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Here we go so we are americans. We had the opportunity to live in the uk and we were recently reflecting on our time in the uk things that we really loved and things that we really missed now and we wanted to share some of those with you, Music. We loved having the opportunity to travel the uk and whenever you do travel in the uk, you run into so many different accents. We loved just being able to travel small distances, maybe only an hour or two and getting to hear all those beautiful, different accents. One thing that we do love about the uk is no matter where you go. You can speak english and get around and understand people. Other people speak english. You speak english, they’re, it’s, really really nice it’s easy to get around for americans in the uk. A cool thing about the uk, though, is each country has its own individual languages as well. So, while english is spoken widely in the uk, you can also run into other languages like gaelic or gaelic. If you’re in wales, you can see welsh on the signs and people speak it or in england, you can hear cornish there’s this whole wide variety of other languages that are also spoken. If you’ve watched any of our other videos, you know that one of the things that we appreciate the most about the uk is the people and something that we’ve been reflecting on is just how nice all of the people we met in the uk work, something we Notice about people in the uk is they’re so regularly working in their garden, it’s kind of a something that’s fallen away in the in the united states, but in the uk we noticed a lot of people are still working in their garden.

So when you go visit them in their houses, they tend to have fresh fruits and vegetables um, for you know in dinner, things like that, and we really appreciated that. One of my personal favorite things about the uk is all of the clever colloquialisms. You all say a lot of really cute things and i’ve never heard as many creative insults as when i lived in the uk. Oh not toward me. Whenever i had the opportunity to text or message someone in the uk, i always felt super special when they would end their message with xx or xo just adds a little extra love. I really appreciated that all of the streets had pavement or sidewalks because you get to walk so many places in the uk and you walk into the center of town it’s just so convenient to feel safe and protected on the sidewalks pavement, something that we loved and Something you notice the instant you get to the uk, even as you’re flying over it is the countryside is so gorgeous it’s, green everywhere you go and as you’re visiting different areas in the uk, you notice that it gets greener and greener. It’S, like how is this place greener than the last place, we were just at whether it’s, whether you’re in the spring or the winter or the summer, it’s just green, all the time and it’s so beautiful and the countryside is it’s, just gorgeous it’s, something to be Seen i am not the most gifted person when it comes to directions or complex maps or diagrams.

The public transport system in the uk is amazing and easy to use something else. We really appreciated about our time in the uk was the mild climate we really loved. How you don’t really have super high highs or super low lows, or if they do get pretty high for a minute it’s like ah well, it was only hot for a couple days and then it gets nice and temperate again. You have a beautiful beautiful climate there and we absolutely loved the weather while we were in the uk. Something else we appreciate about the uk is no matter where you are. You are close to the ocean, at least by comparison to the united states, where we live now in the united states, we are at least eight or 12 hours away from the getting to the ocean, depending on which direction we drive in the uk, you’re always about 60 miles from the ocean, no matter where you are you’re at least that close and most places are even closer than that that’s, something we really appreciated. The free to roam. Rules in the uk are also really cool there’s. This thought that hey this land isn’t just your land, even though you own it and so there’s lots of paths and little windy. You know footpaths and things that go through people’s property and free to roam is really cool. They have different versions of it in each part of the uk, but we think that the rules in general and the laws surrounding that are such a cool idea.

We really appreciated them growing up. I moved all over the u.s and i spent a great deal of time in oklahoma and kansas and sort of those central states, otherwise known as tornado alley. I don’t love tornadoes. I don’t love huge cataclysmic events and thankfully the uk does not have a ton of tornadoes or earthquakes. Of course, we love the pubs, um they’re, all over the uk and there’s something unique about the community and the identity of the uk in regard with pubs as well it’s, not just about drinking it’s about the community as well. I have gained a huge appreciation since leaving the uk for small cars, they’re, so convenient so easy to use, and you can zip in and out and parallel park, so easily a couple traffic things we loved roundabouts and that seems a little silly from americans. They tend to complain about roundabouts, we tend to complain about roundabouts, but i think roundabouts are really cool, they’re, a different way of traveling through traffic, and it suggests an entirely different idea about how traffic runs in the uk versus the way we tend to run in The united states – let me know in the comments if you want to hear more about my thoughts about traffic patterns, i’ve got a video idea, maybe coming out. Let me know if that’d be interesting to you growing up. I read so many books about castles, princesses queens. You know other things from that time period and it was amazing getting to go and visit real life castles, even when you guys do have stop lights.

I actually prefer uk stop lights for this fact alone, when you’re sitting at a red light. The light goes from red to yellow to green to let you know that it’s about to go green in the united states. We go straight from red to green skipping over yellow or amber that light in the middle. We don’t do that on the way towards green, and i think it’s really helpful, for people sitting at a stoplight be able to know that hey you’re, about to ready to go the roads in the uk will take you on a journey and sometimes that journey makes You feel real sick and, like you need to vomit, but i do actually really like the windy roads. It makes you feel, like you’re, a part of the landscape. As i already stated, i am somewhat directionally challenged the first time i went to london. I went with my sister in law, and it was just me, my sister in law and the wonderful london app city mapper. This is not sponsored or anything. I just really like this thing. It was amazing. The real vip of that trip was city mapper. I got everywhere i needed to go so easy. I wish there was a city mapper for every single city, but there’s. Not yet one general thought we have about food is is just that in general, we notice the uk’s food tends to be less processed and less artificial than it is in the united states.

Part of that is a culture thing where you know you tend to value that more highly in the uk. We’Ve noticed, but also just the availability of it is better in the uk, and so we really appreciate that that’s one thing that we hope globalization doesn’t push towards everywhere else in the world is the american obsession with artificializing. All of our food is artificializing. A word. Y’All may remember this from some of our other videos, but when we traveled to scotland we got to eat haggis and it was amazing whenever you look up the ingredients you’re like oh, that sounds really gross it’s. A bunch of sheep guts so good. I crave it all the time and we cannot get it here really unfortunate, something we loved as soon as we got to the uk was the blackberries were in season and it was really cool to be able to walk around with our daughter and pick blackberries and Eat those later, we really appreciated that part of the uk, so much it’s such a beautiful part of the country. I have always loved breakfast food and living in the uk just brought my breakfast food eating habits up a notch. I love beans for breakfast. Now, of course, while we were in scotland, we had to pick up some iron brew. Well, i don’t recommend drinking iron brew every day or all the time. It is really beautiful and a great drink. It tastes, like i don’t, know, i’ll drop a link in the description about what it tastes like you guys.

Let me know in the comments. What do you think one of the traditions that we partook in while in the uk, and that we have brought back to the us is the tradition of a sunday roast it’s, so nice, so comforting and it’s become just a really relaxing sunday tradition when we were In wales, we really liked enjoying some of those foods as well. Welsh rabbit in particular, was really delicious. We had some with like mustard kind of a flavor going on and it was so good. It was amazing. I was not much of a tea drinker, pre uk now i am a tree tree drinker tea drinker y’all have changed me. I love my cup of tea now and i make it differently now than i did before being instructed, while in the uk, of course the uk is famous for cadbury chocolate, some of europe may stick their noses up at it, but we americans really appreciate it. Cadbury was delicious and different than hershey’s, more different than you might expect, or maybe not if you’ve had both you’ll know what i’m talking about. In particular, there was one candy bar. I really liked from cadbury pop rocks and like gummy candies, like all stuck together in the chocolate it was so good. I sometimes crave that bar of chocolate biscuits are unfortunately not as common in the us, and so i no longer have my customary like tea and biscuit. I really really miss that about the uk.

I have always liked curries they’re the bomb, but while in the uk i was introduced to some new flavors in the curries trying them in different places, and i really appreciate that, and it has given me a new appreciation and even like a growing love for curry And lastly, in food we enjoyed black pudding as well. Again, don’t necessarily spend too long looking the ingredients, but a really enjoyable taste. Nonetheless, this one is not only me. It is also my daughter, willow and it’s something she really misses. We love the sheep in the uk. It was so nice being able to drive almost anywhere out in the countryside, and you would see just wide open, green expanses and hills with little white smatterings of sheep. We miss that the history in the uk is amazing. No matter where you are in the uk, it’s just filled with history, things that go back buildings that are older than the united states and signs up that show history of everything – and i don’t know it’s just so cool. How no matter where you go in the uk you’re interacting with history, we really appreciated that i am an avid budgeter and in the states whenever i shop, i have to add in my head, like the tax to the item. If that makes sense in order to track what i have in my cart in the uk, i didn’t need to do that. It was awesome. It was already included in the price.

This may seem a little bit silly, but for an american, the uk is the perfect place to kind of jump off into other countries. We saw tickets for incredibly cheap to european countries. We actually picked up some tickets to germany for like 12 pound or something each round trip tickets. It was incredible, and so we had the opportunity to go for very, very cheap um to several other countries and we there were a lot of different ways to travel over. We went to the tunnel, we went across um in a boat to dunkirk. We to europe. I don’t know it’s really easy to travel from the uk into other countries and it works as a great stepping stone for americans who want a place to kind of move over and and see other parts of the world as well. This is just a special shout out to all of those highland cows you’re cute the little switches on outlets. We appreciate those they’re convenient for turning off lamps, easy or keeping your kids from sticking their fingers in there stuff, like that. The switches are really nice. We’Ve really missed bagpipes. In the midst of our travels throughout the uk, we had the opportunity to watch several folk dances um, probably my favorite, i don’t know the name, but maybe it’ll be inserted somewhere. Here is one where they dance around with bells on their footwear and they smack sticks together. Love that we actually appreciate the way that the uk has not quite figured out if they’re in the standard system or the metric system.

Yet it’s, like hey talk about some lumber, real, quick and it’s, like oh i’ll, grab three meters of two by fours and you’re like hold on. What are you talking about right now? Two by fours is a standard measurement, uh, okay, and it feels like you guys. Just don’t quite have to figure out which one are you doing standard or metric. You guys should figure that bit out. I also really appreciate that standard is not the same standard as the us standard um. There are slight differences in things like um, like when you’re measuring in the kitchen and stuff, so it’s like a math equation, trying to figure out how do i make my mom’s cupcake recipe or whatever, because um yeah, because everything was just a little bit different. So i really appreciate that it may seem silly, but i actually love that it’s funny to me. As some of you know, i recently had a baby and we had the baby in the uk. If i had been working in the states, i would have gotten most likely six weeks of maternity leave, post baby, maybe up to four months six months, would be extremely generous. I really really appreciate that in the uk, y’all get more holiday time and more maternity leave and paternity leave and, of course, last, but certainly not least, the nhs. Thank you guys so much for watching. This has been our video of things we love about the uk.

Please feel free to leave some comments listing your favorite things about the uk, because there are a lot of them and i’m sure we miss them. We’Re not posting as regularly as we used to, but probably our next video will be some of the culture shock things for us about.

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