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I mean there’s so much fascination isn’t there with this it’s so intriguing to us here in the uk, because we’re thinking what’s she going to say about the royal family. What is the fascination in america with her? Oh, there is a huge fascination and this is going to happen on the 7th of march from what i’m being told at the moment it hasn’t been recorded. Yet so i think they’ve got so much to discuss as to what actually uh will come out in the interview itself, it’s going to be 90 minutes long, an intimate conversation, we’re being told, is going to focus primarily on megan uh everything from stepping into life. As a royal marriage, motherhood philanthropic work to house she’s handing life under intense public pressure and then harry’s going to join in front of the camera, and the two would then will chat. We hear about mexic, you know the hope, streams for the expanding family as well. This is the first time that we’ve seen them um doing an interview since 2009. I remember back tom bradley and that was when uh very emotional about things so it’s going to be very interesting. Well, the question, of course, is how far she will go. I mean they have been quite careful not to criticize you know the royal family. We know that harry is very, very affectionate. You know for his grandmother, but i suppose it’s 90 minutes and goodness knows where this will go, and you know oprah’s good at what she does.

Oh she is, and the thing i hear is i mean most people i’ve spoken to they love megan because she’s theirs. You know they think of she is their american princess, so they they certainly have that strong view on it, oprah herself as well. Of course, she’s interviewed absolutely everyone. You know, you think also the royal interview, sarah ferguson back in 2011 uh. Then she had that chat with michael jackson. I mean i remember that one uh that was unbelievable. I mean, i think, the audience, for that was something like 90 million people uh when jack, who hadn’t spoken to anyone for a while and, of course, no real surprise that it is oprah. She was at the wedding i’m, not quite sure how friendly they are. They live very close to each other. Up in montecito she’s only met over a while before inviting her to the wedding. So it seems you know there’s, you know. Maybe oprah was wooing her for quite a number of years to get this massive interview. Well, we think also that oprah was having long chats uh with megan’s mother, because remember at one point there was this thought that it might be megan’s mum that would do the oprah interview but yeah, i think you’re, absolutely right, she’s been lobbing for it. For quite some time, um and you know what, as we said before, it’s going to be interesting, because you know some of the royal interviews in the past have gone a little skew.

If should we say you know you think of of prince andrew? Do you think of diana’s interviews and panorama um, you know, i would think there’ll be some people a little bit nervous there in the royal household don’t. You think, and the thing is of course, so this is a cbs interview in america. Is it march the 7th and he said, but of course when are we going to get to see it here? Do we know if anybody’s bid for it i mean, of course the channels will be scrambling for it won’t they? Oh absolutely. I haven’t been told yet as to who’s, going to get it in britain uh, but yeah i mean obviously it’s going to be a huge scramble for it. As you say, you know we’re talking about it uh all the time and out here i mean. Certainly the pregnancy announcement was very much in all the news and of course you know they are planning things incredibly carefully. I mean this wasn’t just a fluke that they announced the pregnancy one day and then the next day they announced they’re going to do this big interview with you know, probably the biggest star in the world oprah, so it’s been very carefully thought through and as well. The timeline’s been thought through too yeah and just another couple of quick stories away from that talking. The documentaries britney’s documentary we’re actually going to get to see it tonight, aren’t we nine o’clock on sky and on now tv uh it’s going to be very interesting for you, guys, i’d love to get your reaction to it as well, mainly focuses on the conservative ship That her father has over the whole of the britney state, her health, the money and all the rest of it and also uh.

You know there’s loads of people coming out and talking about things now, uh there’s, a grammy winner uh, who worked with uh claude kelly and he’s, come out and basically said all the same things that we’re talking about you know she’s been handled like a toddler who Has no rights, it just doesn’t really make a lot of sense, bigger issue of human rights, so that’s really it just quickly, though bridgeton. I know that everyone absolutely loved bridgeton biggest show on netflix. First, major casting announcement has been made: simone ashley known for roles and sex education and broadchurch will play kate sharma the love interest of anthony bridgette. So there we are sneak that one at the end for you can’t wait to see the second series that brilliant.

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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, British royal family, Queen Elizabeth II, Oprah Winfrey #Oprah in 'wide-ranging' and 'intimate' prime time