Board of education, School board in California makes hot mic comments about parents

No, nine is i’ll comment on non agendized action, okay and then, and so we have zero public comment on non agendized items. Oh all, the public comment is related to agendized atom. Oh i see it so we’ll just say so: 12., 6.0 we’ll we’ll, add public i’m. Sorry, no on agenda’s item and then you can just yeah that the these will be read a lot of the meeting after three minutes per individual. The board appreciates all public input. We don’t have to restate that three o’clock and all that because it’s already happened. Do i do you want me to just say i’m moving 9.0 to in place of 6.0 and just thank you, that’s, fine and it’s, just but it’s going to be agendas items, because the comments are for agendaized items, not non agendized items items do i need to Say it again, so one more time do i need to read the public comment on non agenda items again and said: there’s no comments on non agendized items. No, you just 9.0. We we have no public comment on non agenda items so then go to 10.00, removing 6.0 i’m going to show the oath of office and i’m making it 6.0 public comment on agendized items: correct! Okay! Is that still a 20 minute time limit? I better go to the bathroom i’ll be back or is it because it’s a jedi’s item it’s no there’s, no time limit, we we generally haven’t for things that are on that.

Would that would cause a storm that we don’t want to deal with yeah, the other ones that we’ve done before we did all of them. I think we’ve had more than this before you know i was talking to. I was talking to one of my buddies, he’s um he’s out in benicia, and they just recently changed um how they do public comment and the anyone that wants to put in a public comment has to call into their tech department and they record their message. And it only lets you go for three minutes and just let you know that hey before you start once you hit three minutes, it’s going to stop and that’s it and you’re done, and then it records them and then they just hit play play play until you. They actually get played during the thing and it they don’t have to be read. I think we should do that so i’ll that’s. What i wanted to ask, and with some direction i’ll uh i’ll get some more information on that and figure out. He said he would uh, have his tech guy walk us through that, so i think that would be amazing. Well, mr president, isn’t here but i’m sure that she i’m sure that she would be loved that too. Why we could we do that when i was president Laughter? Will our tech will our tech department be able to handle that greg? What i missed? No sorry lisa.

So this is. This is kind of right up your alley with um technology i was. I was talking to one of my buddies he’s, the superintendent in benicia and we’re, talking about public comment, and they just recently switched to their tech department, set it up to where people that want to submit a public comment, call in and have to leave a message And so and the message will cut you off at three minutes so it’s like hi, my name is greg hetrick. I i live at. You know 22 21 delta road knights in california, and i wish to speak on blah blah blah blah and they say it and does it do that and if three minutes comes it just cuts them off mid sentence and you’re done and say, and then that gets Uh that gets saved and they they send it in. I love that right. I like i, was just oh that’s, a good idea when i was president that’s great. We need that i’m i’m, all for it, but the question is: will our i.t department be able to break away from what’s going on yeah? We want making the announcement that we’re switching anything until we’ve, worked it out and made sure that we can do it and uh all that so yeah i’ll, kelly and i’ll work on that, because that means you would literally have to pull someone from it. During that day, and they would have to just sit there and and wait for people to call and record and my understanding is it’s set up like you just leave a message in it.

But it will only allow you to leave a three minute message from start to finish: okay, and so it just goes and then it just you know it captures it and then and then goes oh boy, you know what at cam i was just thinking kim. I was just thinking right now just to encourage you, yeah people it’s easy to hide behind a screen and put it, but when you’re face to face with people it’s a whole different, it’s, a whole different ball game. Well, what’s funny is that uh she’s friends with who i went to title tower and then it was posted it’s like whatever i wasn’t doing anything bad. I could i really i honestly don’t care about that part, but you know what are we alone yeah if you’re going to call me out i’m going to you up? Sorry that’s! Just me, you know they forget that there’s real people on the other side of those those letters that they’re writing community members. We have kids or have known kids that have gone to these schools right having a vested interest in this process, and they don’t know what we right behind the scenes and it’s really unfortunate exactly they want to pick on us because they want their babysitters back right. Right all right, i agree and it’s funny it’s just it. I just need to get yeah. My brother had a delivery service for medical marijuana. The clientele were parents with their kids in school Laughter, that’s awesome.

So when you got when you got your kids at home, no more flooding, no more all of his football pictures down yeah your quarterback might be training you’re, not happy. I heard frankie’s not working right. All three of our candidates are open and ready to go when we’re ready to go okay, uh, oh lorelani, just fyi, you guys have the meeting. Oh, we have the meeting open to the public right now, uh uh that’s.

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