Vaccine, Asthma, Massachusetts Dr. McDonald: Best way to prevent COVID-19 variants is to not let it replicate

He joins us every week, right here on 12 news now at 4, dr adam thanks, so much for being with us. Oh thanks for having me another happy thursday to you great to be here. It absolutely is, you know, as we have been reporting, massachusetts is now essentially allowing caregivers to get the shot at the same time as someone there they’re taking care of right now at these large state run vaccination sites. Can our supply chain in rhode island handle something like that yeah? I think that might happen a little bit later in our implementation. Right now the focus is really 75 and older and then soon they’re after 65 and older. You know keep in mind. We really want to minimize mortality and people, i think in the hospital, so we have to focus on those strategies. First, right now, in our first half an hour here at four today, we heard a little bit about fears of the vaccine. We actually heard that one in three americans in this survey say they definitely or probably will not get vaccinated and they have concerns about side effects and trusting the government what’s your take when you hear numbers about that when there is such a push to get this Out to people yeah, it’s, interesting, that’s, people being honest and honesty is always welcome, and one of the things i think people need to do is when you’re worried about things like this talk to your doctor about it and ask them what they’re doing i can tell You what your doctor’s doing your doctor is getting the vaccine, and i think this gets to, though just other issues like look we’ve been going through a population trauma this whole year has been a hard year for everybody.

You know the pandemic causes pain to all of us every single day we just have to say that’s that’s, something we live with, but we have to get back to what’s, real, which is that look it’s going to come to a close talk to people. You trust to respect and then make a decision to make sense for you. You know and i think, getting the vaccines decision that makes the most sense for everybody. Dr m we’ve been hearing a lot about these new variants a little bit earlier earlier. In the show we heard from dr ashish jaw, dr alexander scott today said, although the new variants have not yet been identified here in rhode island, they likely are already here and it’s only a matter of time before they become the predominant strain. So what should folks know about these new variants and what might life look like if they do become the predominant strain yeah kim it’s? Funny you remind me when paul revere did the midnight ride. He was walking around. Look look one of my land two. If by sea the british are coming, the british are coming right, so don’t expect dr mcdonald be riding a horse through providence, saying the variant is coming, the variant is coming, but guess what the variant is coming. We know it’s going to be here, so what people need to do is look at. How do you prevent yourself from getting the variant, and just you know, one thing: that’s really true about every virus.

A lot of viruses mutate best way to stop a virus from mutating don’t. Let it replicate so don’t get the illness right. So i got options for you. Right, cloth, masks, they’re, okay, look! My neighbor gave me a dr fauci mask right, but in the news we’re talking about double masking what is double masking you take a medical procedure. Mask put it behind your cloth mask you, don’t have to have a dr voucher mask. I just happen to have one here: put them together, put them both on your face and it works great, but if you don’t want a double mask, you want to get another type of mask another approach, which i think is a really good approach. This is what i do is i use high quality mass, so i have here kn 94s or kn 95s. The kn90. The kf94 comes from korea, the k95 comes from china, but they they really put a nice seal. You can feel the seal on your skin and it provides you great protection, and so you know i get these from major online retailers. I think already as i’m talking about here, they’re very affordable and these work. Great and they’re comfortable mine lasts me weeks, and i think this is something people they look at it’s like upgrade your mask, because we need to go about town and do our lives yeah. Dr emma, i wanted to ask you specifically about double, masking or wearing a sturdier mask like the kn 95.

Is the goal here still to protect others, because that was the message that we got when we were first told to put on a face, mask you’re, doing it to protect other people, or is the goal now really to protect ourselves? Yes, it’s about protecting ourselves at this point. This is part of why i wear one of these high quality masks from mountain public. I definitely don’t want anybody to have a problem for me, so i really care about others, but guess what, if i’m out in town, i want to protect myself as well. So these things offer really good protection. Keep in mind, although these aren’t medical grade they’re really similar to what we use in the hospital. These are great protection devices and it really allows you to have a lot more comfort, especially if you have someone in your home who’s got covered either double mask or use a high quality mask. Do some things that make sense of ford use and protection. So if someone’s got covet in your home, having everybody double mask or wear high quality mask really affords great protection for everybody. Dr mcdonald, as always, we appreciate your time at four o’clock thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you.

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