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I said it, how you doing mike hey what’s, going on we’re just doing a show we’re at the end of it, and you cl. Curiously, you claim to be an atheist with proof of a creator. So i had to save that for last it’s, not it’s, not it’s, not proof of a creator, sorry to interrupt it’s, not proof of a creator, it’s a assumption, but it’s a pretty good assumption. No sir, it literally says right here from the call screener that you said you had proof of a creator’s existence. I don’t do this show so that people can call in and tell me their assumptions. Well, it’s. Do you assume every group of three contains three units? No that’s not an assumption. By definition, every group of three contains three units: that’s, not an assumption, and every every creation has a creator or do things respond out of thin air um? Everything that is created has a creator, but you don’t get to look at the universe and call it a creation until you demonstrate that it has a creator, it exists. Therefore it has a creator or it would not be. No. No sir, there are no creators. There would be no creation, no i’m. Sorry, you don’t get to call it a creation in order to try to prove that it’s, a creator that’s a circular argument. You have to show that the universe is created, not just assert it. It’S exist. Therefore it is created.

Do you know, do you not live? Are you not alive? I am alive, but i have no evidence that i was created by an intentional being i’m, the process of natural things that exist in the universe. If there was no, if there was no creator, nothing would exist. There would be nothing prove it prove it you, you are still just appreciation, hang on i’m talking now. Yes, but i don’t live in a creation. I live in a universe that people like to call a creation: it’s, not a creation; it’s, not it’s, not a creation. Until you demonstrate that it came from a creator, i don’t have to know where it came from. Nobody does you’re claiming that it must happen. Where did you come? I i came from creators. Are you going to keep interrupting me or you’re going to? Let me finish: you keep claiming that the universe is a creation i’m. Just saying you need to demonstrate that and not just assume it. It exists. Therefore, it is a creation or it would not be sorry, but you don’t understand what the word creation means and that something exists. Creation means to bring something into existence, go look right, but the fact that creation brings something into existence does not mean that everything that exists was created. That is a fallacy, then show me something that wasn’t created that exist. I don’t i don’t have to do that. I just pointed out that your argument was fallacious.

You have to go find a non fallacious argument. Show me something that exists. That wasn’t created show me a god. I can’t, i don’t believe in god, i believe in a creator. Okay off, i i apologize for wasting everybody’s time and josh’s time for the it exists. That means it was created and i don’t believe in a god. I just believe in a creator matt. That was a completely new argument. That i’d never heard yeah ever before. I’Ve. Never heard it a thousand times on 500 shows and if you don’t know what happened before the big bang, then god yeah so checkmate atheists. You can’t show me something that came into existence without a creator. Hey, you know what i pooped. I didn’t create the poop. My body through natural processes, converted food into into poop, but i didn’t create poop. I also didn’t create the food that i eat. The natural processes did that in the same way that you know like when a when a plant begins to grow from a seed uh. All of that’s natural processes and then i cultivate that plant and i trim that plant and i stub that plant in my mouth and then it becomes food and then the food decays and becomes fertilizer for the plant in a great cycle.

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