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Wanderers football club we’re going to be facing them on friday evening 8 p.m. The kickoff, but before i get into today’s video i’d, just like to say a massive thank you to all the subscriptions that are coming into the channel. I really do appreciate each and every one of your subscriptions. Please make sure to leave a comment, because you know i love reading your comments as well guys, if you can hit that notification bell on, you will then be notified every time we upload a new video and the last little bit is. If you go to facebook and hit join, our facebook group leads plus, find us and join us so guys. Let’S, look at wolverhampton, wanderers versus leeds united let’s get straight into this video and guys it’s going to be a very, very difficult game. Nuno espirito santo is a very good manager. They are an established premier league team wolverhampton, wanderers they’ve got some decent plays jimenez jiao matinia daniel padence dendonka, adam triore, has built like a wwe wrestler. So you know these are some uh quality players and another little uh key fact that i’ll tell you is that dendonka who’s, usually a midfielder, is playing in defense. So you can see the kind of players that they’ve got it’s going to be an incredibly difficult game for us, but it’s a game that we can achieve some sort of positivity out of because if you break it down, we played arsenal last game it’s, not the Same as the wolves game, but having said that wolves would be an arsenal, so this season, you can’t, even predict how the game is going to go.

The first goal will be important as it is in every single game, but i do believe in this particular match. It will be very, very important because wolves like to sit in they are a very good counter attacking team and that spells danger danger to who danger to lead united, because we’ve seen how many times in the championship we’ve seen anybody who sits sits in deep. We find it a struggle to break break them down for us. We would like to get them attacking us. You know we need them to attack us, then in return we attack them and that’s the way we like to play and marcelo bielsa that’s. The way he likes to play and it’s his attacking philosophy, that’s brought us to the dance in the first place guys. Why do we need to change our philosophy? We won’t we’re going to go out there and attack them senseless and that’s. The best way keep our intensity levels up and you know i think we play really well away from home anyway, so we let’s let’s, try and let’s try and get a decent result, and when i mean decent results, a positive result, i would say coming back from A loss to arsenal coming back from from a from a loss like that, i think if we can get a draw at the molyneux away from home, not a bad result at all. So tell me in the comments below your score predictions guys, because you know i love reading your comments so i’m, going for a one on one draw for league united and also i would just like to say that we need to get behind our players.

Yes, everybody makes mistakes, but we have to get behind our players. We’Ve got a very small squad. We saw meslier make a few errors last week. You know against arsenal, but we also have seen meslier make some tremendous saves during the season. So he’s got enough. Credit in the bank uh jamie shackleton was uh was playing last last week. You know we saw a debutant in young huggins uh. We saw tala roberts who made some you know really good play with. You know the likes of bamford. He nearly set bamford up, and you know, penalty no penalty i’m, not going to get into that. That particular uh part of the play that he done with bamford roberts was exceptional, uh held acosta. We saw as well come on uh last game out and score a goal, so there were some positives from a disappointing day. But having said what i’ve just said, what we need to do is look at our players, because we’ve got such a small squad. If we’ve got calvin phillips out injured, it will be a difficult mission to get any points at molyneux, okay, but that’s. The way it is marcelo bielsa never makes any excuses. So i don’t think uh myself. I will make any excuses either and, like i said, if we can get a decent result and we can build because we’ve got southampton, then we’ve got villa coming up. If we can build with an a nice result here at the molyneux it’ll just give us that bit of confidence because it’s all we always see leads bounce back from a loss, so let’s hope fingers crossed that they can get a positive result out in the morning.

Like i said before, i don’t see a great deal of changes due to our small squad, so i do see that marcelo bielsa might keep the same players for this particular match. Okay, we will see jamie shackleton at right back. We will see pascal strike in the cdn position. This is like i said. If calvin phillips is out, i don’t really see any sort of changes. Having said that, i will give you my predicted lineup, like i always do so in goal: meslier right back, shackleton, luke, ayling and liam cooper as our centre back pairing alioski at left, back cdn position. Pascal strike matthias click and stuart dallas in the middle of the park, raffini on the right jack harrison on the left, patrick bamford, up top. So there you go guys there’s. My team line up for this wolves game it’s the same team as the arsenal one.

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