Chelsea F.C., Southampton F.C., Premier League, Thomas Tuchel, UEFA Champions League KEPA VS MENDY (WHO WILL BE CHELSEAS NUMBER 1 GOALKEEPER?)

Now, if you’re new make sure to leave a like and subscribe, if you like football, if you like gaming, all of that is on this channel. All of that right now smash that, like button let’s get 20 likes. I know you guys can do it a bunch of you guys watching this let’s help the channel grow together. Let’S get straight into it. No more talking so chelsea place a hampton tomorrow. This is the current league table on your screen. Right now, boom now it’s a massive game for us. Obviously, we can cement our place into that top four. Yes, we are in the top four, but do we we do. We want to stay in the top four. Yes, we want to stay in the top four. So a win out southampton would be fantastic for us in terms of staying in that top four also we’re competing with the likes of liverpool last to say in man, united four top four plays, and this win could help us even possibly push up the third or Second, so massive game, always a big game in the premier league, saint mary’s, away, beat them 4 1 last year, good results, but then they beat us last year at stanford, bridge bad results and we drew with them at sun footage this season bad results. So we need to get this win, and so hampton they are, a good team might have lost nine nil to man. United might have lost nine nil, celeste, but they’re still a good team and they know how to play football.

So this is my lineup right now. On the screen boom, this is who i’m gon na think is gon na play against southampton. Personally, i think mandy will play this game because kappa’s played the last two and mandy needs some game time. If he’s going to play against, let go madrid, because what is the point honestly comment down below your opinion? My opinion is what is the point in benching, a goalkeeper for three or four games in a row and then playing him in possibly the biggest game of the season next week, with little game time, you’re gon na be playing a rusty goalkeeper. If you don’t play mandy tomorrow and so that’s, why? I think mandy needs to play tomorrow, because if we don’t play mandy tomorrow and play him against lego madrid, we are playing a rusty goalkeeper against local majority of some very good finishers over there on their team. So that is not a good move. That is a very dangerous move to make so that’s why i think mandy’s got played tomorrow so that way, he’s kind of prepared, mentally and physically for that atletico madrid game in romania on tuesday. If he doesn’t play tomorrow and kepper plays uh we’ll see what happens. I’M, not gon na argue and i’m, not going to pick sides i’m just going to give an opinion now. The reason why i went with this squad is because i think tuchel is going to do a little bit of rotation simply because he wants the rest players for the big game on tuesday.

This is possibly our biggest game of the season, and this is why i think to show wrestling players. I think some some players will come on later in the second half to get some minutes in get their legs ready for the game on tuesday. Obviously, traveling over to romania for the away game is not going to be easy, so yeah the player’s got ta be mentally and physically prepared for this one, it’s gon na be a big one. Boys it’s gon na be a big one. Hopefully we get this win and move up into the table, bring more confidence, get grab another clean sheet and hopefully team over and scores a gold score two against the hampton last time out. Hopefully, he scores again and let’s talk about the mandy versus kappa situation. Now kappa ariza balaga was signed by chelsea in 2018. I do believe 2018 and 2019. I think it was 2018., i think 18 or 19 yeah he signed by chelsea for around 80 million pounds right. So basically he was signed uh we purchased. We bought him on his release class 80 million pounds we’re, like you know what 80 million pounds for young goalkeeper good potential he’s about 23 years old. At the time uh, we seen the potential we’ve seen what he could do in la liga. Making those good saves and also real madrid were interested, so that showed something instantly that this keeper that we bought had something in him.

Now his first season was fantastic, turned most clean sheets in the premier league, then the second season, his form kind of dipped. He lost his confidence. Obviously he had personal issues with his girlfriend or wife. I think they broke up or something like that. That’S obviously going to affect someone mentally and that could definitely have a negative impact on their in game performance. So we can’t blame him for his poor performances. But recently his form has been fantastic, clean sheets and fa cup clean sheets in the premier league, good clutch up saves clutch up. What kind of english is that, but good clutch saves from keppa. I can’t speak english. Sorry boys, my english is just i’m just i’m. Just i’m just so excited mad for this premier league game. Every time chelsea play i get excited but anyways. What i wanted to say is that kepper back to back clean sheets, good saves from both games. Uh he’s on fantastic form. Mandy is on good form as well. Mandy has done absolutely nothing wrong to be dropped from the team, so it’s, basically like it’s. Basically someone going up to you and asking you who do you prefer your mother or your father, mom or dad? Who do you prefer? You cannot pick in this situation mom or dad, whatever you say, mo mom mom, whatever dad that you know what i mean basically it’s, basically picking between your parents, who is your favorite parent? You just can’t pick one of those questions with keppa versus mandy situation, but what i think is gon na happen is uh.

I think kappa is gon na continuously get game time as well, but i also think mandy will remain the number one goalkeeper simply because he’s played the majority of the season. He hasn’t made any crazy mistakes. He’S gone back to battling cheats many times he’s in the top four of premier league goalkeepers in terms of clean sheets and he’s doing fantastic, and he can he can do a lot, mandy and um. I think i think he’s going to play tomorrow and i think because he needs that game time for a local madrid, but the same time i think now the keppa is in good form, he’s, going to definitely pick up more game time. If kepper had a bad game in the premier league or on the fa cup, i don’t think he would have been playing at all and i’ll only be seeing them playing some fa cup games and that’s pretty much it honestly. I’Ll, just only see him playing fa cup games now that he’s playing well, i can see him playing both fa cup and premier league games and seeing a good rotation from the goalkeepers. What do you guys think from this situation? I’Ve seen one comment on instagram of somebody saying that the only reason to shell is playing kepper is because he wants kepler to have good performances so that his price rises up and we sell him in the summer. If that is true, then that’s, possibly a thing that chelsea might be doing, because his value obviously went down with him dipping out of form having his personal issues and losing his form.

But if he regains his form and confidence, a team might want to buy kappa. A confidence kepper and the money will go to chelsea and it’ll be a win. Win. Kepper gets his game time. Chelsea got money that might be something, chelsea are doing, but obviously the chelsea board bought kepper to be the goalkeeper for the next 10 years at chelsea. So he we signed him at like 23 24, so we’re expecting him to be the keeper at chelsea for the next 10 years, so that’s. The reason why another reason why two shot might be playing game. Anyways boys – that was a very interesting topic – nami lalai. Let me not like, but anyways if you’re a chelsea chelsea fan, uh, chelsea boy or chelsea girl, chelsea, fanboy, chelsea fan girl, anybody we’re, all chelsea, please do make sure to leave a like and subscribe, will help me out so much so much honesty. Honestly, you’ll help me out so much i’m gon na need your support and your bucket, and if you like, other teams and and if you’re a football fan, just a football fight in general, please do subscribe, but we’ll be talking about other teams as well on premier League opinion episodes sometimes so yeah. Thank you so much for watching you guys are the best see you guys on match day tomorrow and see you guys for atletico, madrid, chelsea vs. Let go madrid live watch along. Thank you guys.

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