Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Keeping Up with the Kardashians lks about the dating rumors with Kanye west and Jeffree Star (Omg)

Let me see i don’t know what am i saying: hi dude that’s, nobody there’s a bunch of people. It’S called instagram live that’s a phone. I know okay mommy i’m charged my phone in yeah and can honey, say hi, yeah, real, quick, but wait. I got ta, i want honey to say hi hold on. I got ta figure out how to add someone i’ve never done this. How do you add someone? Okay, so i’m, just waiting for jessica jackson to send me a request to split the screen with her honey, say: hi, okay, so um. Basically, i wanted to do an instagram live just to do. You guys see i like clipped in a little ponytail today, um. I wanted to do an instagram live because i know oh, she said she requested jessica. Are you watching? How do you request? I mean, how do you accept it? I don’t see a request from you. Does it pop up on the screen you guys when comments come in? Oh mommy, yeah wait! No! No for real for real! Remember! I told you that i need like 15 minutes just to do this. Please yeah! Okay, please! Please um! I know you requested, but i don’t see it it’s not coming in north of your dog, okay. Well, i see ariel. I saw ty dolla sign, hi, okay, ariel since you’re, watching. How do i find someone and request someone? I mean that oh chloe’s, on okay someone’s texting me scroll all the way to the top and to see her request.

What do you mean scroll through the comments? Is it through the comments? Dorothy your dog for real okay hold on i’m scrolling through, i don’t see it jessica. Can you request it again? Sorry guys? Oh my god, emily eyebrows look perf! Well, i haven’t had a chance to do them so they’re, very bushy and hairy okay. So i’m. Sorry, i need to focus because i have to get jessica jackson, but i don’t see it as a request. I might have to log off and do it again, hmm well that’s. What i’m gon na have to do i’m, gon na, have to log off and get on again jessica. Maybe can you leave me a comment guys? I have i just okay, i um i’ve been filming our show today and oh my best friend allison just text. Our school just on a notice that they’re done for the year, um, okay, so i am today, i was filming keeping up with the kardashians and what we’ve been doing is we’ve, been having we’ve been our own camera person and our own lighting people and basically producing It all and everything through um, just using these tripods and little lights and shooting it ourselves and shooting everything that we’ve been doing at home while we’ve been quarantined, and so today i got up – and i put on some makeup and i did my hair and um. We set up a little confessional. I posted on it on my stories a little while ago today, while i was trying to figure out through zoom with our producers, on the other end of how to really turn on the cameras and how to start filming.

So this should be easy, but i um wait how to go live with someone, okay, okay, requests. I don’t know how this popped up, but, oh, my god, there’s, so many okay, jessica there she is jess.

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