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Next news we go hard make sure you guys hit that like button to support the channel subscribe if you’re new and hit that notification bell. So you don’t miss any breaking news and follow me on instagram at netskingdom711. Don’T. Miss out on anything so crazy game last night nest nation, and we really did the unthinkable brooklyn grit. We got houston hardin last night and he did the unthinkable and beat the hottest team in the west last night, with just our bench and hardin is unbelievable. We played high level defense in that third and fourth quarter and honestly, if we play defense like that, i think we can beat anybody in the nba as long as we’re focused and buckled down on our defensive rotations, our matchups and rebounding the basketball. Now so next nation two games left on our west coast trip, can we go undefeated? Can we keep the streak alive and beat the two dangerous la teams? Anything is possible so we’re here to talk about the la lakers boo, so the lakers are 22 7 they’re. Second, in the west, they’re 14th in total, offense scoring they’re number one in defense, they’re, 17th and three point percentage, their 26th and three pointers made in the nba and their fifth in points in the paint in the nba and their seventh in rebounds in the nba. So, according to these statistics, the la lakers do not take a lot of threes they’re, not going to beat you by sharp shooting or hitting 15 threes on you, majority of the lakers points come from points in the paint and abusing teams on the boards.

They are a great rebounding team. You think about braun mantras, gasol kuzma, they’re, all great rebounders and get in the glass they score off. Their second chance points so brooklyn has to lock in make sure we box out and prevent the lakers from destroying us on the boards and in the paint i’m. Okay with the lakers taking contested threes on us, because their bread and brother is points in the paint. So brooklyn builds a wall defensively and boxes out, make the lakers a shooting team i feel like they will give us that will give us the best chance of beating them. Now the lakers other weakness is teams scoring in the paint against them. They don’t defend the paint really well, which is weird they’re, actually really good on the perimeter schroeder braun, ksc, kcp, kyle kuzma. They all can really defend on that three point line, but, however, they struggle with defending in the paint and let team score on them on on the inside, because mark assault is one of their liabilities. He can get taken advantage of them on the perimeter and on the inside he’s, very slow y’all, so they lost a lot of insider presence with that when they got rid of javel, mcgee and dwight howard. So we could take advantage of microsoft if we go small, which i’m expecting steve nash to go small. If we go small, we could expose mark assault because he’s he’s really not good on that perimeter.

Now we look at the depth chart here. We got dennis schroeder. They start dennis schroeder, uh, casey, p, kentavious, caldwell, pope lebron james kyle kuzma and mark assault their bench. They have alex caruso montrez, harold markief morris and wesley matthews. Now let’s start with their bench. The guy we have to focus on off. The bench is montrez harold. We must keep him off the glass y’all he’s a demon on the boards, the sixth man of the year. He averages 13 points. Six rebounds montrez is basically like a mixture of dennis rodman and kenneth reid, he’s. Just extremely aggressive. Does the dirty work he rebounds, but he also has a very nice mid range offensive game. He won’t take that jumper a lot. He won’t take a jumper, but he will face you up and drive on you or spin. He has a very quick first step um. He has good post post up like face up moves now as far as the rest of the lakers bench. They don’t scare me at all alice caruso he’s, a good defender but he’s inconsistent on offense wesley matthews he’s having an okay year; nothing special but he’s, a decent shooter, markeith morris he’s, a mild three point: shooter, so just got ta make sure he don’t get hot. But the biggest throw off the bench is montrez harold when braun takes the rest of the when braun takes a rest, this team struggles to score. You know i mean he when he’s on the bench, the team struggles to score.

Now. Usually they have a d that saves them or kaku’s, mother, sixth man, but now that a.d is out, he has changed. They changed the role for kyle kuzma. So now, kyle kuzma is like that he’s that starter, but he’s more like a defensive role like you, don’t really score like off the bench like he used to so maybe we’ll see coach, vogel, keep kuzma in and stagger him for scoring while braun takes a rest. So he might stagger braun and kuzma’s minutes, so he has at least one score in you know i mean, but again, kuzma and schroeder are both shooting, like 30 from three very poor. They score most of their buckets in the paint, because those are the main scorers on the team. Besides braun braun is the majority scorer, but you know kuzma schroder, you know and montrez are the other pieces that help him so um, kuzma and schroeder are inconsistent too. So that’s, why i’m not worried about them like that again, the reason why the lakers have the wreck have the best record in the west is because they’re the number one defense y’all they’re not going to shoot it out with you they’re not going to um shoot Up a ton of threes they’re just going to defend, defend, defend at extreme level and bully you in the paint and get their points in the paint. So now that a.d is gone, a huge amount of the offense is on braun’s shoulders, which is he is used to that i mean braun is used to carrying teams, so we must take advantage of that.

That a.d is gone right now and i’m. Only gon na focus on the one guy we need to stop and that is lebron james. I wish i could title this. Video, the brooklyn nets versus lebron preview, but i’m, just gon na, say the lakers, because this lakers team is nothing without bronze now, so he is the key. If you slow him down, then we can win this game easily, they’re, nothing without lebron y’all! Now i’m, not gon na break down lebron’s moves, because if you live under a rock everybody knows what lebron is capable of. You know he’s one of the greatest players of all time, one of and he’s six like he’s, a god level passer. He got extreme court vision at six, nine, two sixty he’s a freight train driving to the basket at you, a little spice of finesse and great speed. He has the highest basketball iq in the nba super smart. He can dissect the defense in a flash, make the right pass, he’s seen it all braun just got like you know what braun has like a photographic memory when it comes to basketball. I remember in the playoffs like a, i think it was a while ago in a post game interview. I think lebron was still in cleveland, one reporter asked lebron if he could break down one of the crucial plays, and he literally recited it word for word. What happened like he has a photographic memory, all i’m like what the heck is, this guy, a robot always where i felt like they were just um, really bad.

My first turnover i tried to, i saw something happening and uh marcus did a good job. Marcus morris did a great job of reading. It threw it up ahead of the calf. He picked it off um. My second turnover i went baseline lost lost my footing on marcus morris, another turnover um a couple of them one in transition to jeff green. I thought i’d, you know put it on his hands and he kind of fumbled it wish i could had. I went back and maybe bounced past that one i had a back door, one to swish. I hit his hands now. Braun averages 25 points per game. Eight assists and eight rebounds. Now i found some interesting stats on lebron. He started off the season scorching hot from three shooting 40 from three, but now is dropped to 37, which is still very good for braun he’s, an improved shooter now at home games. Listen to this y’all braun shoots 33 from three at home. He actually shoots better when he’s on the road y’all, but braun is going through a big slump. Right now, in the month of february, per espn stats lebron is 14 out of 50 28. From three point range in the month of february, that is very, very bad y’all. So we must take advantage of that y’all now, after watching lebron’s game for many years, there’s only one and a half weaknesses that i found about lebron’s game. But, besides that, his games is flawless.

Besides these weaknesses i found first, one is lebron’s free, throw shooting the last couple of years that has been one of lebron’s achilles heel. His free throws he’s shooting a lot better this year, around 70 percent, but that’s still not good. Usually his free throw percentage is in the high 60s. So a key tactic you can use as felon is fouling lebron, sending him to the line instead of him dunking on your head or biting you in the post. The best success would be to foul him the sentences online. So a lot of teams that i’ve seen that have success against braun, have multiple wing defenders, multiple strong bodies that they can throw at brawn. That can also work because each player could foul brown or send them to the line. If you have multiple wing defenders, i know the comma is going to blow up about this and be like. Oh brown is not a wreak free but it’s facts y’all. He struggles at the line. All that talk about mvp you’re, shooting 70 from the free throw line. That’S still unacceptable there’s centers in the nba that shoot better than braun from the line. Um and brown goes to the foul line. A lot he’s top five in the nba in a in free throw attempts. I think joellen b is number one and joelle shoots 90 from the line. So i know people think free throws is an overrated stat, but they do matter y’all, that’s that’s, not they do matter when you’re on the game is on the line or even in the second quarter.

All point all those points add up when you lose by one point: you can count back to missing your free throws and realize you could have changed the outcome of the game now. The other point five ring this is a brawn that i have is is three point shooting and the reason i say point five is because sometimes lebron can look like a sniper from three and some nights can go one for ten. You don’t know, like i told y’all before in the month of february, lebron is shooting 28 from three that’s, a big slump. So the best way we can guard braun is send multiple big bodies on him. Build a wall to prevent him from attacking the basket attacking the paint. Now as far as brooklyn matching up on braun, i feel like if everybody was healthy. If we had iman and kd, we would have so many bodies to throw at brawn, but now we just got andre robinson tlc and bruce brown he’s around now andre robinson’s around six eight he’s lanky he’s strong. I know he hasn’t played in a long time, but at his peak he was one of the best wing defenders in the nba i’m gon na pull up this clip right here, he’s literally defending all the best superstar wings at his peak in the nba braun harding Kauai mellow in the post, uh d wade like he’s he’s, perfect for guarding braun, but the question is: will steve nash play him that’s the real question, knowing steve nash he most likely will try harden or joe harris to guard braun instead of using roberson or noah Vonleh, because we all know steve nash, is a new coach he’s not used to doing this he’s he’s a he’s, a fresh he’s, a freshman coach.

You know what i mean now: let’s look at the lebron shot chart for the season. As you see here, lebron shooting 32 from those right wing three 34 from the left wing that’s decent. Now he takes a lot of shots from that right wing about 67 threes from there he made 23.. But if you look at lebron’s sweet spots, he loves shooting this middle of the floor straight ahead. Three, as you guys can see here, and the league average from that spot is about 35 percent lebron shoots 43 43 from there, which is really really good. 28. Out of 65 threes, so lebron’s two favorite spots from three is shooting that middle of the floor three point or 43 percent and there’s corner three shooting 50 from there. But again overall brooklyn should go into this game, making braun a shooter. We will live with brown. Taking threes, like i told you before the month of february, is shooting 28, so we should play a little off him contest and contest it. But let him take threes from the spots that he’s not comfortable, where i just showed you guys on the shot chart but again contested threes i’m, not saying give lebron to open three, but look at where braun takes the most shots from the paint 221 shots at A very high percentage, around 67 percent. Look at this look at where he takes the most shots y’all the paint area. He loves that post area, he breathes it braun scores out the post he loves to face up.

He runs the office out the post. He dimes from the post, that’s, bronze, bread and butter scoring in the paint. So steve nash has two ways he can stop. Broad again, you can make him a shooter force him to take contested threes to the spots um to the spots. He’S not comfortable taking threes from or you can send a double team in the post, braun’s gon na find that open guy. But you got to take that chance and make kcp or kuzma beat you up, and you know you know what we’ll live with kcp or kuzma taking those threes so if it prevents braun from dominating the paint area. So let me know in the comments: katie’s not gon na play, um i’m. 90 sure kyrie will play so we can have kyrie in heart and can kyrie in heart and take braun down, and i believe they can do it. I mean i’m believing they could do it. I believe this is the next team we’re on that 4 0. We got the momentum. Our bench has that confidence that we got from the suns.

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