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This video, the chelsea news update today, is focused on thomas tucker’s, press conference, injury, news, possible team news updates on eduard mendy, kepper and, most importantly of all, hakim ziesh and concerns over christian protositch. So without further ado hit that subscribe button and the like button and let’s get cracking so as usual, you get a notification that chelsea have got the pre match press conference, you go on it and you got ta sit there, ten minutes before they appear. I just wish that they just do it on time. It’S really frustrating. I work full time and i’m off for a couple of days, so i got to watch the whole press conference and it was interesting to see obviously there’s early team news and injuries. Thiago silva is not fit for the game. Let’S just say that first and foremost, thiago silva will miss the game along with christian pulisic. Now christian protositch complained yesterday in training of having a tight calf and was pulled out of training as a precaution. To prevent further injury, will he be available for the game tomorrow? Will his car calm down? I think it’s too early to risk him. We’Ve got athletico coming up tuesday, man united next weekend, i would say just rule out silva and christian pulisic on the game. The good thing is tammy: abraham is back fit, he’s been training well, along with kai havoc, as we saw the images yesterday, although thiago silva is in training it’s too early for him to make the start so havertz is available and will be in the squad for Selection and tammy abraham as well thomas tuchel, was asked obviously of the situation regarding the goalkeepers, and he spoke about the fact that kepp has played the last couple of games and had two clean sheets.

His words was that’s. All you can ask for from a goalkeeper. Is that he delivers his best and he’s done that, but he reiterated the fact that eduard mendy is the number one he said, it’s a sensitive position, the goalkeeping position, but you have to be clear from the word: go kepper understands it and feels as though he’s Got his confidence back after those two games, which is great man, management from thomas tukel, but kepper was aware that at the moment, eduard mendy is the number one. So mendy will come back into the team tomorrow, that’s pretty certain. He was also asked about the situation regarding the amount of players that he’s used so far in the games. Everyone more or less has had involvement in the six games, he’s managed already. Some players have played more than others. Some players just come in briefly, but he reiterated the fact that this is such an important time for the squad, with the way that the games are coming thick and fast. Every three four days: every single player in the chelsea squad is going to be needed and the message was clear: everybody’s got to be training well and they’ve got to be ready, and that was a a real key point that he reiterated in his press conference. It’S. The same that frank used to do earlier in the season, he’s doing it again, thomas tuchel and his point was whether it’s five minutes or 45 minutes.

You need to be ready to come on and deliver and play that’s a lot of time that you’re, given whether it’s starting games, whether you come on at half time, whether you come on late, you need to be ready to play training well and ready, focused to Deliver he was then asked about hakim ziyash and his lack of involvement. So far in the premier league he’s been on the bench three times now: sheffield united, newcastle tottenham didn’t come on he’s been left on the bench and his first response, thomas two cow, which you have to commend him, was well that’s, my fault it’s. All down to me it’s the decisions i need to make and tukel reiterates the fact that he makes these decisions for the best of the team. He makes these decisions just you know, knowing that someone’s always going to be left out or you know, they’re not going to get a chance to play, and he reiterated the fact that he does the best that he can to pick the right team for the games And everybody still needs to work hard. He did reiterate that hakumazia she’s, not the only one that’s, had a lack of minutes as well, but again the message that he said he talked about earlier about everybody being ready. He said the same thing about hakim ziyash. He needs to be training well, he needs to be focused and he said that he has been and he said that he needs to be ready for what he’s called upon.

What he did say is that if he keeps training the way that he is, then things will change for him and it will turn full circle. He’Ll be playing that other people, probably won’t, but he did say that he will not reveal when that will be. So will it be tomorrow, will it have an involvement against athletico? Will he be involved against man united? I guess we have to wait and see, but the message is clear to hacking zias that he needs to to to be ready to be fit and have the right mentality and attitude keep doing what he’s doing in training and the chance will come. No one mentioned anything about a possible move away: speculation that we’ve seen of late people did ask about the fact that christian police has been linked with a move away or could be allowed to leave. I’Ve not seen that personally and christian polisik is a chelsea player and thomas tukel was quick to maintain that his future is here. He could be a big star for chelsea in the future, which is great to hear. So what do we think about the game tomorrow? If we look at the preview now for the game southampton versus chelsea southampton is a good good team. Yes, they’ve had their their wobbles considered nine again the other week down to ten men. They do have defensive. Fraud is but they’re potent up front, danny yings up front with shay adams they’re, you know been supported out wide by armstrong and you’ve got the likes of wardrobes the middle and midfield the hard work in romeo, who was at chelsea years ago, they’re a good hard Working team, they have got walker, peters out, injured and one other so it’s a chance for chelsea to to take our good form.

There go with confidence, go with our philosophy and deliver a performance, but who will play? Will thomas two kill be looking at the future? Now what was interesting in his press conference? He said the training is taking place at three o’clock this afternoon. Normally you sort of have the impression that the players are in the morning at breakfast, together have a team meeting, maybe look at some video footage. Then they start training around lunchtime but it’s clear that this guy, you know he likes to come in. He likes to get himself prepped and he likes to focus on the opposition. Maybe you know doing some research and some more stats, stat work and tactical side of things and then bring the players in and that’s what it seems to be doing today. So will he have an eye on athletico, tuesday, atletico flying high la liga top of the league playing well it’s a hard hard game? Will that game on tuesday have any bearing on the team selection tomorrow? I think it will. I think that the players have been playing every other couple of days or so they’re into a rhythm, and i think it is time for other players to come in and start tomorrow to keep other people fresh for athletico i’m, wondering if it’s a chance for kurt Zuma to come back in into the back four, maybe give sp a and play rudiger christensen and zuma as the three mendy and goal those three at the back ben chilwell could come in and get the start, maybe because he’s not featured in the league, he maybe Get the start see how he does against southampton away and he could then seal the spot in the starting eleven for atletico madrid away.

I think you’re gon na see callum on the right hand, side rhys james was only a substitute against newcastle. I think rhys james will be will be saved for the game at atletico because having that defensive stability wide, as well as a threat going forward, but, most importantly in these champions league knockout games, you need defensive stability, so i think callum will start as the right Wing back tomorrow and that’s, the back five rudigat christiansen, kurt zuma, ben chilwell, callum hutzler doy in the middle of midfield. We could see rotation tomorrow. I think you’re going to see georginio and nagolo kante. I think kovacic will get a rest. Kovachic is just outstanding player. Kante needs to come back in and start the game. He obviously didn’t start against newcastle. You could see thomas 2kel having a bit of a laugh and a joke and encouraging him after the game, and that was good to see. He’S always spoken highly of nagoya, conte conte georginio in the pivot tomorrow, that’s. What i think is going to happen in the attacking areas. It’S interesting let’s, just say that i think you’re going to see olivier giroud start the game. Obviously he come on early, because tammy went off against newcastle tammy’s recovering from a knock. You want to keep him fresh if you’re thinking about using tami against athletico so go with olivier zeroed up top that’s. What i think he’s going to do and then to start tomorrow with christian, produces tight calf.

I think you’re going to see timo start again. On the left hand, side of the the number 10s, the two number tens and i think you could actually see either kai havertz or hakim zias get the start with mason mount rested. I keep saying about mason mount that when he’s, not in a team, you you miss him, you miss his press. You miss his energy, you miss his drive, but i want to keep him fresh for atletico that’s, the bigger game, no disrespect southampton, but that’s the bigger game. So i would go with possibly i would go with hacking zs starting next to team over in behind olivier giroud to start tomorrow. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see it could be havoc. It could be mount. I think that’s the key position tomorrow and it’s interesting to see how thomas tukal decides to go with it. Chelsea i’ve got the potential to go there and to win the game by a couple of goals tomorrow, hopefully we’re playing well, confidence is high, thomas tukel’s philosophy and his his demands are rubbing off on the players and they’re doing great let’s hope we can kick on I’M gon na go for chelsea to win by two goals tomorrow, whether it’s two nil or three, one, hopefully two nil with another clean sheet, but we just need to go there and get the three points we’re in fourth already. We just need to keep getting three points week in week out and maintain our position, if not improve it and build a gap to those teams behind us.

So that’s it from me for this video today it’s just a little news update, which is focused on this press conference today and obviously then southampton. Let me know what you think about his press conference about pulisic zeus, mendy being the number one, the challenge to the players to to always be ready for five minutes or 45 minutes. What do you think about that? And my team selection against southampton? Let me know in the comments section below, if you like, the video drop a like on it, for me then subscribe to the channel, but make sure you hit the bell for notifications. I’M doing live commentary for the game tomorrow. It’S an early kickoff of 12. join me 20. Past 12. Tomorrow, on this channel for live commentary, i’ve had a comment overnight. Eight hours of live commentary with no dislikes come and check it out. I’Ll talk you through it. It’S actual match commentary, not a watch along and waffle about other things is proper radio style commentary. So 12 20 tomorrow come and join me for that, but for now have a great friday and a great friday night, hopefully a good weekend starting tomorrow at lunch time.

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