Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, British royal family, Queen Elizabeth II, Oprah Winfrey #Oprah in 'wide-ranging' and 'intimate' prime time

Royals will be braced for a host of potentially embarrassing revelations from the 90 minute primetime chat, which the couple have agreed to, in spite of their insistence that the media respects their privacy. The tell all special entitled oprah with megan and harry, will air on u.s network cbs on march 7 and will focus primarily on the duchess of sussex, who will discuss everything from stepping into life as a royal marriage. Motherhood philanthropic work to how she is handling life under intense public pressure, prince harry will then join his wife in front of the camera and the two will open up about their decision to move to the u.s following mixit and their hopes and dreams for their expanding Family, a cbs spokesperson revealed the news, will raise fears at the palace that bombshell details of harry’s reported rift with members of the royal family, including his brother, prince william, could be aired for the world. It would also be harry’s first opportunity to publicly discuss the mixit summit with the queen that he called as his bitter split from royal life unfolded. The meeting could become one among a series of tv chats that have rocked buckingham palace to its core. Along with prince andrews 2019 interview with newsnite and princess diana’s bombshell 1995 interview with panorama, it was not immediately clear who will air the interview. In the uk royal author interview is a betrayal of trust. Royal author robert jobson said he thought the interview was a betrayal of trust and megan and harry seem hell bent on causing the queen more discomfort and possible embarrassment.

Buckingham palace were quick to say the queen. Prince philip and prince charles and the rest of the family wished the couple well on the news. They were apparently told about the baby bump before harry and meghan went public. He said, but now, just after smoothing over the cracks caused by migzit, just over a year ago, the sussexes seem hell bent on causing the queen more discomfort and possible embarrassment. Given the way the media focus on such royal interviews, one word out of place will be jumped on to confirm ongoing feuds in the royal family. If harry or megan talk openly about the fallout with william and kate, it will cause uproar if they don’t even mention them. It will be seen as a snub to his brother or just another silky pr exercise, something their friend and interrogator. Oprah winfrey won’t, like sources in the royal household say migzit, is not talked about by senior royals. It is a subject the family want to move on. From one senior figure told me, but how can anyone move on when megan and harry continue to drone on about the difficulties of royal life and being part of the royal family? This interview is a betrayal of trust. Whatever way you look at it harry who claimed he wanted to escape the publicity of being a front line. Royal has swapped duty for a cash bonanza deal with netflix. We are not told if money has been paid for this interview.

The army veteran, who serviced with distinction in afghanistan, often talks about respecting the queen, but to be blunt, his decision to join his wife’s tell all on u.s television interview after they exited the royal family. So noisily and dramatically is another act of disrespect. The queen has always lived by the mantra of never complain and never explain. With her husband’s 100th birthday celebrations approaching the harry and meghan loose cannon continues to fire. The interview is the latest in a line of carefully planned publicity moves from the couple, and the announcement comes less than 24 hours after the duke and duchess of sussex announced that they are expecting their second child. If megan and harry’s decision to record an interview will be seen as surprising, their choice of oprah is not given their close friendship with the tv host who was a guest at their 2018 wedding in london and now lives just a short distance from the couple’s 14.5 Million dollar montecito mansion in december, the tv mogul made clear her close relationship with the couple when she promoted meghan’s new range of vegan coffee in an instagram post that is estimated to have been worth 1 million in free publicity. However, their decision to take part in such an intimate interview is certainly at odds with the couple’s ongoing insistence that they wish to maintain complete privacy. The palace said they would not be formally commenting, but a source said that the duke and duchess were no longer working members of the royal family and therefore any decisions they take with regard to media commitments were matters for them and they had no obligation to inform The royal household of such plans, phil dampier, who has been writing about the royals for 35 years and is author of royally suited harry and meghan in their own words, told male online news of the interview with the the last thing the queen and the rest of The royal family will want to hear at the moment he added the queen, prince charles and prince william, will be bracing themselves for a series of accusations and revelations, as will buckingham palace courtiers, and the sad truth at present is that harry and meghan boyed up by Recent legal victories against the press feel they have the upper hand.

There is little, anyone can do stop them, but history tells us that royal interviews, be they diana’s panorama.

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