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It appears to be a 442 formation jim well. The modern version of that is a lot more fluid and flexible than in bygone times. There is a much greater understanding of the need for players to cover forward running and enables risk taking, while the gaps are filled i’m very much a fan of it. There are a lot of people who seem to have kind of ignored it and just put it to bed, but it still works, it’s still valid, and i think we’re going to see it be successful here. If you’re just joining us, we are already on the way yeah that’s top defending in preventing him turning which can open up many possibilities and it’s paid forward. Has he found his man bender forward? It goes face to face with the keeper. He is not one readily to admit defeat, don’t be surprised if he tries that again, Applause hoist it forward. That’S a throw it’s gone out for a throw in finds himself eased off the ball he’s, making good use of his strength. There just refuses to be out muscled and that has been clubbed away. They’Ve played it short, whitton massive leap. Applause gets good distance on it. Applause and it’s aranges tries to get it forward. Applause quickly, it’s a busy front line, uh lots of movement, and is that working for you well not really to be honest. I’M, not a great fan of taking goal potential away from the penalty.

Pucks gets the better of his man goes for the cross. The referee’s awarded a free kick Applause. There could be trouble here, but for now the referee is keeping his car to his pocket. Repelled by the keeper last bender sticks in a foot to win it back and it’s bellarabe who’s ball who’s going to get that it’s. Come through it’s, broken loose he’s come loose out to the right pumps it into the area forward. It goes around shake and he’s shown him a clean pair of heels that’s. One way of trying to make things happen, there’s a few who could follow. That example. He’S picked him out and that’ll be the final action of the first half, so both sides have drawn blanks. They have toiled at times, but it’s not been a bad game by any means. First, half thoughts well they’ve, never really been threatened in the first half. I think it’s been a magnificent team effort. The work rate has been superb, very, very organized no goals at this stage, but certainly not devoid of action. It is nil, nil, here at halftime and if you’re, just back from your break, you’ve missed very little of the resumption of the second half bayer leverkusen playing well with lots of opportunities and plenty positives to take from the first half. Despite this, scoreline converting chances would make a world of difference for them. Schick played into the gets up to headed Applause, good delivery, but no joy well being able to generate that amount of activity in the box means it’s hard.

Not to pick someone out. Last bender tries to get it forward quickly. He’S got through, knocks it away, has a pop, oh nearly, but nearly is nothing a more than decent attempt, peter by a leverkusen, have turned to their bench and we’re going to have a substitution. Well, we don’t need to guess that they expect plenty of ball into the box. Yeah it’s, quite a crowd scene in the middle now well, it’s, a situation that requires resilience now and plenty of fighting spirit. It has to be matched looks to thread it through he’s had a shot, and that would have been some goal well, the run was really impressive. The finish was depressive and expectations were not. Applause met and it’s been taken short. There are a few waiting for it. Well, i don’t think it was the wisest option peter once he got into that position, it’s not as if he didn’t have people nearby neil nill, the score and we’re. Just about done a deeply frustrating game. Gray, crowd calling for him to shoot concentration levels are very good, and so is the commitment this game could yet yield a winner hits one. Surely this time, oh, that was no routine. Save the keeper really dug out his defense. Then a magnificent effort buy a labor cousin merit full marks for their attitude and application. In trying to win this, it means an awful lot. Obviously, the final five minutes he’s got options out wide.

Oh it’s opened up nicely for him. It is a corner. Oh smart, save by a leverkusen, cannot afford for this to peter out there just isn’t time left and it’s one. Oh, what a wonderful stop! Oh that’s! A sparkling save absolutely sparkling his reflexes work. Ultra sharp Music young boys are able now to make their substitution it’s been on the cards for a few moments now. Well, you have to feel a little for the player been taken off here. I think he’s been made the scapegoat after that, but i guess something had to be done.

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