New Jersey Devils, MacKenzie Blackwood, Boston Bruins Palmieri Has HUGE Game For NJ Devils Against Bruins / Pavel Zacha Impresses, He Getting There?

I just want to say thank you to all my subscribers. If you want to join our hockey team it’s free click subscribe hit. The notification bell to all. Thank you all so much let’s get started wow. This was another huge victory for the devils. You know beating the boston bruins, who are one of the top teams in the east. A lot of their forwards are clicking have another phenomenal year. You know with with bergeron and apostronoc and marchand, you know it’s a tough team to play and they always play us very hard, and you know they had some key injuries to zebora and grizzly coming in the game. Those two players always hurt us in the back end so um. You know it was a great game. It really was another hard fought victory for the devils. A couple of more different key points that i want to talk about in this game, especially with paul mary. Getting officinide, and that leads me off with number one. I want to talk about this because every video i’ve done leading up to this video. I always talk about paul mary having to score because we need him to chip in and um. You know all the analysts said you know once he gets one they’re gon na come and he got two tonight and it was just great to see so um. He scored the first goal on a beautiful uh drop pass from hughes came in and shot shot.

The puck kind of like the far side and scored beautiful goal. He said that you know it meant a lot to him. The way the guys really um were so excited for him. So um, you can see the emotion on his face. He was thrilled to get that one off his back as any player is when they start the year off like this but um. You know he scored again after that um on a shorthanded break um, putting the puck kind of like through the legs and um. You know a great game when you could score two goals and really get that that off your back so um, hopefully you can keep it up, especially with hisha coming back. Their chemistry is, is uh great to see. So hopefully you can start scoring some goals and helping the team out um number two paul ozaka. I love the way he’s been playing this year. I’Ve been a strong proponent of his game this year. You know it’s been tough to defend in the past couple years, but this year, he’s really making a case for a lot of devils fans who were down on him the past couple years. I know when you’re chosen. Sixth, overall, you have a certain thing. You have to live up to and um when you see players that have been drafted after him, you know becoming superstars and him still trying to find his game um. You knew i had a feeling.

It was going to come a little later kind of like a sean couturier sort of situation with philly took him a while to get where he got but um. You know i’m not saying zach is going to get to where the cherry is but um. You know. I, like the way zaka’s been playing. I really have this year, he in the past seven games. He has six points and every game you see him playing better and better out there. You know you can put him with different line mates each and every game and he still excels he’s a great player playing the defensive game and you could see his offensive skill really really starting to rise, especially with tonight’s goal was a beautiful goal. The way butcher gained the zone the way he that he passed the puck to zaka the way xhaka could have had different a couple of different options, but he spun around with the puck as soon as he got it and when he did that immediately fed uh Johnson and found the open area took the pass and scored, so it was a beautiful goal and um. You could see his offensive game starting to click um, especially with the goal last game against the rangers rip that shot top shelf so um. You know hopefully it’s something that he’s gaining more and more confidence with each game. That comes because i want to see xhaka succeed. You know um he’s, he’s, a good player he’s, a good guy, the teammates love him.

So hopefully he can keep this in game in game out and um. You know i love when the way they can put him with anybody and – and he finds success this year, so hopefully xhaka could keep it up. Number three i have johnson and with johnson stats. He played 11 games. He has two goals. Two assists four points, nothing to really wow you about, but i love watching him play and i love watching him progress this year, too um you knew coming from a different team with different line mates, different system. It would take a while to get used to the players here in the system. It happens to every person when they’re treated and um. You know he’s no different. It took him a little bit of a while to get used to it, but i love what he’s becoming he’s such a small guy but he’s so tenacious out. There he’s quick to the puck hitting people. Um he’s aggressive on his four check. He’S got a great shot. He could find the open man beautifully and um. You know i love what happened with him in the ranger game. Last night he’s got a little a little edge to him. You see him getting knocked down in front of the net when xhaka scored. He turned around and cursed that guy out, then he went to go celebrate with the boys. So i love what johnson’s offering i think he’s going to be one of those fan favorites.

The more and more you see him play um. I really like him too. You know you could put him with different line, mates and he’s finding his way with each and every line. Um. You saw tonight that he was he played with um hughes and paul mary. A lot towards the end of the game, so um, you know he’s going to be bouncing on different lines once he finds his chemistry. I like what we saw from brat, uh, brad, hughes and johnson, so hopefully, when he’s back he’s, he finds the right mix of line combinations because i think johnson’s really just going to take off throughout the rest of the year, so it’s been fun to watch him Play and i love the way he’s getting better and better each game um. You know when that pass he made to uh xhaka tonight. That was another thing that um it really wowed me, because when you take a pass like that off of that, you know he’s in close proximity to the net, where he could have got a good shot off the pass. But what what he did was he took the pass, took some time waited found the open man and got the assist for soccer’s goal, so that shows top six talent. So hopefully he can keep it up and show more as the year goes on butcher now butcher to me, i’m glad he’s, finding more and more time playing um glad he’s playing over tennyson.

Now you know just let him keep playing and see what he has to offer, and tonight he got another big assist and, like salvador said the way he gained the zone really the way he skated in the zone with the puck. He created that open area for xhaka to um do what he had to do so um. You know a goal last game and assist this game. I know he’s not the biggest point producer, but hopefully he can keep it up. He played pretty strong again so hopefully each game he’s in there and he can be a contributing factor to our back end uh blackwood. Of course you got ta talk about him. Another phenomenal game: he’s 4 0 in the season, made a lot of big saves and the biggest one came with seconds remaining on posture knocks. So you know it’s gon na be a grind for uh blackwood this year, um it’s gon na be one of those situations where we’re playing a lot of games in a short amount of time, so he’s gon na be playing a lot. So hopefully he has the stamina to keep it up: gaming and game out and um. Hopefully he can keep it up because he’s looking just phenomenal out there and um, you know i love watching him play so definitely keep it up, uh, mackenzie and number five. I want to talk about the guys who have played tonight. Vaughn saw his first game uh first game of the year he looked pretty solid out there, um kulakov was back in the lineup, he looked pretty good and um.

You know we have uh all the players mostly coming off the list. There’S one left with nico, he sure so can we see some of the players start to play on saturday and sunday with zajac and gusev, making the lineup, um and even he’s. Here i don’t know you know: lindy ruff said once he’s off the list he’s coming right into the lineup, so um can these guys play saturday and sunday for us against uh? You know buffalo or washington’s be curious to see what happens so. Hopefully they can get in the lineup and we’ll finally get to see a full lineup this year for the first time so um very encouraging to see. I love the way this team’s playing i’m still not trying to get too hyped about the team because to be a top four in uh. The east it’s gon na be a tough challenge, but this team is showing that they have. You know the way they play. The game they could do it so um again it’s one of those things you don’t want to get too high, but they’re playing so good, each and every game. Every game there’s different things to talk about, which is very fun. For this team. You have a lot of players and i didn’t expect all these players to make such an impact. This year you know mcleod, bastian, quocan and merkley, when he’s in makes an impact, um sharon govich all these players, ty smith, um all these players and he was taking a huge leap.

This year i didn’t expect it and it’s it’s awesome to watch and it’s. So encouraging to see all these players making such an impact where we still have foot in the line, a foot down the pipeline, we have holtz coming in. We have mercer and a couple we have so much talent in in the waiting where this team is playing. So well now, with with our prospects and our young players that it’s so encouraging to be a devil’s fan right now to see this team the way they’re playing it’s so fun on a nightly basis. So hopefully they can keep it up. So comment below what you think about this. Thank you all for watching. I really appreciate your time watching the videos smash that like button, if you haven’t done so and subscribe to the hockey skate down, join our hockey team. Thank you all. So much have a great rest of the night have a great day tomorrow.

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