The wait is over let’s find out Music, my woman, Music, Music, wow, Music, she’s Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause; Music is Music, wow, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, and there it is oh, my god, i’ve heard it. Finally, you should be dancing it’s, the sofa session it’s, the foo fighters, like you’ve, never heard them before and dave grohl is here right now, oh my god that’s amazing. I had no idea what to expect. I was like what is it how’s it gon na? Be you can hear how much fun you are all having well okay, so you know we’ve been going down to our studio every day and filming things and recording things, and this one day we had our list of things we were supposed to do and it said Record a cover song for joe, and while we were having this conversation, somebody said: hey. Have you seen that bg’s documentary and i was like the last person on earth the only person that hadn’t, so i so i was just like why don’t we just do a bg song and someone’s like okay. How do you want to do it and i said well let’s: do it like the bee gees, and so we listened, so we thought which song i said you should be dancing, and so we started recording the instrumental track and then i thought: okay, i’m, going to Go out and sing it, and let me tell you, i have never ever in my life sung like that, but it was the easiest song i have ever sung in my entire life because i didn’t realize that, like, like my voice, can like you chubby dancing like I’Ve never done that before Music, like i’ve, never really done that.

If so i sang the song and like it was like six minutes, and i was done like oh my god. I should have been singing like this for the last 25 years, but you are gon na be for the next 25 years you’re going to have to do that at every show that you ever do well. Listen just so. You know we have a plan there’s a plan but you’re not going to tell me i’m just telling you that there is a plan i’m, not telling you what plan the bg’s cover version, album that’s a great idea, that’s a really good. Do you know how much i love the bee dudes? I i honestly. If people ask me my favorite bands, then it’s bg’s new orders, always in there as well, but bgs are always top of the list and saturday night fever is one of my all time. Favorite albums so i’m very happy that you did that for me. I will have you know that my cousins live in miami, and so when we went to go visit them in 1979, at the height of the beat at the like bg’s disco craze, they lived pretty close to where the bg’s lived, and so that that bridge in Miami that they referenced where they got the the beat to stay in alive by driving over the bridge right like we would drive back and forth over it. This is 1979 just so we could like drive this same place.

The beaches did, while we were visiting my cousins, their dog had puppies and we wound up taking one of the puppies home and we had this dog for 16 years and we named it bg. So my dog growing up was named bg like who’s. Not a bg’s fan come on. Have you met, barry i’ve never met barry now, but i know i mean the funny thing, the guy that writes uh the documentaries that i do. Sonic highways sound city, the new one. What drives us his name’s mark monroe? He wrote that bg’s documentary and the engineer who worked on the new foo fighters record actually worked on uh barry, gibbs new record. So, like it’s, you know we’re in the same universe, but we’ve never met it’s a beautiful thing. I can’t wait to get his uh yeah his reaction when he gets to hear that he’s. I interviewed him when he played. He played the glastonbury. He was amazing, he’s such a nice. Remember that his security guard started dancing. It was amazing, exactly we’re enjoying so session from the band and dave is on the line right now um. How are you, how are the rest of the band everyone’s, good man? I think everybody’s kind of gotten used to the way things are now so the masks and the testing and the distancing i’m like everyone’s kind of used to it now, but the best you know the best thing for for me personally is um is to just be With the guys, like every day, because we have been for 25 years, so it feels that it brings a sense of normalcy, which is which is much needed.

You must just be so happy that the record’s out there and it’s getting good reviews, though, and good reactions. It must be such a nice feeling, it’s, not bad. I mean it’s it’s funny, because you know you sort of like set these little achievements like okay. I want to do this and then you work towards it. You do it and the minute you’re finished you’re like okay. I want to move on to the next one, so i’m, already like i’m, so excited that the albums come out but, like i am literally already starting to think about what we’re going to do. Next, on to the next one, on to the next one, we’ve got some burning questions to ask you what’s your greatest fear. Oh gosh, my greatest fear is probably i don’t know i don’t have too many, i think, um being stuck in an elevator. There was like, i have always i’m, not i’m, not a claustrophobic type, but for whatever reason, there’s something about being stuck in an elevator, and once there was once in new zealand, where i did get stuck in an elevator and we were staying at this hotel. I was on like the 40th floor and i had packed all my bags and i was rolling them into the elevator um the label. The record company had given me this bottle of wine that would have like a foo fighters label on it or something like that and i got out of the elevator.

I hit the down button. The elevator went down about three floors and just stopped and i’m like geez, so i i keep hitting lobby lobby lobby and nothing’s happening. Then i’m hitting door open door, open door, nothing’s happening i’m flipping out, so i hit the little telephone button. The call button and they’re like front desk – and i said: hey uh i’m, stuck in your elevator on like the 38th floor and they’re like oh we’re, so sorry we’ll have someone up there right away and i immediately started to panic – and i looked at this bottle Of wine it had a screw top on it, and i ripped this bottle. It was 11 o’clock. In the morning i ripped this bottle of wine open and just like down half the bottle and as i’m guzzling the wine the elevator starts moving. You have a story for absolutely everything: everything i’d ever throw at you um. What do you, okay character, trait that you really dislike in other people? Oh god, i don’t mind audible, chewing, character, trait jeez, i mean it’s, something that i’m of course guilty of myself. It’S. Just being too earnest and ingratiating like those are two things that i’m, just like oh come on, like let it go like you know, call it and then i realized, like oh that’s, me what’s your biggest extravagance. Well, for a while there it was private planes. How long did that last for it’s still going let’s just say every now, and then i mean come on like you got to get from point a to point b and you know you got to get there fast.

You got to do it like that. I would say probably private place like it goes from that to, like you know, a really nice barbecue. So it’s, not you, know i’m, not like throwing like high top shoes and jewelry and stuff around and like fashion, like i don’t do that, like i have a pickup truck. I have a toyota truck you’ve said it now. You’Ve said private planes you can’t get now. Try and convince everyone you’re, a regular guy. Oh no! No! I! I am the first to admit, like i love a nice g5 every now and then that’s just me. What do you most dislike about your appearance? Is there anything that you change god? How long is this show? I mean that’s a big list right there come on uh that i dislike about my appearance, yeah um, i don’t know uh. You know to be perfectly honest, i’ve kind of gotten to the point where i’m, just like just what you know like it’s, i have another story about that too. Go on. There was once where i played a benefit concert where all of these, like um famous other people, were playing, and someone asked me if i would go backstage to take pictures with some of the other performers um, because people were coming in and paying extra money for The cause like giving more money to the benefit if they could get their picture taken with some of the artists, so i thought it was going to be all of like all of the legendary artists that were playing.

I walked backstage and there’s only two of them in this room. One of them uh had like the appearance of like a bright shiny car. It was like new teeth and like spray tan and like and frosted the hair and maybe like plastic surgery and stuff. And then there was the other one was just like old and wiry gray, hair and like black stuff, in between the teeth and just like wrinkles and barrel. Chested and jeans pulled up to their tits and you know like just you know, and i looked at the two of them and i was like okay when i grow up. I want to be that guy, referring to the barrel chested one with his jeans it’s, a great luxury, growing older and just having some acceptance of yourself and the way you are. I think it just um yeah it’s much more attractive to be like that. I think than to try to be honest, it’s. I i consider that beauty just as much as you know, just as much as as a guitar that has been played for 50 years and has faded and cracked like, i feel the same about my face. Um bath or shower shower shower yeah, okay yeah. You have too much energy anyway, i can’t. Imagine you lying down in a bath for any time whatsoever, yeah like there’s, no there’s, no mr bubble with candles and stuff like that. That’S, not my vibe, okay. So during lockdown a lot of people have got into working out and kind of getting their body together or their mind.

So not you! No. Would you have you meditated? Do you do yoga? Do you work out? Do you do weights any of that stuff? How long have we known each other joe come on, like you really think i’m, that guy people change people do change, but not i i i i do not meditate. I do not do yoga. I do not go to the gym. I do not. I just don’t. I don’t know i’m, listen, i’m const, i’m in constant movement. Anyway, i kind of figure. I burn more calories than most people, just you know just being running from one end of the room to the next i don’t know, but i’m, probably wrong. I should probably do all of those things i have friends who often say like dave. Have you tried meditation and i’m like what is that? Does that mean? I have to turn my brain like i don’t, even get it so someday. Maybe that is never going to happen. Um and i mean you’re, obviously desperate – to get back on the road and everything is suspended at the moment the album’s just come out. What are you gon na be doing from from here on, in until you are able to get out on the road? I ask that question every day like i will call our manager john silva i’m, like okay. So then, what he’s like well, then we’re gon na do and i’m like, then what and then we’re gon na then i think everyone’s, just you know, kind of going day to day and every day we come up with new ideas of things to do um, but Ultimately, like i wan na move, you know i wan na i wan na get out and move around and actually take this from one place to the next, because that’s what we’ve been doing for 25 years but it’s just a matter of you know, when will it Be safe to do that who knows? Thank you so much.

The honestly. The cover was amazing. I can just imagine pat smear having the biggest grin on his face and also taylor as well. When you were playing that oh yeah, i mean listen after we recorded it. We listened to it ten thousand times because, because it’s i mean we, we sort of realized like that. We have broken the cardinal rule, which is never cover a song that’s better than one of your own, and we are now guilty of that. So but you had so much fun doing it so much fun i’m sure we’ll be doing it every night for the rest of our lives all right. Thank you. Take care bye, joe all right, take a look, bye, bye, thank you for tuning in and please hit that like button.

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