Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball, Rutgers Scarlet Knights men’s basketball, Big Ten Conference, University of Michigan, College basketball Press Conference: Gophers' Richard Pitino, Gabe Kalscheur & Brandon Johnson on Win vs. Purdue

Thank you. Everyone, uh, marcus, fuller, start us off. Please coach talk about um. Just that final minute and we’ve seen it before for marcus that you know you’re, you wanted to take that shot and he hit two big ones. Yeah i hit some big time, shots um, you know it’s the one thing about marcus and all these guys is. I want them to feel free to go, make some plays, and you know, even though at rutgers he didn’t, you know we got to step back and think about all the great plays that he had made, and you know we had worked on banking it from that Side we thought it’d be better for him, so we had talked about that um and just that it was a higher percentage shot for him and he called out bank. He was you guys, couldn’t hear it, but he called out banks so proud of him. Next, we will go over to andy greeter coach. What was the message to the guys? You guys were you know, kind of within striking distance, but could never quite get over the hump until those last couple shots. What was kind of the message? Most of the second half yeah, you know we just we. We were like, they were keeping us at arm’s length and we weren’t rebounding the ball. Um they kept getting offensive. Rebounds williams is so good um and you know we’re we had to if we played him.

One on one he was gon na score, so we had to be able to rotate, maybe with brandon. But if you rotate and put two on him there’s such a good offensive, rebounding team, you have to come down with guards um. You know, and we said that we thought we could win the game. If we looked at the box score and saw that a guy like gabe cowsher had eight rebounds. You know i mean you needed your guards to come back. Marcus got four rebounds, so just stay. The course you know we’re right there right in arm’s length, um, and you know i thought our guys showed really good poise and really good belief down the stretch hobie artig over to you coach. What can you say about gabe’s performance today i mean he’s, had some cool games but to make four in this game and really got and really kind of keep you guys in the game at moments whenever it mattered the most yeah i had to talk with gabe Before um practice yesterday – and i said gabe, i said this year is not going the way that you might have thought it would go, you know get in line with all of us right. I mean you know growing up. There was things i thought i never thought. I’D, be the head coach of minnesota, but i love it and i embrace it every single day and – and i take pride in it and i work really really hard and i do things the right way.

Gabe calsha, i told him i said, you’re an awesome human being like you’re, an awesome human being and whenever you’re done playing basketball like you’re, going to be extremely successful in life, that’s the most important thing like you’re about the right things. You work your butt off. Every single day, there’s, never an issue with you. Everybody is proud of you. Stop worrying. If you miss a shot, go be a gunslinger i’m, never going to tell you not to shoot ever i’m, never going to tell a guy to not take an open shot. I don’t care what the percentages are and i don’t care how crazy i look and go have fun smile you’re in college. You know i got to go home to a wife and three kids. Everybody knows on this call right that’s, when the real adversity hits not that i don’t love my wife or three kids, but have fun, and i i thought tonight um you could tell maybe that that he was enjoying himself and he was confident. So you know you get into coaching for guys like that, because he is a great person who works his butt off and deserves success, and it doesn’t always work out that way. Next we’ll go over to john shipley. You might be muted, john. There can’t hear you yep we’re, still not hearing anything on our end. All right we’ll go over to dave campbell here for the time being, if that’s, okay with everyone um, just picking back enough, the last question about gabe, but why? Why do you think the uh shots maybe felt a little bit better for him were the looks he was getting anything any different honestly, i thought he was getting good, looks like even the nebraska game, he’s one for nine and it’s, not like he’s off by a Lot, you know i mean like they all look good um, so i i don’t know you know i really don’t know i mean i just told them to keep shooting i’m, not going to tell you not to shoot um.

You know be ready at all times. You’Ve earned the right because you work your butt off. You defend. You do all the little things uh. So if you miss i’m gon na roll with you, i’m never gon na pull you um so i’m, not sure why tonight versus other nights i mean i do think he’s got some good looks. He just knocked him down tonight. Marcus fuller over to you um. Obviously trivion was a load inside, but what do you think of just the way liam kept battling and then obviously brandon gave you a lift as well on in the front yeah lee trayvon williams is really good, really good player, um and he’s such a good passer And if you go to trap him, they’ve got so many weapons um, we kind of started rotating a little bit more trying to block some of his shots, but we gave up a couple rebounds, but i thought that was the difference. Was we put a little bit more pressure on them at the rim and we rebounded the ball because they’re just they’re so physical? And if you make a mistake, they’re going to make you pay on the glass hobie we’ll go back to you. I mentioned keeping the game within arm’s length and not letting it get too far out of hand. It was kind of the opposite of what happened against purdue in that first game. Is that a sign of maturity that you see as we get deeper and deeper into the season that you say: okay, that’s, a learning experience that has paid off for this team yeah i mean that’s, why you try to get old and stay old? You know and it’s it’s getting increasingly harder so that you can draw back on those games and we kept talking in the huddles about we’re, not gon na wear down.

We wore down last time. We’Re not gon na allow ourselves to wear down, and you know experience is big. You know going through that. The first time was huge and i thought our guys understood like they saw it on the film, because we were ready to go at purdue. We played great in the first half, but we got tired and we stopped rebounding and hitting bodies when we needed to andy greater back to you. I know this. This game is fresh, but you take a second and step away and look at the big picture of where the what this does for you uh with march madness of five wins against ranked teams and and the overall resume. This helps. Well, i mean, i know, it’s a quality win. You know any time the game has changed. It’S just uh evolved where it’s all about the quality of your wins. I know now that we’ve beaten, ohio state, we’ve, beaten, purdue, we’ve, beaten, iowa, we’ve, beaten, michigan, we’ve, beaten, st louis. I would assume all of those teams are ncaa tournament teams. So yeah i mean that’s a huge win, but you know we’ll enjoy it today and then we’ll get back to work tomorrow and see. If you know maryland did a great job versus us um. So yeah i mean i, i 100 think it’s a great win. The beauty of this league is so many good opportunities. You’Ve got about 90 percent of your league that believes they can be an ncaa tournament team maryland believes it could be an ncaa tournament team, so we got to do a great job of responding and see.

If we can, you know, go get a tough one. Just waiting to see if we’ll get any additional requests for questions for coach, please pop a quick message in the chat. If you have a final question, john wasn’t sure, if you figured out your audio all set all right text, it john you want to put in the chat type it in or no unmute yourself, i’m, in a good mood. You want to come over here all right. I think we’re gon na, i think we’re gon na call it all right coach. Thank you for hopping on tonight have a good rest of your night. Thank you guys more zoom here, just a few moments. Everyone again for players for anyone who hopped on late we’ll have brandon johnson and gabe coucher. Thank you got it perfect gabe. Thank you for hopping on uh we’ll get right into questions for gabe just soon as the first one rolls in through the chat. Thank you. Marcus fuller start us off, please gabe uh. Take me through you know from your end, just the last minute and seeing marcus hit those shots and then obviously your free throws. Oh yeah, it was uh. Can we came down to the the end of the game? Uh clutch situations, marcus, makes a big shot. Uh we get, we get uh, we get a good, stop, um uh. They they come. They come trap us at the end. Uh we get the ball.

I knock down the free throws and we get a really big stop at the end um yeah it was a very big team win and i think um our defense and our hustle and our rebounds at the end is what sealed the game andy greeter over to You gabe richard talked about uh his talk with you after practice yesterday, just about big picture and trying to enjoy it, and you know relishing the spot that you’re in did that help you at all. What is it not to kind of hear that confidence from your coach yeah? It helped a lot um just on him, giving confidence just telling me just to go out there and just just play free, not worry about um, i miss or um. I mess up on the offense and just go play free and have a bunch of confidence um. I didn’t really just change my mind, focus just to not think about um too many things uh. So i feel like i was in a better mind, my frame um today in the game, and i felt really good being out there and a lot more confident. Next question will come from dave campbell. Did you do you feel like you ever did? Have some uh confidence wayne in recent weeks um because and every time we you spot up um, you know it seems like you’ve got to com still have that confidence. Yeah i mean uh i mean they were still.

They were so confident, but i mean uh. It was weighing down on me a little bit um overthinking uh, like what’s, going on with this mechanic stuff like that, so there’s a lot of things. In my mind, that is just too much, so i really just uh try to solidify and simplify it um, but just not thank you so much so i hope andy back to you, marcus a couple days ago talked about how he felt like the rutgers game. He took on the chin and took responsibility for that one. Obviously he does so many things for you guys so well what’s kind of the message after he has that rough game against rutgers and kind of bouncing back from it. I mean it’s on all of us. I mean it’s, not just on one person. I mean i’ve been in that situation, where i thought it was on me. I mean the records game. I thought it was on me and then he comes to me and talks to me and keeps me up, and the team keeps me up so i mean we’re all gon na go through slums. We are gon na be down on ourselves, but it’s, just how our team and like our brothers and our family just keeps us up, and i feel like we do a good job with that as players and as a coaching staff um. We all give each other confidence and um it’s on to the next marcus, fuller back to you, gabe.

I know the last time i brought this up um. You said you didn’t think about the ncaa tournament, but you know when you get these big wins. I mean they pile up right. You have five wins at home versus ranked opponents, so that that’s got to mean something right, yeah sure it does mean it does mean a lot um. I mean me personally, i’m, not thinking about the ncaa tournament, so i’m gon na give you another another uh uh answer like that: um it’s on to the next game. Um i mean my focus isn’t isn’t on in the future. I mean if we think about the future, we think about too much too much stuff right now, so it’s really um how well we did on defense, um uh. We made a lot of great offensive plays made a great lot of hustle hustle plays on defense and that’s. Already all i got ta say right now: next question will come from daniel house. Hey gabe, brandon johnson makes a lot of physical plays all over the court. How much does his mentality just rub off on all you guys? A lot i mean i said in the radio um that he’s he’s a pitbull he’s, a blue guy. He does a lot of the dirty work down there. Um and he’s he’s a he’s, a great player to have uh him having just that physical um presence down there and just helping us um get to get those tough tough little little plays that we needed to win the game.

It’S huge and last call for any questions for gabe’s i’ve not received any additional questions and gabe i’m, not seeing any. So. Thank you very much for your time have a great night. Thank you very much. We’Ll wrap up in just a few moments with brandon johnson. All right brandon, thank you for hopping on the call tonight. I will get writing questions for you, uh with the first one coming from andy greater, and you talked about the need to be more physical on the glass after the first game at purdue. It was much more even there. How did you guys feel like you did and how physical was it down there? I feel like we did good um. We fought pretty much from the game started to the game, ended uh. It was obviously some stuff we would want to do better, um on the offensive rebounding side and on the boxing out and everything, but it was a physical battle. That’S a strong physical team um we just got to just do better like those those type of games. Don’T feel they don’t sit well with me, knowing that i left something out on the court so, and i know my guys feel the same way. So we just got to bounce back and just play better next game we’re happy to get the win, but we got to play better dave campbell over to you brandon. How would you sort of step up or what would you point to first, when you just think about um gabe calstr’s impact, not just today, but i guess on the team as a whole, the game has had an impact on everybody.

Gabe um is one of the hardest working guys i’ve seen since i first got here uh he works every single day. If, if it’s not on the court he’s in the training room trying to get better like he does he he does everything he puts his heart and soul into this game and that spirit just goes into everybody else on the team, and that motivates us to keep Working every single day, regardless of what we feel like that day, like gabe, is the he’s the factor for us to get up every day and do what we do so gabe is a very important piece to this team and he always will be next we’ll go Over to daniel house, hey brandon, it felt like you guys, played with energy and physicality right from the opening tip tonight. Did you feel, like you, guys, played a little more confident with a different mentality? Tonight, uh, we definitely came into it with a different mentality because uh at purdue we started off good but later on in the game, like everything just faded like we wore down for sure and uh, the emphasis was like going in to halftime coach. Just basically just told us, like we’re, not gon, na wear down, we just got ta, keep doing what we’re doing stay strong, regardless of whatever’s going on just fight through everything, fight through adversity, fight through all of it, and today we did. We didn’t have a relapse of what happened at purdue, so i’m thankful for that and uh guys i’m, proud of my guys for accomplishing that marcus, fuller over to you towards the end.

There you um, you rushed uh, trevion and and tried to get the block when he was on on liam, and then he traveled, i mean talk about the defense on trevion later in the game, to try to keep him from winning it for purdue guy’s, a great Player great big, great, all around player, i knew like going into the timeout once they they had the ball coming back in. I knew that they were going to try to feed it to him because he was pretty much doing whatever he wanted all night. He like he was getting. He was playing great, so i told marcus i told gabe. I was like i’m going to help liam out on this, so y’all gon na have to box out my man because i’m going in to help him. So, regardless of i once he put the shot up, i knew i was going to go in to help and that last minute, regardless, if i went up to go, try to contest it, i had to hurry up and get back to try to get the rebound Because they’re, a great rebounding team and we can’t allow like them to get second chances and that definitely would have shot us in the foot for sure all right brandon and i have not received any additional questions for you yet so with that said, thank you very Much for your time have a great evening. You too appreciate it same goes to everyone else.

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