Earthquake, Oklahoma, Kansas This is going to be REALLY BIG! Power Outages could span for OVER 1300 miles in MULTIPLE States!

It will be in full swing. Come early monday, beginning sunday, night there’ll be another ice storm like we’ve already seen, but even larger, and it can last for over 24 hours in some locations we just saw an ice storm that left a trail of power, outages and a lot of chaotic situations. Like you see here in the dallas fort worth area, where there was a hundred car pileup due to a thick sheet of ice on, i 35, that is near dallas fort worth. This is going to occur again, not only in texas, but it’s, going to extend even farther. Some areas could see 24 hours of non. Stop freezing rain it’s going to look like this video here that was shared with me by william out of moorhead kentucky where there were multiple power outages from the first ice storm that went through the area on february. The 9th william is driving through the woods, and you can see the ice that’s accumulated on these branches right here, causing them to sag and in some cases, breaking off and falling. All the way to the ground has the same impact on power lines even worse, because the power lines are heavier, they can hold more ice and when they sag and break it, creates a major power outage event. I was in one back in the middle 70s. I was just a little kid, but i can remember the landscape looking very similar to this. The trees sagging down to the ground, like you see right here in williams, video again kentucky had thousands tens of thousands without electricity from this ice storm back on the 9th.

Well, it’s going to happen again and it could be even bigger, we’re going to come back and take a closer look at the details around that storm here in just a moment also got a brand new picture. Slideshow new sky phenomenon photo sent in from all around the world, but first here at the website, checking out the schumann resonance. For the most part, pretty quiet do have an absence of data right there for about five hours could be something as simple as a mechanical glitch hopping over to the yellowstone super volcano caldera. Looking at the seismographs that monitor the mighty super volcano once again seeing a blow of energy across the northern tier of the super volcano caldera even have some earthquake activity respectable earthquake activity at the hebgen lake seismograph. Those vertical lines are earthquake signatures that one lasted for about 15 minutes. That was a fairly long duration earthquake and it was isolated to the hebgen lake area right there. It is see it that lasted for the better part of almost 12 minutes right. There don’t know what’s going on, but don’t see earthquake signatures like that very often over here at the caldera, but most of the the seismographs are pretty quiet on the global scene. They too are, for the most part, quiet a little bit of earthquake activity here and there, but once again, fox creek wyoming got some sort of acrobatics quotation marks going on at the fox creek wyoming seismograph, also black ranch, wyoming dillon montana, and over at the slater Flat road, idaho, seismograph, even pearl lake they’re, very dark, see the signatures, how they’re, dark and and have a a small resonance on them.

That is similar to what a long duration earthquake looks like i’m, not saying that’s the case, but it does look like that’s what’s occurring at the seismograph locations. King mountain wyoming, showing the same thing very dark low resonance hour after hour after hour across the seismograph don’t, know what’s going on we’re simply just monitoring the seismographs day by day. Today’S moon phase is the one percent waxing crescent moon. We just came out of the new moon phase yesterday on february the 11th going back to the storm we’re over here at power outage dot us and you can see. Power outages still persist from the earlier ice storm that we saw 38 000 customers out in texas. We have 35 000 out in kentucky and some of those are in this area here, moorhead kentucky due to this very heavy coating of ice and there’s more on the way, this stuff isn’t going to melt anytime soon hopping over to west virginia 27, 000 customers that’s Right now, as i do this video, the thing of it is there’s more ice on the way we’re here at, the different colors you see on this map represent different types of precipitation. The white is obviously snow. The purple you see right here that is freezing rain. You can see freezing rain up in the portland area right now. In fact, they’ve got a mixed bag and could see in some areas multiple feet of snow up in the pacific northwest, especially in the cascades that storm is moving in right now, we’ve got a storm brewing here in the central plains.

It’S going to extend. Let me show you real quick 1300 miles, we’re here at google earth i’m, going to measure from southern louisiana all the way up into the actually 1400 miles. If you extend all the way up into new hampshire, at least southern new hampshire, this thing could potentially extend 1400 miles and i’m going to show you the storm as it’s starting to gain momentum. Here at, the blue is rain. The purple again is freezing rain. You can see, starting tomorrow at 7 a.m: heavy freezing rain in the washington dc area, west, texas and again in central kentucky that’s saturday morning, still persisting in the washington d.c area by saturday evening, you’re looking at 12 hours, continuous hours of freezing rain in the washington Dc area that’s on saturday now we’re moving into sunday watch what happens on sunday night pay attention to the purple. The white is snow, we’ve dealt with snow snow is manageable, but the freezing rain is a entirely different situation. I mean just like driving on a hockey rink you, you really shouldn’t drive on freezing rain if you don’t have to, but i want you to pay attention to central tennessee, see the purple going through central tennessee, especially the nashville area that started on sunday night. According to this map, if it verifies central tennessee could receive 24 hours of non. Stop freezing rain check this out. If this map verifies it’s going to start right in this area here around monday sunday night, around 10 p.

m, purple central tennessee. In fact, it extends through northwestern mississippi, northern louisiana, eastern texas, central texas, all the way down into southwestern texas. This thing is going to extend, and this is a line of freezing rain, all the way up into the new york new hampshire area over the next 24. To 36 hours, beginning on monday, see the ice continuing in central tennessee, where monday at 2 p.m, still got freezing rain in the same location. This is nearly 24 hours of non stop freezing rain in parts of mississippi parts of louisiana, central tennessee, kentucky again in the central kentucky area, eastern kentucky area, west virginia area. The same places right now that are dealing with power outages from a major ice storm are going to see it happen all over again sunday and monday. Look at the storm system expanding from and i’m talking, just the freezing rain from louisiana all the way up into the new york area. Look at that unbelievable! That is a major superstorm that is only getting started by tuesday. The the freezing rain is going to be all the way up into new hampshire, extending back into pennsylvania. The entire mid atlantic is going to see some form of precipitation, whether it be snow, freezing, rain or rain, depending on the line of freezing rain. If you’re south of the freezing rain, you can see just simple rain in between the snow and rain is a line of freezing rain that extends nearly 1300 miles and that could create millions of power.

Outages wednesday. Look what happens in central texas check this out. More freezing rain again overnight on wednesday night in the houston area, central texas, look at that and that’s, not just a small storm that is heavy freezing rain once again in central texas snow in the northern part of texas that’s on wednesday, and that too, moves through Louisiana mississippi, tennessee the same exact area. This is unprecedented. We could have three major ice storms move through the central u.s in less than a week. I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything quite like that that’s. If this verifies that’s, what the models are showing us right now, so, if you’re in texas, louisiana, arkansas tennessee kentucky west virginia parts of virginia pennsylvania, new york up into connecticut new hampshire massachusetts, you guys could all see heavy freezing rain this coming week, it’ll start on Sunday and continue all the way into tuesday, so this is a major super storm that is starting to get its act together right now and it’s going to precipitate over the the central plains into the mid atlantic most of the week in some form, whether it be Snow freezing rain or just plain old rain, but be ready guys, because this is going to create a plethora of power, outages spanning well. Over 1 000 miles now, i’ve got a brand new picture. Slideshow new sky phenomenon photos sent in from all around the world derek l out of longmont colorado notice.

This very colorful shelf cloud, slash almost looks like a flat roll cloud in the sky above longmont colorado, ethan, t out of south haven, mississippi, very colorful sky above south haven. Next photo here was sent in by fosse out of germany. This is from a mountaintop cloud. Cam and it picked up some spectacular fiery, orange clouds in the sky above germany speaking of fiery, look at these fiery reddish purple clouds noticed by hennig k, as he was driving through oklahoma in his big rig, doug and jess noticed what looks like the outline of A hole, punch cloud look at that very large one, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of three to four miles wide here’s, some more hole, punch clouds, i’d left a comment and told somebody. I kept getting more hole, punch clouds from texas and here’s an example of one of the photos that i received this one’s by dana out of fredericksburg texas. Two in a row there’s been like an outbreak of hole, punch clouds above texas here’s, yet another one. Fabian s out of karns city texas, yet another hole, punch cloud i’ve been getting a lot in the email here recently out of texas hole, punch clouds, tania out of hay river canada. The recent stream of high speed solar wind once again sparked auroras in the northern latitudes. These photos were sent in by tanya from hay river canada and they are absolutely spectacular, keep them coming. I think it’s going to be quiet for the next few days, at least with regard to northern lights, but the next time we have a stream of high speed solar wind in route i’ll.

Let you guys know and get your cameras ready if you’re in the northern latitudes, hopefully we’ll see some more incredible. Photos like we’ve got right here from tonya out of hay river canada. Good job guys keep the photos coming. If you have any photos, you’d like to share, you, can send those to reports at of the photos end up here at the sky. Phenomena photo gallery at the website and sometimes i’ll use them in a video slideshow.

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