Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Keeping Up with the Kardashians Finally Speaks On Moving On From Kanye West

The fans are wondering what will happen to kim and kanye’s dream mansion in calabasas. How will they divide their 2.7 billion dollars worth of assets and, most importantly, who will get the custody of their four children north saint chicago and som, but what the fans are also curious to know is: will kim move on quickly once her divorce from kanye is Finalized it’s no secret that kim doesn’t like to stay single for too long. So how long will she wait? This time after page six broke the news about kim and kanye’s imminent divorce? On january 5th 2021, the tabloid media hasn’t, given us a single break from the constant kimye reports, we’ve heard every kind of crazy rumor over these past two months that kanye cheated on kim with makeup guru, jeffrey starr. That kim had already moved on with cnn news commentator van jones and even the theory that claimed kim and kanye started the rumors themselves for publicity. So since most of these insane theories have been proven, false what’s, the real truth. When will kim file papers in court, and is she already thinking about getting back into the dating game, though kim and kanye haven’t actually confirmed? They are getting a divorce, all the signs are there and multiple sources close to the couple have come forward and revealed that kimye’s marriage is beyond repair. At this point, according to the initial page, six report kim has had enough of kanye’s public outbursts and though she’s tried many times to get kanye help for his mental issues, she’s exhausted from trying and feels powerless according to a source who spoke with in touch weekly Kim is also tired of being laughed at and getting caught up in the backlash of kanye’s actions, apparently kim believes that her social justice work isn’t being taken seriously because of kanye’s antics and is sick of people laughing at her kim feels like she’s, been on this New path, taking on serious social causes being a mom quitting reality tv.

She really hasn’t stuck her foot in her mouth in a very long time, but then kanye will do something like the grammy incident revealed the insider. In september 2020, kanye called out the grammys on twitter and said today’s music industry is modern day slavery. The rapper then filmed himself peeing on one of his grammy awards that he had placed inside a toilet and later posted the video on twitter with the caption trust. Me i won’t stop shortly before the grammy incident. Kanye also called out kim and her mother, kris jenner, on twitter and accused them of trying to get him committed to a mental institution and prior to his twitter rant kanye had aired all of his and kim’s dirty laundry. During his presidential rally speech in july 2020, claiming that they almost aborted their first child northwest, clearly the summer and fall of 2020 were extremely difficult for kim, because kanye just kept making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Kim, however, initially defended her husband and even after kanye made those controversial abortion comments, she still stuck up for him. In july 2020, the reality star released a statement on instagram and talked compassionately about kanye’s bipolar disorder. However, kim also said, she and her family felt powerless to help kanye people who are unaware or far removed from this experience can be judgmental and not understand that the individual themselves has to engage in the process of getting help. No matter how hard family and friends try wrote kim the skim’s founder went on to describe her husband as a brilliant but complicated person and explained that kanye is dealing with a lot of pressure kim wrote on top of the pressures of being an artist and a Black man who experienced the painful loss of his mother and has to deal with the pressure and isolation that is heightened by his bipolar disorder kim, was praised for her honest and heartfelt statement, and many fans said they felt sorry for everything she’s had to endure.

Since she married kanye, however, even the most patient people have their limits and it looks like kim has reached hers. Although the alleged divorce proceedings are still veiled in a shroud of mystery, all signs point to a final end of kimier’s six year, marriage after weeks of speculation about kim and kanye’s relationship status, some eagle eyed fans noticed in one of kim’s ig stories that her new Skim’S showroom is actually kanye’s old closet and the fans took this as proof that kim and kanye have decided to go their separate ways. Kanye also reportedly moved 500 pairs of sneakers from his and kim’s calabasas mansion, which kim once famously referred to as a minimal monastery. A source told page six that kanye moved his stuff, while kim was on a girls trip in turks and caicos with her sisters and their kids. The source said kim wanted to give kanye space to move out his stuff because they both felt it would be less dramatic without both of them. In the house on january 25th, 2021 kanye was spotted touching down in la on a private jet while kim was away and though the rapper looked somber a separate source revealed. Kanye is actually doing great and wants the divorce to be finalized as soon as possible. Apparently kanye feels like a burden has been lifted off of his shoulders now that he no longer has to make decisions based on what’s best for the kardashians reality tv show, the source said quote: he understands kim’s side has to spin that she is sick of him In reality, he’s been sick of being involved with the kardashians for a long while, especially her mother, kris jenner, who looms large in all big decisions kim makes.

As for how the actual divorce will play out and who will get, what there’s, still a lot that’s being kept secret kim is reportedly determined to get full custody of her four children and according to a source who recently spoke to us weekly, the reality star has Been working with her financial advisors to figure out an exit plan that would be best for her whole family, in other words, kim, is getting ready to divide her and kanye’s assets. So what are the options here? Well, according to real estate, experts kim will probably get to keep the 60 million dollar minimalistic hidden hills mansion, because courts want to minimize the impact of divorce on the couple’s children. So often this means the custodial spouse will retain use of the marital residence. However, things might get complicated because kim reportedly owns the land in and around the house, but the actual structure belongs to kanye. As for the spacious wyoming ranch that kanye bought in the fall of 2019, the property will most definitely stay in yeezy’s possession. According to a new page, six report kim could be entitled to one million dollars for every year of marriage and she will also get to keep all the expensive gifts. Kanye has given her over the years, including the 1.3 million lorraine schwartz engagement ring. Obviously kim wants to be as prepared as possible once her and kanye’s divorce case reaches court. But does this mean she’s already thinking about dating someone new? Almost immediately after the news of kim and kanye’s alleged divorce, bro rumors started spreading.

That kim was moving on with cnn’s political commentator van jones. However, these rumors are most likely false because, according to a source close to kim who recently spoke to e news, the reality star is not planning on dating anyone new, at least not in the near future. The source said that kim definitely has all of her ducks. In a row with regards to the kids and financials in case she decides to officially file for divorce. However, neither kim nor kanye are interested in dating anyone at this time, kim still loves and supports kanye and wants the best for him and their entire family said. The source and added they are obviously still evaluating. What that looks like exactly, but kim is prepared across the board for anything that might come her way. The insider also shared more details about how kim is coping with all the speculation and revealed that her children, as well as her nieces and nephews, have been keeping her mind occupied the source said there have been lots of play, dates and family time, which is exactly What the entire family thinks kim needs right now and added that kim’s family is showing her love and support through this difficult process, according to the source, kim and kanye’s hope for the future is that they can healthily co parent, their children and raise them together without Any problems or difficulty and keep their personal lives and any issues out of the public eye for the sake of their little ones and the entire family.

However, some fans are speculating that the real reason kim is keeping an air of mystery around her divorce is because she wants to save all the juicy details for the new season of keeping up with the kardashians and believe it or not.

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