Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Canada pecting second child with Prince Harry

We begin with some good news on this valentine’s day. The duke and duchess of sussex are expecting a new bundle of joy, megan and harry shared a heartwarming photo along with a statement confirming their son. Archie will soon be a big brother. Now archery turns two on may 6th. The couple says: they’re overjoyed to be welcoming their second child. A statement from buckingham palace says queen elizabeth, the duke of edinburgh, the prince of wales and the entire family are delighted at the news of megan’s pregnancy. All right, ctv, news, royal commentator rachel burthelson joins me. Now from toronto, richard something for canadians to smile about, certainly today, another baby, prince harry and megan are expecting yeah. I think it’s good news for any family and certainly given that the duchess had a miscarriage last summer. I think it’s particularly good news for her. Now. This child will become probably the 11th great grandchild for the queen and the duke of edinburgh, the queen and duke just had a ninth great grandchild born that was princess, eugenie’s son, who has yet unnamed and their granddaughter zara tindall. The daughter of princess anne uh is also pregnant, announced that pregnancy in december so assume i assume that may take place prior to this child, so between the two of them. They’Ll have the 10 or 11 and of course this is also the fifth grandchild for prince charles, yes, that’s right and of course, we know with uh baby archie.

The couple was very secretive um regarding the pregnancy uh, wanting to keep things sort of very personal to them. We don’t know the gender of the baby right now, as we didn’t know, with their first child. But as you mentioned there, richard this all coming after megan was very open about her miscarriage last summer and and the response that she got of course from so many women who had been through the same thing really speaks to volumes of what uh a lot of Women around the world have been going through when it comes to childbirth, that’s right, but you know, megan. The dungeon statistics is not the only member of the royal family who’s had a miscarriage zara tindall had two of them. Uh, the countess of edward uh wife had one and the duchess of kent had one you know in the 70s or 80s which she did actually speak about fairly openly, but certainly after a time, uh megan, dr sussex, did speak about that incident last summer and i Think you know people really feel a degree of empathy and and sadness for her about what happened. So this is really happy news. Now this child will also be eighth in line to the throne. Prince harry is six, archie is seventh and at the moment we know that the they have decided that archie will not take his courtesy title, which would be earl of dunbarton, which is a secondary title that the duke has but this child.

If they were to have a title would be lord or lady, whatever their name would be again because they’re being raised in the united states and outside the working world, family they’ll, probably just leave them with their first name as we have with archie. And would this child be born, then, with a royal title? I guess not, then no they will not it is. It is possible that if, when prince harry becomes the son of a sovereign, in other words when prince charles becomes king, that the children could be upgraded to princes or princesses, i think that’s unlikely and always have thought it was unlikely. Since the the first child was born, i think that the wish of prince harry and megan would be that their children would be born up, would be born as commoners and would uh operate outside the royal family for their lives. So i think they’ll probably just go by their christian names and and the last name mountbatten windsor throughout their lives, but you know nonetheless it’s very exciting and uh. The difficulty is, of course, is when the rest of the world family is going to see this child. Given lockdowns, given the problems with travel, all of those things, this birth really was a bit foreshadowed. When megan got a nine month, continuance in the legal issues she’s been having with the british media a lot of people thought she was pregnant at times, so it doesn’t come as any great surprise to many of us.

Well, we want to wish her a very happy and safe pregnancy and a big congratulations, of course, to them. Ctv news royal commentator richard birthless and we always have to go. It was great to have you richard. Thank you so much for this. Thank you. Angie you’re.

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