Chelsea F.C., Southampton F.C., Premier League, Thomas Tuchel, UEFA Champions League Get SIXTH Consecutive Win And Remain UNBEATEN? Chelsea vs Southampton Preview

I hope you are all doing well today. I really do hope that and welcome to your match preview of chelsea versus the saints that’s right southampton in the premier league thomas two calls boys march on yet to be defeated. Yet, to concede a goal to an opposition player, a draw against wolves for his first game and he’s been winning ever since. Of course, southampton are in terrible form, and this could be their sixth defeat in a row in the premier league, which seems unprecedented. If you consider how well they were doing earlier, they were top of the league. Then they were third for a long time. You know so we’re gon na crack into all of it today do consider subscribing to this channel if you’re new to football therapy drop a like. If you want to show your sweet sweet love as we move on and get into today’s match preview right. So thomas ducal has some stuff to say in his press conference in terms of injuries, thiago silva is not available, which a lot of people hoped he would be for this game. I think he’s being rested for the atletico madrid game. Christine bullesig is out with a tight calf injury, which you know gives its own concerns. Is he ever going to have a long term stint in the team i’m concerned? Kai everts can be welcomed back into the squad and has been training, and we might see him play against the saints.

So this would be massive for chelsea. Southampton are, of course, due a win and that’s always a very difficult time to play. An opposing team when they’re generally a good team remember southampton, are a good team. Ralph hassanul is a good ideological manager or you could say, it’s a kind of like dogmatic manager that has a very good way of playing. But when that doesn’t work you get beaten, nine nil, because you just don’t know how to defend, and then you might get beaten, nine nil again next season, but they’ve been riddled with injuries of late and i think players have been slowly creeping back in and like. I said they’re due a win, so that is a very deadly time to play them and you could argue: chelsea are due a loss, so this is going to be maximum effort and concentration from the boys and they will be looking to seal all three points. I have done a predicted, lineup and i’m going to take you through that in just a moment, but let’s take a look at how the saints lined up last time they played. This is looking much more like ralph hassanutel’s. First choice: 11.. Maybe shay adam’s up there with danny ings, but his first choice back four james ward, perhaps back in the middle armstrong’s back there, romeo’s back in and of course, danny yings. The talisman, who always seems to score in this game against chelsea, danny yings, will be the danger man that chelsea uh, thomas tuchol, and everyone have to look out for and try and marshal him appropriately he’s high in confidence and really he’s a sort of top six Elite premier league striker, certainly if you can keep himself fit he’s very, very good.

Interestingly, apparently, he hasn’t signed a deal i’ve heard on a football podcast yet with southampton in terms of an extension, because he wants a buyout clause, apparently in case a top top elite champions. League team comes in for him, which you imagine they could do, because i think he’s like late 20s, and he feels he should have one more chance at the highest level and that he’s good enough – and i think so too. So good luck, danny ings anyway. Back to the game, so of course romeo in the midfield and bertrand at left back both ex chelsea and both will always want to play well against the blues, and you know maybe score a goal or a sister goal: they’re both hugely influential players and with kyle Walker, peters back at right, back they’ve got a lot of dynamism and they are like. I said before: they’re a very good team players have come back in and they will absolutely feel that you will win here and remember. They have beaten big teams before oh yeah and let’s do our best to avoid all forms of set pieces, because i think james ward, proud, has scored more direct free kicks or you know, assisted from corners than any other player in the premier league lately, or some Mental stat, so we will have to be fully on point defending set pieces and without thiago silva. You know you do worry in terms of that, you fancy that’s the way they can score a goal and, like i said we’re, yet to score, we get to concede.

Excuse me a goal from an opposition player so cross everything, and hopefully we can control this game anyway. Let’S show you my predicted, lineup and move on to the next screen: bang, bang three four two one! Yet again, thomas tukel has reiterated a couple of times that eduard mendy is his first choice goalkeeper, and we can expect him to return between the posts for this game. Of course, thiago silva is out and we can expect continuity in the back three. So with that, andreas christensen, in the middle, with sp liquita on his right and antonio rudiger on his left and it’s worked well so far, so great in terms of the engine room i’ve also gone for continuity with java chitch that’s right. Although angola kente is fit. I do expect to see kovacic and georginio continue in the midfield, because, while it’s going right, why would you change it? To be honest, while we play this formation, i completely understand why marcus alonso would keep his place, and i would wish him to keep his place in this instance, so marcus alonso to start at left wing back of course, he’s got a goal in them as well, And callum wants to detour to start at right. Wing back does seem a little bit harsh from reese james who hasn’t done much wrong, but calamansi adore has been one of our most influential players under thomas zukul and he’s had his best games at right wing back.

So play him again at right wing back right, here’s, where it gets a little bit more difficult. Tammy abraham has been training and i think he is available for selection and did start very well. Remember the player i’m most sure of starting is timo verna and i think he’ll be playing in that left channel where he seems to do his best to work under tooh. Now, in the other inside half space player i’ve gone for mount slash, heaverts now, generally i’d. Pick mount every time, especially if it’s good form, but last time out, he wasn’t that great and you’d expect him to train. Well, so maybe he’ll start again, it’s likely he starts again, but i’ve put havoc in there, because havoc has been training and tuchel will want to have a look at him playing some first team football in the premier league, so there’s a high chance that kai havert Starts this game, maybe in that inside forward half space number 10 or who knows maybe as a striker, so fourth striker, i have put abraham if he’s fit slash kai, havertz because remember as well, it could be a three four one two, so it could be like A mason mount behind werner and heavert. Do you know what i mean? That could definitely be the formation, so there you go that’s my formation and lineup speculated let’s, move on to the next screen and talk about the game a little bit more.

Of course. Three points would be massive here, as it would be at any point now because we’re trying to secure this top four space, of course, we’re sitting in fourth now i believe it’s just on goal difference ahead of west ham, which is mental. We need to pull away from them and liverpool, which again sounds absolutely crazy. We need it does look like city and leicester are nailed on, maybe united as well so it’s gon na be so so difficult to stay in the top. Four games like this are vital. Southampton will be absolutely looking to you know, suck upon chelsea get a grip back on their season and they, you know they’ll back themselves to do it hugely influential players, like james ward, browse danny ings. You know they’ll be looking to score against chelsea and if we can get three points here, it will be massive, and you know the conversation. The positivity around chelsea will continue, especially going into the atletico madrid game. Of course, i’m going to do a match preview. For that game, but i believe they have one win in their last three games: atletico madrid – they won’t have you know himino’s. So if we can take a positivity from yet another win under thomas two call into that game, it would be huge. So what do you guys think get down into the comment section below and let me know your thoughts, feelings and opinions on this game.

Who do you think is going to start what’s going to happen? Give me your score. Predictions i’ll be down in the comments section below reading what you have to say and interacting with you guys. So please do share the love if you’ve enjoyed the video today drop a like and share the video and never really ask anyone to share the video. But i think it helps you know tweet it out or do it on your socials. It really means a lot friends consider subscribing to this channel if you’re new enjoy the football – and i will see you later so tough with that bad boy, tuck imma, get it. How i’m living imma walk the walk outline my lines, i rap through thought body bag. The verse outline to chuck in my life scene trouble hustle on the double silence on the trigger. Like my pick got a muzzle yo chick like to guzzle bad boy. Stay in trouble, i only love this paper.

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