Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, NBA, James Harden ERS vs NETS REACTION | Kyrie vs Lebron vs Harden | IT’S PERSONAL!!!

Not forget, now come on heart, oh brian, just come out the gate. Oh two teams, okay, kuzma, hey cooper, said not playing i’m gon na earn my minutes. I’M gon na earn my minutes hard with the heart with the kobe’s. The covers look good on every union since it’s coming over from i don’t care, dawg them kobe 16, never mind. I thought that was a defensive team got on his feet. No kd Music is so we have the number one defense. I thought about taking carrie off my uh, all star starters list, but like he’s, just two he’s too musty tv every bucket is a bucket. Like is a bucket, so it’s, like i couldn’t, even i couldn’t even say i couldn’t even deny him even though he’s out here just missing games. I couldn’t deny him he’s too nice. Oh hard, what’s up! Oh m1. What can you do against that see? Well, i guess he, i guess oh that’s good that’s, a great pass that passes great through the point guard. I don’t even know if he’s a point guard he’s, just he’s, just a baller he’s a baller can pass. Did that make my point guard i mean i guess just before the will you shoot it like that? Sometimes you got ta hit that thing from the bank played 14 minutes and it’s funny. Sometimes sometimes you get that thing off the bank like it still feels good, but you just i don’t, see kyrie against lebron one time it’s a vendetta like i don’t care just to get you lebron.

I want to see if he’s doing this game – oh boy, Music, throughout these four consecutive wins and oh practice, mode Laughter, practice mode on him. Skip hey, hey, oh bring him back then bro, oh yeah! They ain’t got no help down there. You get them tailing. How much they get? Yes, oh yeah, you can’t double that turn around fade away. Turn you just see certain spots on the floor and it’s just like okay i’m about to do this move. This is my go to move. You got. Ta have two three go. Two moves: if you’re a superstar man three go two spots on the floor: oh yeah, bang, bang, oh okay! All right! I think he’s going hey! He he liable to flush on somebody. He stays yo kyrie with this little mid range, pull up game. What Music? Oh gone, i think he’s gon na hit it with the look, no look at the ball and step back kevin durant who misses his 12th game of the season. Um, bang, bang inside okay, deandre just to get you guys, gives you a little two points and going around what about your business ago. Okay last year was seventh this year. His fourth got him too slow too slow. Now you see now you know that’s the blow out. Huh, look at your head crash, Music Applause, bro. The nets don’t even have a third place. Well, they got a third player. They got that’s acoustic.

They got way. They got my man, joe harris. They don’t even have a song. They got a third player, i guess lebron, we got two players kyrie outside he barely three boys stacked, but they they got. Middies here comes harris. Oh give me those no quick hands of james just about oh that’s, good, better! Oh good d, better, oh his reaction he’s, just like he’s like, oh, my god, um. Let it look. Oh my look at that body language. Oh my god, i’ll play the two. Let me check somebody else, please one without the other, just ain’t gon na be enough. He was a part of that nice little run, so you can see a couple years ago in the playoffs cross over here. You can see the nets no kd no 80 are better than the lakers that’s crazy, that’s, crazy, Music, Music. All right. I know that was good, but just think about it is luca doncic, an all star starter.

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Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, NBA, James Harden Vs Los Angeles Lakers Preview‼️

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