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Stopping a whopping 33 shots on goal out of a total 34.. You love to see jacob from come into rogers arena getting the win, but this time it’s for the flames. We have ourselves. What was a vancouver canucks loss and again, is this. The best case scenario, best case scenario, spelled with a b o e s t, because what we had in this game was a three to one loss, where the canucks scored a goal from besser that was assisted by pedersen. So besser is still one of the top nhl goal scorers in the entire league and the quads to lose. They don’t get any points so that’s the luke hughes race coming out over here. Is this the best case scenario? Please let me know in the comments if it is, but ultimately the flames end up taking what their third straight game against the vancouver cadux yeah no big deal, and it was a jacob markstrom versus stature, demko, goaltending battle here. This one was honestly pretty good. Both the goalies looked pretty good. I think demko made some very good highlight reel saves once in a while markstrom made some highlight reel saves once in a while too it’s just crappy, because for the two goals that demco led in when the game was still kinda tight, they were both goals. Off of the defenseman in front that were his own guys very good positioning over there very lucky goals for the vancouver canucks to succumb to with the calgary flames, but the third goal that thatcher demko, let in oh, is it his fault.

I don’t know it’s a breakaway off of a bad change once their power play concludes. Is that the goalie’s fault, in my opinion, no it’s, not really the goalie’s fault. When you put yourselves in a terrible position, when you go out there and change, leaving alex edler the guy coming off onto the ice as the guy who’s running back trying to chase johnny goudreau of all people, yeah edler’s not going to be able to catch up There no surprises that goodro of all people is going to get a breakaway and score on it, so demko not really his best, showing in terms of the statistics, but honestly, i thought he played extraordinarily well. You just can’t fight off two goals off of your own guys and then a breakaway, because your guys are going off on a change at the wrong time. As for jacob markstrom, though, this guy absolutely robbed the canucks a few times as well, vancouver had a whole bunch of great scoring chances really nice chemistry plays with miller and pedersen, and all that stuff. You saw hoglander doing some very good things as well, but markstrom, as we know, jacob markstrom can be was the absolute robber. In this scenario we had ourselves also. What was a moment that i wanted to talk about here. The tribute video done for jacob marks from chris tanev and josh levo it’s, almost like mark strum and tan, have kind of knew what was happening because jacob markstrom went over to tanev the entire time the video was rolling and he stood in front of him.

Not really looking up he’s just kind of looking towards the bench, and you could see the camera trying to look at what the reactions were to tan evan markey, but not mark he wasn’t giving it to anybody. I don’t know if that’s a move just despite the vancouver canucks and the fan base – it’s, probably not it’s, mostly just in my opinion, a situation where they’re like okay there’s. This tribute going on for me right now, but you know what that’s cool. I appreciate my time here, but i want to be focused on the game, which is why chris tanev, even after the video was rolling, he was just right away talking to the defensive coach. They were looking at the ipads and going over what the next strategy would be, and i know a lot of canucks fans were kind of upset about how those guys mark stromtan, evan levo, were reacting to the video. But you know what that’s kind of just funny. In my opinion, you know i don’t really think they owe it to anybody to pay their respects, and you know just kind of look up at the what’s. It called the jumbotron titan tron titantron’s wwe jumbotron the entire time and like sob their eyes out yeah. I don’t really think that’s realistic. So the way it went down, it was just kind of funny jacob markstrom kind of doing everything he can to not really give the media any ounce of let’s just say vulnerability by watching that kind of video that tribute that the canucks laid out for him, but Instead, it looked like it worked because he didn’t get distracted, nor did tanev nor did levo.

They all looked very effective. Tanev was out there, making good plays blocking shots, deflecting brock besser chances out in front. As we know, chris tanev is able to do jacob. Markstrom was out there robbing the canucks left and right and now, if you take a look at the nhl standings, the vancouver canucks have lost six in a row in regulation two. So this is the worst case scenario right here or is it the best, because luke hughes is one of the top prospects of the nhl entry draft? The canucks are now second last in the north. They are only ahead of ottawa by seven points too. Look at the gap between vancouver and calgary for what would be third last in the entire north division. It’S three points like that’s, a big gap right here and vancouver has four games played on the calgary flames? This team is yeah it’s gon na take a miracle for this team to come out here and make the playoffs, because i think it was clay imu who did the math or whatever it’s gon na take like 26 wins something like that in the next they’ve played. What 14 games yeah? If we subtract 56 14 46 40 40 games? They have to win over 500. They have to win like 26 in the next 40 yeah that’s gon na be difficult. That’S gon na be really really hard, and if you go over to the points percentage, because that is definitely a very good indication of how good a team is doing or excuse me how well a team is doing good by the way is an adjective not an Adverb, so you cannot describe actions with the word.

Good. Vancouver is third last in the nhl and boyd’s percentage, detroit ottawa la oh, these teams, they’re so bad. These were bad teams last year, they’re bad teams this year, the vancouver cadets, are now part of that club. Oh the agony, the only reason they’re up there in the points is because they have 17 games played, which i will say probably has contributed to a big bulk of the vancouver canucks fatigue over the past few games or the past 17 games, because the last break They had yesterday and the day before that it was the first time the entire season. We have had a two day break for vancouver, cadux hockey and they haven’t been practicing. They haven’t had the time to do so: strict quarantine, regulation, social distancing and all that stuff. This team has been put in the worst case scenario by the nhl fate and the entire hockey gods among us, but no big deal right. No big deal they’re still going to come out here and make the playoffs win 26 out of the next 40 and be good to compete for the stanley cup right right. That was the plan. That was what they wanted to do. Come back here be better than they were last year, which was a second round caliber team 10 minutes away from being a western conference, finalist team yeah they’re totally able to do that when their winning percentage is down there with detroit and ottawa and l.

a, oh man, I think we’re starting to make some big realizations here boys next vancouver canucks game. If we go over to the schedule – and we take a look at what they’re going to do – hey next, three games against calgary of all teams, saturday february 13th, let’s see how that game ends up going and for the record, because i know some people are going To call me out in the comments i didn’t think they played poorly in tonight’s game. They played honestly pretty well jacob markstrom played really well too thatcher. Demko played really well as well it’s, just the canucks, just can’t find a way to score goals and the only goal they did score on jacob markstrom was kind of a give me. It was a dunk, it was a oh, the puck is right there in front of the net and nobody can see it mark. Strom doesn’t know where it is. He thinks he has it he’s wondering why the whistle is not blowing so besser. Who is right there? Just kind of looks at it: he’s like oh, the puck’s right there, boop it’s in the net boom it’s in and yeah, they can’t score any real goals anymore, oh boy, it feels really great to be a knox fan right. Let me know in the comments we thought about this game i’m kind of done. Talking about this.

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