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The race is now on to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible, which is why, in massachusetts, they started doing this. Starting today in massachusetts, vaccine eligibility begins for friends and family members to accompany a person who is 75 years of age or older to their vaccine appointment. Only one companion per person is allowed to sign up for this vaccine appointment at a mass vaccination site, regardless of their age or health, hell yeah massachusetts. Oh, this is just like the club, but the exact opposite. The shots are free and if you have your grandma with you, you get in right away. But, yes, anyone can get a vaccine in massachusetts as long as they roll up with someone 75 or over, and you know what this means right. It means everyone is going to want to make friends with old people in massachusetts now, in fact, they should just make this the next season of the bachelorette, who will get gladys’s syringe stay tuned to find out, and this could also make for some awkward situations, because This is when the grandkids find out, which one is the favorite or that grandma has been having an affair with the pool boy all along. I love you all equally, but javier has abs of steel and look. I know there’s going to be a run on octogenarians. Now but if you ask me, we shouldn’t need any more incentives to hang out with old people.

Guys old people are the best they’re full of wisdom. They usually have free candy in their pockets and they have lots of practical advice about defeating nazis, which is super useful. These days, but america isn’t, the only country taking creative measures to combat coronavirus, they’re, also making big changes in france, aka horny belgium, where office culture may never be the same. Employees in france will soon be allowed to eat at their desks at work. Currently, the french labor code actually prohibits businesses from allowing employees to eat meals in areas that are dedicated to work, but the labor minister will be making the changes as part of new coveted restrictions as employees return to the office. Now it could signal a change for a country with a very strong work life balance with one french woman telling the new york times. The amendment is quote a catastrophe. I agree. This is a catastrophe for french culture. First, they start eating at their desks and what’s. Next working at their desks, but this is kind of wild. Apparently, up until now, it had been illegal in france to eat lunch at your desk because they think if it’s allowed workers are going to be pressured to do it. Instead of taking a lunch break, not to mention it’s really hard to get fresh ground, pepper out of a keyboard and i’m not going to lie, i was really surprised to learn about this rule. I mean i would have thought that if anyone ate while they were working, it would be the french i mean their main pastry doubles as a phone hello margaret.

I need those documents on my desk by the end of the day: okay, magifiq and finally, a story about some people in the caribbean who were quarantining a little too well. This morning, three cuban nationals are recovering after being stranded on a remote deserted island. For five weeks, the married couple and another man were found on anguilla key, a small island between key west and the bahamas. We actually discovered them waving next to their a temporary shelter that they had built for themselves. Pictures show the shelter the three had made with little food and water. They reportedly survived off rats and conch shells, good lord people, that sounds absolutely traumatic to be on a beach and not be able to instagram it. That is a punishment i wish on nobody, but yeah that’s right, a married couple and another man was stranded on an island for 33 days and the person i feel worst for is the other man, because not only are you the third wheel, but once that rat Supply dries up, you know you’re the first thing on the menu. Why you guys? Why are you guys looking at me like that? Do you guys want to have like a threesome? I mean something like that, but for real, actually being stranded on a tropical island seems way less fun than they made. It seem on gilligan’s island.

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