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Well today, we finally have something good for you. Another royal baby is on the way because prince harry and meghan markle are expecting their second child. An official announcement released on sunday by the famous couple’s spokesperson stated. We can confirm that archie is going to be a big brother. The duke and duchess of sussex are overjoyed to be expecting their second child. The announcement was followed by a beautiful photograph taken by myself, harry man, the couple’s longtime friend. He posted it on his twitter. As well and wrote meg, i was there at your wedding to witness this love story begin and my friend i’m honored to capture it gray and even queen elizabeth herself, along with her husband and son, reacted to the happy news. Her majesty, duke of edinburgh, prince of wales and the entire family, are delighted and wish them well was the official statement from buckingham palace sure this news is exciting in itself, but did you know that the pregnancy announcement was actually made on a very special day? Sunday was the 37th anniversary of princess diana telling the public that she was pregnant with her second son harry, what a sweet tribute to harry’s late mother anyway, when megan’s second child is born. He or she will be the fifth grandchild of charles and diana and the eighth in line to the throne we’re, yet to find out the due date to the name, harry and megan have in mind and the sex of the baby.

So for now, we just have to wish that you can duchess of sussex good health, because they of all people know how it feels to lose a child new beginning after a loss. A few months ago, megan shared with the public how she suffered a miscarriage. Last summer she posted her article titled the losses we share in the new york times. The duchess shared how she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. One morning, while changing archie’s diaper, i dropped to the floor with him in my arms humming a lullaby to keep us both calm megan revealed. I knew as i clutched my firstborn child, that i was losing my second it’s, a heartbreaking realization for any woman, even at the hospital megan and harry started thinking about how they’d heal from this trauma. After all, as the duchess wrote in her post, losing a child means carrying an almost unbearable grief experienced by many but talked about by few many naysayers, didn’t believe that megan was telling the truth and said she only did it to become more famous, but in fact She decided to talk about her miscarriage to help others. She believes that when one person shares such a truthful and painful story, it allows others to do the same and releases the burden, and she also did it to show us all how important it is to ask others how they’re doing and actually listen to their answer. The load of grief often becomes lighter for all of us.

Megan wrote in her article, so the duke and duchess must be over the moon now, because this time the pregnancy is going well and their second child will be a rainbow baby. A term that’s used to refer to a child born after a previous miscarriage or neonatal death, and obviously he or she will have a big brother, archie, it’s, magic, harry and megan’s. First son was born in 2019, and his birth actually became the key factor in their decision to step down from their roles as senior royals. They just wanted archie to have a normal life instead of making him follow certain formalities, such as not allowing boys under 8 years of age to wear pants or forbidding kids to play monopoly yeah. Those are real real rules, so it’s easy to understand why archie’s parents wanted a different life for him, because each loving parent wants the best for their child. And if you see how harry and megan talk about their son there’s, no doubt about how much they love him, it’s been the most amazing experience i could ever possibly imagine harry once commented about becoming a father and megan said: it’s magic, it’s, pretty amazing. I have the best two guys in the world, so i’m, really happy and last october, when the two of them spoke to the evening standard about how their son was handling their new life in california, markle shared archie is so good, we’re very lucky with our little One he’s just so busy he’s all over the place.

He keeps us on our toes, ah megan, now. Imagine how the second child will keep you even busier by the way. We know that harry and megan will probably stop at two kids because, as harry revealed earlier he’s concerned about the global warming issues and for this reason wants to have two children maximum we’re. Yet to see if the famous couple is ever going to change their mind. Meanwhile, we send our best wishes to the happy parents to be and the whole royal family.

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