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You know whole hundreds of people stood in line. Some people got emails, saying they could get the shot early. People of all ages ended up getting doses. What are you doing to fix this? First of all, we have policies in place with respect to dosing and eligibility standards, and we expect those to be adhered to and, and we don’t believe, um that there should be sort of a cattle call. At the end of the day, people need to manage their dosing and manage their their vaccine, and we expect all the sites to do that going forward. Nobody wants to waste sight, waste doses let’s face it, nobody does, but at the same time, people got to manage the dosing that they’ve got to the appointments that they have, and the most important message i would put out today to everybody is: if you have an Appointment, do everything you possibly can to keep it and if you can’t, keep it try to make sure that whoever the provider is that that appointment is scheduled. With knows that you’re not going to be there so that they can act accordingly. Based on that, and if you don’t have an appointment, you’re not going to get a vaccine because that’s the way the process is set up and that’s the way it’s going to work. That didn’t happen yesterday, governor just a quick follow up that didn’t happen yesterday, and i just wonder if you think curative should be continuing to run these sites.

Well, curative operates thousands of sites all over the united states quite successfully and is one of several providers we’re using here in the commonwealth and and we expect our providers to operate on the terms and the rules that we put in place and the most important one. I want people to get today is if you don’t have an appointment. You won’t get a vaccine now several times over the course of the past few weeks, and i understand this because you know we have a limited amount of supply coming from the federal government and a lot of anxiety from people about wanting to get vaccinated. And i completely understand that, but it’s important for people to understand that if you don’t have an appointment, if you don’t have a scheduled appointment, there won’t be a vaccine for you and there have been rumors at a number of these sites over the course and not Just on the on the mass back sides, there have been rumors that have spread to some of the provider organizations as well. I understand why people are anxious, but what everybody needs to understand here is there will be appointments, we’re growing, our capacity. If we get more from the feds, which we anticipate and hope that we will at some point in the not too distant future, more people will get vaccinated as well. But the big issue is, you need to have an appointment to get vaccinated governor. Do you think there needs to be a unified system? So if you, if we do, have the dose we keep hearing the stories about you know some has a volunteer we’ll get it or should there be a unified system so that we don’t have these big uh corrals at places where the work gets up like i Said the word, the only word that should get out is you have an appointment.

The this other stuff is completely inconsistent with with our policies, and the most important thing people need to understand is you should have an appointment Music? Can you explain how um extra doses are utilized at the mass sites in a place like well these sites for the most part organize around appointments and they are very judicious about how much they bring out and how they use it, and you know we’ve been lucky Relatively speaking, to have a an unused rate at this point, which is not just doses that get opened and don’t get used in some cases you can’t use them at all. There’S chemistry involved in this mixing this stuff up. But at this point we’re talking about an unused rate of 0.13 percent, which you know my view, any dose you lose is a problem but that’s a pretty small number in the grand scheme of things. Why not have an official waiting list or call back system in place to avoid what was referred to as a cattle? For exactly that reason, if you have any any anything that heads down that road is eventually going to lead to people starting to make assumptions about opportunity, and what i want people to understand is: if you have an appointment, you’ll get a vaccine. I don’t want people who have appointments to worry that they might not, because that is absolutely one of the things that’s driven some of this activity. That’S taken place at a number of these provider sites over the course of the past few weeks.

People start to get this sense that, oh you know they hear from somebody somewhere that they’re running out of vaccine and i’m not going to get my dose. Even though i have an appointment. If you have an appointment, there is a vaccine there for you and that’s really the way we want people to understand that this process works, because that is the way it works. A lot of the rest of this honestly is is rumor and the and the and the difficulty associated with rumor. When people are anxious to get a vaccine um is it will. You know people will based on a rumor, get in a car and drive to a site or they’ll show up 90 minutes, which has happened in a number of these locations on provider sites, as well as mass back sites. They’Ll show up 90 minutes before their before their appointment, because they’re nervous because they heard from somebody that they may not get their vaccine when they get there. If you have an appointment, there’s a vaccine that’s going to be there for you. How are you dealing with the fact that there are so many people who want to get the vaccine that’s what happened yesterday? But then there are communities that are not willing to get back to you, they’re, very afraid, black and brown communities who don’t want to get it. You know that’s an issue, so there are uh. I do think that there are people who um, who are what i would describe as wait and see people okay and i’m – totally appreciative of that particular point of view.

Um the you know, most of the time when somebody brings out almost anything that’s new. There are fast move they’re, you know, sort of first movers, fast followers and then there’s. What i would call the wait and see community, and both mike and manny, talked about the fact that many of the folks in black and brown communities have very legitimate reasons for being in a wait and see space and one of the things we’ve been talking to The community health centers about is collaborating on a pretty significant campaign and when i talk campaign, we have a. We have a two and a half million dollar media campaign – i’m, talking more about sort of community based campaigns; Music in collaboration with them to help them do the work that we believe needs to be done to build some um some optimism and some support uh for Getting vaccinated in some of the hardest hit communities and – and one of the reasons i mentioned in my remarks – that just because you had covet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get. The vaccine is because some of the communities that have been hardest hit. We have anecdotal information that people say well, you know i got the velvet, so i don’t need to get a vaccine and um. This is this is just not true and we’ve. Had um we’ve had a number of conversations with people. Um who’ve said to us that they are hearing from their patients they’re hearing from their staff they’re hearing from their residents they’re hearing from others who are saying well, i had i had covered, so i don’t need to get a vaccine i’m, i’m, i’m protected, and the Answer to that is uh.

You really should get vaccinated because, as covid morphs into different variants, all those variants so far based on the testing that’s been done on the vaccines indicates that they are effective and that’s, not necessarily going to be true. If you just had coveted yourself, so i would urge everybody to get vaccinated. Did i ask you one more thing about danvers part of the problem was, i guess there were about 300 extra doses which you don’t want thrown away. You can’t re, freeze them um and then people giving shots we’re telling them hey. You know if you’ve got a friend tell them to calm, because we don’t want to throw this stuff away, which is understandable. Are you saying that the end of the day vaccine should only go to people who are eligible phase 1 or 75 plus i’m, saying that the more people talk about vaccinating people who don’t have appointments the more likely it is that people who do have appointments will Get concerned about whether their vaccine will be there for them and that’s. Why the message that we’ve, given to everybody on the provider side, is you should vaccinate? You should be judicious about how much you need what you anticipate and all the rest over the course of a day. But in the end you should be vaccinating the people who have appointments so that the people who have appointments don’t end up, seeing something on their phone or in their email or a text message or something else in social media.

That says, oh my, i might not get my vaccine, even though i have an appointment. The game here is, if you have an appointment, you’re going to get a vaccine, but at the end of the day secretary sutter’s had told us on the conference. Call it is kind of a gray area. You don’t really have an official policy. You want. The vaccine used, can you clear that up at all, or is it just sort of a discretion of each site? My view is really simple: you should vaccinate the people who have appointments and you should be. You know smart enough about how you use the vaccine that you’ve got to make sure that, at the end of the day, you have the vaccine, you need for those people now. Manny told me a story about the fact that they had a situation where they had two doses. They had one dose left. Two people scheduled to come so they called one of the people and said: would you be willing to come in tomorrow morning and they said yes, so are you talking about? This we’ve talked to all the providers about this most recently after last night because it was really chaotic. Yes, we have last question and i i just had a question about what governor cuomo was doing with sporting events. Do you anticipate allowing any fans into say, fenway park for opening day well, fenway park and opening day is kind of far from now what’s in april? I don’t know about you, but every day to me feels kind of like a month i mean i was.

I thought i was 27 when this all began and then i’m 64, and it just happened like that um, i think um. I look. I i am very heartened by the drop we’ve seen in in both new cases in positivity positivity that i announced today is below two percent um i mean these numbers are starting to get back to what they look, like i shouldn’t say any more than that i’m. Just gon na stop um but um, but we in many other states are making a lot of progress on uh on our coveted numbers, which is incredibly important for sort of every aspect of life in our communities. And we are getting to the point where we have more capacity than we have supply uh on the vaccine piece. So for me the big question is: when are we to? When? Are we going to see the big move um on on federal distribution, because because we’re now to the point where we we really do have more capacity than we have supply? Let me just let me just finish and and if and if there’s some positive development, there will make a big difference with respect to how we make decisions about all kinds of things, including that you could change your mind depending on the federal distribution situation. Well, for me, the big issue is going to be. Where are we going to be in on opening day? You know: where are we going to be in march um the one of the main questions most of the governors ask on a lot of these calls, with with the people in d.

c, is we’re building this capacity. This capacity is designed to do a lot more dosing based on presumptions that at some point there would be more supply and – and i think, that’s going to be important part for all of us in terms of how we think about where we are 30 days. 60 days from now, thank you, adam’s, the arlington mother, who created that go to makeover. Vaccines.Com said she met with people from the command center. Yesterday and indicated, the state is looking to make a website similar to the ones she rolled out. Can you give us any more details on that? Please um we’ve made a bunch of changes to the website over the course the past 10 days. The call center continues to provide pretty solid service to people who can’t use the website, who are over the age of 75, and we plan to make some adjustments to the website based on input we’ve gotten from a lot of different places, including from olivia. Would you use the companion program for a place like this? Would it help at all in these communities these guys, first of all, somebody just granted them a million bucks to help get people to and from their sites um, but these places already have relationships. In many cases with trusted partners around transportation and that type of thing manny pointed out to me when we were talking that the pace program which he and i love, which basically serves very frail elders who are part of this community, is literally you can see it Out the window – and i think in many ways, these kinds of places uh are are close, familiar and local.

The ones we’re most concerned about are people who um who don’t want to go to a big place, even though, in many respects, those big places can vaccinate a lot of people in a very quick period of time under secretary well, um that’s, a really important job And secretary theory needs to figure out what to do with that and um and we’ve done a lot of great work on climate over the course of the past six years here, and we hope to anticipate we’ll, be able to do a lot more going. Music just made an forward at the impeachment hearings a couple minutes ago. They played a clip of you to a national audience um talking about president trump yeah. Then he reacts to that. Just the fact that i don’t know if you i don’t, know anything about that. At all john, i really don’t i mean i wish i could help. I don’t i didn’t see it. I didn’t know about it. Thanks.

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