 points. 10 rebounds nine assists gordon gets it down. Low out of bounds, call right there getting a little bit of movement in the easy layup Applause. A quiet night for john wall 13 points. Seven assists we’re looking for a three here’s wall and hits it he came back after trailing by as many as 13. bartlett on the fade away. Oh it’s, a rebound for miami five other shot clock.

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NBA, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | February 11 | 2021 NBA Season