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Today, the due conductors of sussex have announced they’re expecting their second child. This lovely photograph taken socially distanced, i believe, on an ipad um under a tree. What did you make quite reminiscent i thought of that? Not hill uh scene at the end, where hugh grant is lying with uh julia roberts, his character. So quite hollywood. But yes um. As you say ruth. This is the second child for uh, harry and megan that they’re expecting and it’s good news, because of course, in november she announced that she had suffered a miscarriage last summer and it comes after she’s won this court case effectively against the mail on sunday last week. So it’s a double cause of celebration for them we don’t know yet whether the child is going to be the queen’s, 10th or 11th great grandchild, because zara tindall is also expecting her third baby and because the sussex is haven’t. Given us any timings, although in that photo, i think we can agree that she probably is more than three months gone. I don’t know when which baby is going to arrive first, so, like buses, royal babies are going to be coming to a penny in the summer. Um but yes, this is going to be a child of course born now to quasi royals, harry and megan are now in america and effectively private citizens. So we shouldn’t be expecting much of a royal fanfare, no royal title, and indeed because they are so fiercely protected.

The privacy, despite this very glamorous, shot, which has been taken by a vogue photographer, we don’t, even know whether we can expect really to to hear this news until, after the event. What about the timing of the announcement camilla, because um princess diana announced on valentine’s day that she was pregnant with prince harry? Yes, i think they tried to echo that 37 years ago, not least because prince harry’s always very keen to continue his mother’s legacy. But i think they just thought it would be welcome news on the day of love, but what’s interesting, i think for prince harry is he’s caught in his own kind of tug of love isn’t. He between his immediate family and his priorities in america, and also the family firm and because this baby is expected in june, when there are a number of key royal events. Not least, the duke of edinburgh is 100th birthday, trooping the color and then a very special event on the july, the first, the unveiling of the statue to princess diana on what would have been her 60th birthday in kensington palace it’s now up in the air. As to whether harry can attend any of these events, we know megan’s, obviously out of the picture, but with the pregnancy news and covid. We just don’t know when he’ll be back in the uk. Okay, matthew your take on this um, i have to say i i i love the fact. The announcement came on valentine’s day uh, the echo of diana and harry, which i can remember reporting on back in the day.

I thought that was lovely and i’ve also seen as you would expect: feverish speculation in the press as to what the name this royal baby may have, and i see i’m actually really secretly delighted that diana is there and i’m thinking oh valentine’s day announcement. Maybe we will see her name resurrected if it’s a girl child. I think it’s really interesting as well uh to see how the media, the newspapers have reacted. Uh, the mail, presumably still bruised from its uh high court encounter last week has been doffing its cap very deferentially, and, quite rightly so, and on the day where, lest we forget, this is the day, the first anniversary of caroline flax suicide. I thought it was really unfortunate that some newspapers, the daily star being the most prominent, have chosen to go on the attack again wouldn’t. It be nice once to celebrate good news in a happy way. Okay, will you be celebrating the eat to help out scheme their calls today that the government should re run this scheme yet guys and and matthew i’ll go to you first with this that uh there was uh worry. There was speculation that this in fact encouraged the spread of the virus last time around whatever positivity it did for the hospitality industry. I think uh the university of warwick study, i think, found that uh. It increased transmission by almost like 17 percent in some areas. That was then we’ve got a new reality.

Now 15 million vaccinations offered uh we heard from the good doctor earlier. I mean very positively that that i i’m of the view that things are going to to loosen up significantly uh in march and april, and i would like to think uh, albeit with all the caveats we know about vaccination, that you need to wait a few weeks Before it sort of properly kicks in, except all those caveats i’d like to think that some degree of normality is now within our grasp, i really do i think we went too early. Last year we didn’t have a vaccine in place. I don’t think we had the virus under control this time around it’s a totally different picture. Okay, will you be 89 as soon as you can then camilla? Oh definitely wait to get back to the pub and have a family meal, and equally, i think, the hospitality industry – pardon the pun, needs the shot in the arm that the vaccine program has given, and things need to go back to normal. They’Ve also had to take one for the team, because parents have wanted schools to open soonest, and i think that should be the priority. They’Re not non essential retail and it’s like pubs and restaurants and bars are being kept in a bacons. I think they desperately need to get back to some normality because livelihoods, and indeed the economy, is at stake here. Camilla over the weekend, justin timberlake issued an apology to britney spears right.

This is all in connection with a a documentary: it’s called framing britney spears sky documentaries. It will be tomorrow night at 9, 00 p.m. Uh. What do you know about this? Well, i’m, fascinated by this story, because of course i remember acutely her very public breakdown and i think timberlake’s apology should probably be followed by an apology by the rest of us and those covering it in the media, because there was a degree of revelry at the Time in her complete and utter discombobulation – and i think if we reflect on it now with a much more sort of 2021 attitude to mental health, we would have treated it with a lot more sensitivity. I think there are complicated issues aren’t there between britney and her parents and the ownership of her branding, and this sense that she’s now not the child star, but a young woman who is um intent on kind of controlling her own affairs, and rightly so. So i’ll be quite tuned in. I don’t normally do this kind of showbiz stuff, but i think in this case there is a really interesting backstory behind everything that went on during this really difficult period in britney spears life. I mean we all remember seeing those headlines watching her unravel really um let’s have a look at the trailer for this, as i said, uh sky documentaries and the now tv entertainment path from tomorrow matthew. What do you make of this now and looking back at what you remember at the time, um seeing britney, obviously struggling with her mental health? I think she’s, a totemic really of sort of any massive young celebrity we in the media and as fans reduce human beings to sort of two dimensional products that we buy into when it suits us and that we dump all over when we’ve got bored with them.

We treat them like disposable plastic product rather than as people and i’ve seen it happen to so many people. I mentioned caroline flat uh. We saw it happen with princess diana. We we don’t know the whole person. We only see a representation and then within britney spears you’ve also got her father still having complete control of her finances of a woman now in her late thirties – and i just i just the notion that this should be allowed to go on. I find uh really quite nauseating and one final thing: justin timberlake it’s it’s. This uh apologies offered at the weekend it’s really again quite extraordinary he’s apologized uh for how he’s treated um uh brittany, but he also went on to apologize to janet jackson. The 2004 super bowl appearance – you remember where he sort of was supposed to rip at her costume and it was a famous uh. Her breast was exposed and i’d actually forgotten how janet jackson paid for that uh wardrobe malfunction with her career, her music blacklisted. She got no support from justin timberlake for years after that and he sort of finally held his hand up and said yeah. I was wrong to do that. I work in an industry that favors white males and i think, that’s a quite a brave thing to do. Maybe you should make reparations now and make good on some of the losses that she suffered, gosh guys. Thank you. Matthew. Camilla really appreciate that.

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