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One of the busiest roads on the island, so you can hear a bit of noise, but enough about that. Let’S get stuck into today’s main news stories: Music, thailand’s health minister annatun, is now claiming that the first stage of human trials of the locally produced vaccine brew will get underway next month. The local thai vaccine is a joint collaboration between the government pharmaceutical organization and the faculty of tropical medicine of mahadan university it’s understood the vaccine has performed satisfactorily in animal testing, showing an ability to stimulate immunity. Human trials will take place in three stages phase. One will involve 210 volunteers and be conducted over two months to determine the ideal dosage thai volunteers in next month’s trials will be either given a vaccine or a placebo. Those who show positive results will also take part in phase two trials in phase two researchers will trial two of the most effective dosages on 250 participants. Phase three should end the end of this year. Once the vaccine has successfully completed all three phases. The vaccine manufacturers will seek approval from the local fda and then go into production locally. The faculty of tropical medicine has more than 30 years experience in testing various vaccines, including those used against bird flu, dengue fever, surgical cancer, hiv and the seasonal flu. The normally busy tourist hot spots of patea and phuket are aiming to reboot domestic tourism. Now that the latest covert 19 surge is waning, both locations had become completely dependent on domestic tourists following last april’s border closures, but then had to contend with a second blow when covert 19 clusters broke out in december, principally around samutsakon and rayong.

Now patria has launched a campaign known as chicken chombri free 500 guests, who check into a hotel anywhere in the eastern province of jonberry, will be rewarded with a 100 baht coupon, which can be redeemed at around 130 restaurants and spas and tourist attractions on the first Night, five coupons will be handed out up to a maximum of 10 coupons for two nights. The promotion is only available for people from outside of jombri. Meanwhile, phuket has also launched an online campaign called. Have you ever phuket’s provincial administration organisation is calling on ties to share the campaign on facebook to encourage people to visit the island. Phuket’S governor says that the damage done to the local tourism sector by the border closures and lockdowns means it must now fight back to rebuild its economy. Myanmar’S military commander has established a line of communication with thailand’s pm plywood channocha detailing why a coup was staged next door and why they found it necessary to seize power after a democratic election. Last november, commander in chief min lang explains why the tatmador that’s the burmese army had to stage a coup and asked for help to support democracy. He alleged that fraud took place in the november eight democratic election and election, where the army backed parties, only gained seven percent of the total vote. The country’s election commission has already dismissed the army’s complaints of fraud just days before the coup. On february. The first pm prayut responded by saying he always supports the democracy of myanmar, but won’t interfere in its internal affairs.

He said at the very least we’re supportive of the democratic process in myanmar. Whilst what we also have to do is maintain relations with myanmar as well as possible because of the benefit for all thai people and border trade with the neighbouring country, thailand supports the democratic process. The rest is up to him to see how to proceed. Pm prayut says the issue is sensitive, but warned that he was not supportive of anti myanmar coup protests inside thailand. Hundreds of burmese people recently gathered outside the myanmar embassy in bangkok, whilst in myanmar, thousands of demonstrators have taken to the main city of yangon, including hundreds of government workers and a group of policemen from the eastern kr state. The large protests have prompted the military to issue a night curfew and restrictions on gathering in the state’s larger cities. Pro democracy activists have pledged to continue and increase their protest action this year, aiming for two million protesters. At each event, the pledge came a day after four activists were denied bail by the criminal court in bangkok. Around a thousand protesters gathered at the pathamuan intersection in the capital calling for the release of their four colleagues. The ringleaders of last year’s anti government protest movement. They also reiterated the three key demands they’ve been pushing for, since the anti government protests began in july last year. The resignation of the pm, a rewrite of the constitution and reform of the thai monarchy, protesters booed police officers and beat pots and pans a nod to the belief that banging pots will dispel evil spirits.

One activist told the media that the pots were empty to reflect. The fact that many people are now so poor and can’t afford rice yesterday’s protest started at four with participants marching to the patent one police station at around 7 30 to demand the release of the four detained activists, police arrested, 10 people, including two miners who were Released on bale of 5000 baht, each protesters dispersed peacefully around 9 p.m. Thai authorities say they will oppose vietnam’s plan to impose 34 percent anti dumping tax on sugar imports from thailand. Vietnamese authorities claim that thai exporters are gaining an advantage over their vietnamese competitors because of lower costs with vietnamese industry and trade ministry launched a probe into the issue and, according to its preliminary findings, found the accusations have grounds. The investigation conducted since september last year found dumped sugar from thailand sharply increased to 1.3 million tonnes up 330 from the year before the schedule for the import duty has not been decided. The ministry expects to conclude its investigation in the second quarter of this year. Thailand, the world’s fourth biggest sugar producer and the second largest exporter following brazil, saw its sugar exports becoming increasingly popular overseas because of apparent better production standards and lower production costs. Well, that’s all the main news stories from around thailand and well a little bit from either side of the border as well.

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