Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, NBA, James Harden CALLS OUT Brooklyn Nets Big 3! Lakers vs Nets NBA Finals Preview?-2020-21 NBA Stats

It was like two hours ago, but yes, lebron has an ulterior motive, he’s trying to defend his legacy here, and i do not blame him for that, but not the cap so i’m, not here to act like our friend skip bayless over there and act like. I know what lebron is thinking and he has some ulterior motive and is trying to control the narrative i’m simply going to address the idea of the warriors big three versus the nets, big three and the idea of was this: a finals preview that’s it. But before we address that make sure to like the video, if you liked the video subscribe, if you’re new, we on the road to 600 subscribers. So if you’re trying to be a part of something special make sure to hit that sub button. And you get the bell notification too, to get notified when i post. If you want to and comment down below – and let me know what you thought of the game today – the nets didn’t have kd. The lakers didn’t have a d, so obviously both weren’t nowhere near full strength, but was this a finals preview of what’s to come? Who knows and make sure to? Let me know which side is better warriors bait, 3 or nuts big 3, and let me know if you what you think of my analysis, but with that all out the way let’s get into it man so quickly to address the whole pri finals.

Preview part, assuming all, is healthy right. This is barring any injuries, because injuries can happen at any point and there’s, no way that i or anyone could know what injuries are gon na happen. So assuming everyone is healthy, there’s, no doubt in my mind the lakers are going to the nba finals again, assuming 80 is healthy and all with the lakers is good because, obviously without a.d, the lakers aren’t going into the finals i’m. Sorry they’re just not, but an ad laker squad, in my opinion, can’t be beaten by anyone in their conference at all. You look at every facet of the game from a team perspective and the lakers have it. You want to start at the offensive end. Okay, the lakers have some of the most elite offensive output. The league has to offer. Obviously you have the two headed monster in lebron and ad and a starting lineup featuring marc gasol, who struggles protecting the paint but he’s one of the best passing big man in the nba currently not to mention kcp, who reminds me a lot of a j.r smith Type of player he’s a microwave player, maybe he’s off, maybe he’s on, but if he’s on there’s another person you got to worry about and then there’s dennis schroeder, who’s managed to mold himself into a borderline. All star level point guard then there’s the depth on the roster as well. You got mantras harold, horton tucker, caruso, kuzma wesley matthews mark keith morris.

When we look at the lakers, what do what don’t they have? They have closer and lebron. They have defenders they’re. One of the most elite defensive teams with lebron anthony davis kcb, can stick defense. Now they got wesley matthews, who guards the wing players horton tucker who’s, really good on defense mantra is harrell he’s, not the biggest guy, but he’ll he’ll work on the defensive end. They have all they need on that side of the ball on the offensive side. They have it, they have a closer. They have a clear leader in lebron. They have a great head coach who’s, a defensive minded head coach in frank vogel. This team is set to go and when you look at the nets, i do think the nets need to make the finals. But i don’t think their trip to the finals is as guaranteed as the lakers is, because if you look at the nets roster, they obviously have the the three, the big three they have kd kyrie hardin and that offensive output alone is the greatest. The nba has ever seen, but their opinions kind of stops there. They have no interior defense, their perimeter. Defense is pretty good, they have no depth to their lineup and i don’t know what the coaching situation really really is. They don’t seem to have a flowing offense it’s, the three best iso players. The league has to offer playing isil ball and then occasionally, maybe kicking it out to an open shooter who can knock down a shot because they have shooters.

They could play five out if they want to if they don’t start deandre jordan and play jeff green. But if they go to the fine, the playoffs right and they see a team like the sixers or a team like the bugs who have a lot of interior presence, such as giannis, brook lopez, people who get to hold like drew holiday chris middleton or they go Against the 76ers, god forbid, the nets do and they have to go against ben simmons and joel embiid. How how do you beat? What are you gon na do to stop those to get into the paint you’re just gon na have to outscore them that’s the only option and while you’re shooting hyper low percentage shots on the perimeter. The 76ers are getting easy buckets inside every single time and they also have the defenders to match the nets. So i don’t know if this is gon na be a finals preview, mainly because i don’t know, if i’m picking the nets to go to the finals. The nets have shown a lot of weaknesses and if they don’t that would be a bust because they made this big three to win a championship and if they can’t even make it to the finals. That’D be embarrassing. But i can’t i can’t say for sure this is a finals preview because i can’t say for sure i trust the nets to come out of the come out of the what um east the east and as for the warriors big three versus the next big three I’Ll put it this way if you’re looking at the them as individuals.

The nets. Big three has better individual three players than the warriors big three, but if you’re looking at this from the perspective of how they play cohesively and the difficulty of them as a trio together playing together, i would say the warriors as a unit is deadlier because they Played a lot of off while they played a lot of unselfish basketball and it forced defenses to make decisions, are we switching off? Are we sticking? Are we fighting through the screen? Are we going over the screen stuff like that and with the nets you don’t really have to worry about that it’s katie’s gon na get it harden’s gon na get it tyree’s gon na, get it and they’re just gon na iso and they’ll probably score on us, But at least there’s no confusion, there’s, no surprise it’s, just like they’re the most they’re two of the three of maybe the top five most talented scorers in the league, so that’s where my head is at, but you guys can. Let me know what you think make sure i liked it if you liked the video subscribe, if you’re new, for more content like this and with all that out the way peace out.

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Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, NBA, James Harden ERS vs NETS REACTION | Kyrie vs Lebron vs Harden | IT’S PERSONAL!!!

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