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Is there a team that you can compare to in league history having that much offensive fire apparel on the same group um? Have we forgot about katie, steph and clay already it’s, pretty good, pretty good, very good, and there you go there. You go right there. Uh is there any excitement uh about facing a new challenge like that, obviously they’re in a different conference. You guys only will play them twice a year, if not in the postseason um well, it’s always exciting. For me to go against uh. You know some of the best guys in the game and they got three of them. I got three of the best guys in the game. Um, you know definitely love to be full when you’re playing against a team like that and see. You know like at that point in season where you match up how you match up against some of the best teams in the league and uh. Obviously, we won’t be full on on thursday, so um, but other than that yeah. I love going out there and just you know being on the floor with some of the best that play this game bill. Hey lebron after you guys got the the word of what the mri on ad had shown. Did you feel, like i mean, did you did you say anything to the team, or did you um feel a need to to talk to the team about what you guys would need to do to get through this and and then what might that message have been Uh, just next man up um his next man up and we’re, not expecting not one person we’re not expecting one person to try to pick up 80s uh, you know productivity.

You know nobody’s going to be able to do that. He just brings too much to the table. We all can do more. We all can collectively do more and uh and that’s our job that’s our job to come out and do more and we’ve seen that tonight you know uh. You know the the four guys that we brought in in the offseason. They all did more tonight. You know diaz, traz, uh, west and mark you know picked up their play and uh. We needed that from every last one of them tonight, so we’re gon na need that, while 80’s out kyle brian um, i also have a nets question. If you’re willing to entertain it but um you guys: uh beat the rockets very convincingly. Last year’s playoffs you, you played uh the rockets in james’s last game. There do you feel, like you know what the lakers have done last year and and what you guys have started to do this year, has sort of directed that that response, where change is now in in brooklyn uh, i don’t think it has uh much to do With us, i think it has everything to do with how james was feeling um. You know james felt like he wanted to be in a different position, a different situation uh. He wants to win, he wants to win now and he felt like his time, was over. In houston – and that was all the spot – bt what’s up ryan come on big everything’s good frank talked about telling you guys you have to embrace this moment with ad being now forever long.

That is what does that mean to you and how do you embrace that? Not having him around well he’s gon na be around he just won’t, be on the floor. Um. You know as far as game minutes, but he’s gon na be around um. You know i’ve, had you know big time guys go down in my in my career um. I mean i had chris bosh go down in the first round of a playoff series, um you know and uh, and it took a while for him to come back um. So um you know, i’ve had guys go down. Had you know, kyrie go down with a kneecap injury, kevin love go down with his shoulder. Uh tore his shoulder. Uh dude went down before so you know, i’ve had some big guns, you know before go down and um. You know you just have to rally around them: uh keep them upbeat, but also the guys that’s going to be in uniform in the lineup. They you know just need to step up. They play so um, it’s it’s, something that um. You know i don’t say i’m accustomed to because you don’t never want to be accustomed to a player going down or having injuries, but you know i’ve been there before lebron um i’m sure. Well, actually i know you posted about it um. What draymond said last night about kind of the narratives that can surround a player? Who um wants a trade versus an organization who decides they’re going to protect an asset by not playing him um kind of the differences between those two things? I’M curious, like what’s, the what’s, the solution in in something like in a situation like this? Is it just better understanding from the public, or i mean how do we get to a more equitable place between ownership and players when it comes to narratives like that um i i don’t know um, i don’t want to get into it right now.

Um i mean i have so many thoughts about it, but i want to be very strategic on you know how my word is, so i don’t want to really jump into it much right now, but it’s it’s, the narrative of what the league has always been and Um um, you know from from a team’s perspective, they’ve controlled the narrative, they’ve controlled. The narrative of how players should should be how they should act, how they should uh. You know you know, treat their organizations and if things don’t go their way um, they have a a way of getting out the narrative that this person or that person is a a bad fit or was a cancer to the team or whatever the case may be. So um they’ve always controlled that narrative and i think draymond and a lot of us. We understand um that we would love to have change. We want change, we not even want change. We just want people to understand that it’s two sides of the coin – it’s not just one sided um. You know so you know that’s what i mean. Dre said it. I don’t i’m, not gon na piggyback anything that he said because he said it so perfectly and so engaging and was so you know so um so smart about everything that he said and and i’m right with him. I mean that’s. That is the way of the land. I mean that’s, how it’s always been and uh.

You know we want to be able just to uh. You know you know, have an opportunity to uh, create and and and also be able to control our own destiny at times as well, so that’s what it boils down to, but it’s so much more to it. How do we change it? It’S all about communication, um it’s, all about um, you know being respectful um, you know, being a you know a great teammate um, because at the end of the day your teammates will speak for you. You know organizations will will try to throw you under the bus and we’ve seen it over a course of time. Throughout a lot of athletes, they will try to throw you under the bus, but in the long run, if you talk to a lot of the former teammates, a lot of the guys that’s played the game and you talk to those guys they’d be like man. He’S. A hell of a guy uh, we loved him in the locker room. He was, he was great, you know so um. I think you just talked to former teammates and they tell you about them. Okay, last two rachel lebron is listening to you. Listoff chris bosh kyrie kevin now ads out for a stretch. How is the 36 year old, the most durable guy in the room? Um? You know i don’t think it’s uh. You know about that. I mean obviously there’s been some quick injuries. You know cb went down, the tour is going um.

You know in that first round playoff series uh back in 12, i believe uh, you know kyrie had a freak injury where he uh fractured his knee cap in the finals um. You know we saw that um kevin had a freak injury uh where kelly olynyk uh. They got tied up and uh. You know kelly was a little bit too aggressive and and was able to pull his shoulder out of place that we didn’t quite like um, but um. You know and obviously b way. You know you know he played through injuries a lot as well, but he has some clear ups with his knee um as well. So um, you know for me, i’ll. Just always just try to you know. You know uh, i don’t know try to keep my body in the best possible shape as possible if i’ve ever had an injury, um. Maybe it’s not had me out this long um. Obviously i had the groin injury a couple years ago, but other than that i just tried to always be proactive. Um, you know be, you know, be available to my teammates, but you know these guys. Do they do not so much behind the scenes as well? You know to keep their body in into great shape as well and uh. They just had some freaking injuries and uh um. You know you know they’re gon na do whatever it takes to get back on the floor as every last one of my teammates have done.

They’Ve all worked their ass off to get back on the floor and i expect to see my navy. Thank you. Last question. Nick hey, lebron um, you always been a person of history and spencer. Haywood has been the person that you’ve uh spoken with and really tried to bring to the forefront. Why is his legacy so important, especially trying to get uh the naming of a rule changed um? I just think it’s very important to highlight and acknowledge um people who laid down the groundwork for us to be in the position that we are today and uh. I think spencer haywood is one of those guys, along with uh kareem um, along with um. You know the big o um, along with um bill russell along with uh. You know so many others that that played in that era, um, that that just laid a lot of the groundwork both on the floor and also off the floor as well um. In order for me to sit here and play the game that i love to play um, you know so as much as i fell in love with guys that played the game. I also fell in love with the stories that was behind the game. Um. You know some of the hardships they had to go through in order to be in the positions they were so he’s, one of those guys and uh it’s. Just all about you know respecting the journey respecting the people that came before you um and uh that’s.

I’Ve always been that way, though that’s just who i am all right thanks.

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